Keeping Caffeinated with Rombouts

My love of coffee is well known amongst my friends, family and colleagues. Whereas in the past I’ve been of the “get as many as possible down my neck” approach, not really caring about quality, these days I’m much more fussy about the coffee I drink- I’ve pretty much halved my consumption but with that has come the expensive habit of popping in to a coffee shop at least five times a week to get my fix of something that isn’t instant.
I really need to cut this down but up until now I haven’t found an alternative that I can make at home that I love enough to forgo my cafe habit. I was recently sent a box of coffee from the folks at Rombouts and whilst I knew it would be good based on prior experience, I really didn’t expect for it to replace my beloved double shot Americanos.
The one cup filters from Rombouts have massively impressed both myself and my equally dedicated to decent coffee boyfriend a lot. Both the Colombian and Italian style varieties have become firm favourites for their smoothness, depth of flavour and complete lack of bitterness. They make a great Americano when topped up with hot water and also provide the perfect base for lattes, cappuccinos and iced coffees.
I normally steer well away from any kind of decaf coffee but gave these a go on the back of how impressed I was with the caffeinated versions and it looks like I might have finally found an acceptable coffee that won’t keep me up all night when the evening coffee cravings strike.

The little travel cup included in the package has been great for the walk to work. Given that I pass two branches of Costa most days and can rarely resist the lure, this has saved me a huge amount of money in a short space of time- for the price of one takeaway coffee you can get an entire box of one cup filters (£2.69 for 10) with change left over.

Should the mood strike I can even take a biscuit or two with me on my walk thanks to the individually wrapped cafe biscuits- you know how really good coffee shops serve a speculoos biscuit to go with your drink? There’s something very satisfying to get that same experience at home, feel smug about saving money and still getting to enjoy one of your favourite luxuries.
The ground coffee is, as you’d expect, equally as good. Both blends are single origin and fair trade- the Cuban one has notes of cacoa and caramel in it making it my favourite of the two and perfect to go with a lazy weekend breakfast.You can get Rombouts products direct from their website (as well as all of the accessories and biscuits you could ever need!). If you’re looking to cut down on your coffee shop habit then I highly recommend them as the brand to try- let me know if you try any of the coffees and which one is your favourite.

2 comments for “Keeping Caffeinated with Rombouts

  1. I can’t say I’ve tried this brand, though it sounds lovely… but now I really do need a coffee. When I live near a Starbucks, I lose so much money :D

  2. When I saw you post this on Facebook the other day I was SO JEALOUS. But I’m off caffeine at the moment to see if it helps with my stupid vertigo.

    Corinne x