Library of Fragrance- Vanilla Ice Cream Review

After much anticipation the Library of Fragrance launched in the UK earlier this year. Originally known and loved in the USA under the brand name Demeter I was really excited to hear they would be launching on our shores, dropping exclusive scents in to Boots stores nationwide at the reasonable price of £15 (or two for £25). Covering just about every scent imaginable, from the irresistible smell of Baby Powder to the spicier toned (and seasonable) Gingerbread I was seriously intrigued and delighted when the opportunity arose to review a bottle myself.
Being well known for my sweet tooth I was incredibly open to the idea of a Vanilla Ice Cream scented perfume, described as “sinfully rich” and as “inviting as a Summer’s day” it’s hard not to be a fan of this scent. Vanilla is one of my favourite fragrances anyway, although I do find in beauty products it can be quite artificial and somewhat cloying. Thankfully the Library of Fragrance have eliminated both of these problems and the end result is a light scent that instantly takes me back to Summer days spent eating ice cream on the beach.
The power of scent to bring back memories is so powerful I think it’s a really fantastic idea to be able to buy a gift for someone (or yourself) that will bring back nothing but the happiest of thoughts. I have several other “flavours” on my list to try- pure soap and marshmallow being the first I want to try. As these are super affordable and a little goes a long way I think now, in the run up to Christmas is the perfect time to indulge…buy one for a friend to remind them of times spent together and pick up another for yourself for only a tenner more…genius! See the full range here and let me know which you’d most like to receive, or if you’ve already tried the range, which scent is your favourite?
What would you most like to see turned in to a perfume? I wouldn’t say no to the smell of a freshly baked cake…


4 comments for “Library of Fragrance- Vanilla Ice Cream Review

  1. Lovely – thank you! We do actually have a Vanilla Cake Batter – perfect for vanilla fans!

  2. Ooh, this sounds delicious! Vanilla is one of my favourite fragrances, too. I’d love to try Marshmallow, Orange Blossom and, of course, Vanilla Ice Cream! xxx