Life in the Fast Lane- Ireland’s most dangerous roads*

Yeah, it’s another one of those “but WHY are you posting this Laura?” kind of posts, we all know I can’t drive (but I will be by my 30th Birthday, it’s my one of my two goals). Anyway, I thought this infographic on Ireland’s most dangerous roads was pretty interesting- it’s already had some coverage in national newspapers and on the radio and if it’s good enough for them it sure as heck is good enough for me.
I’m not a nervous passenger when it comes to being driven around (not unless there are bridges involved) but after seeing this I’m not sure how I’d fare being chauffeured around Ireland let alone driving there myself. I’m yet to visit Ireland but it’s on my more immediate travel bucket list, it looks so beautiful and I have a real soft spot for the accent! I think that perhaps when I do go I’ll stick to public transport or at least make sure whoever I’m with is a highly competent driver- best friend, I’m looking at you! When I first started learning to drive I’d say I was overly confident but when I started my second round of lessons ten years later I found that bravado had long ago departed me, I’m a coward on a road that’s even a tiny bit narrow let alone blind spots and hair-pin bends!
Have you been to Ireland, or have any experience of driving on the roads over there? I seriously do plan to visit, hopefully in 2017 so any top tips of where to go and what to see would be greatly appreciated!

This infographic was commissioned by Chill car insurance – it might seem like an odd topic for me to cover but I personally found it super interesting and a bit of an eye-opener!


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