Little things.

Over the last week I seem to have collected a few rather lovely new things; some a bit trivial but sometimes it’s those small things that can put the biggest smile on your face.

 My love for pound shops cemented by the discovery of Hello Kitty toothpaste.

 New additions to the Fruitella family.

 After my wish list the other day, find-me-a-gift spoilt me rotten by sending the nail polish I was craving as well as some other gorgeous treats. They clearly knew me well, a cupcake coin purse? This site is heaven for all your gift shopping needs!

 I FINALLY got lucky with a local charity shop and found this Get Cutie skirt in my size for £2.99! I made the lady un-dress the window display so I could have it. Looks like I’ve finally found a local gem of a shop, I saw some other pretties in their too, and not at extortionate prices!

 Payday treat came in the form of an orange quilted jacket; complete with leather arm patches from ASOS, making the most of the free next day delivery. Bring on the Autumn chills! I fit in well with the local farmers now.

I’m on operation weight gain. The discovery of FAB ice cream pots will help nicely. Delicious, and only £1 in Tesco (you bet I have a freezer full). Not a fab fan? The smarties and rolo varieties are also winners!

What little things, or big things have superficially made you smile this week? Has anything else wonderful happened? I enjoyed a family based few days when my brother and his gorgeous girlfriend came to stay. They are up in Essex now, getting tattooed…which is making me crave a new one, badly!


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  1. Haha, I have such a weakness for Hello Kitty too 😉 Such a cute skirt you found, I just love the Eiffel tower print on it! Mmmm, that ice cream looks good. Such a nice little individual serving size too.

  2. such cute things ! love that skirt with the eiffel tower !!!!!!!!

  3. That icecream looks so good and your skirt is so cute.

  4. Super cute things, Laura! Small things this week for me was a new nail buffer I tried yesterday, ordering in a huge pepperoni pizza, watching In Treatment and taking a bike ride. 🙂 Glad to hear your having a good time dear! xxx

  5. Ah, LOVE the Eiffel Tower skirt!

  6. Great skirt find! And that ice cream looks incredible:)

  7. I love this post! Your blog really makes me smile, I read it every time you post 🙂

    How do you get people sending you such lovely things!? I hope you let me know!!

    Catarina @ Something Said xoxo

  8. *squee* Your Hello Kitty toothpaste!!!! Most adorable dental hygiene item ever 😀
    Love this cheerful post, what a beautiful skirt you found. Ice cream is always good 🙂

    Florrie x

  9. Love the Hello Kitty toothpaste.

  10. D.

    The thing that made me smile is my new hair color! I finally found the guts to do it! And now my hair is a beautiful shade of dark chocolate brown. I am super excited!

  11. OMG I LOVE that skirt! Can’t wait to see an outfit post with it!

    Hello Kitty toothpaste = adorable! 🙂


  12. Yummy, that Fab pot looks good! What an awesome find with the skirt !

  13. I adore Get Cutie! I have a dress specially made to my exact measurements (at the time) and one I bought in an awesome little shop called Thunder Egg in Manchester!

    Nice fine 😉 xx

  14. Oh wow that skirt looks so pretty what a great find, hope you’re having a good weekend xoxo

  15. Lovely new things 🙂

    Lucky you, finding that rather amazing skirt for such a bargainous price!

    I can’t believe that Fab icecream exists in this world, & I’ve not come across it yet. I have been missing out. It looks AMAZING..
    Thank you for alerting me to its existence!

  16. Must try out that Fab Ice-cream!


  17. Really love the skirt! Great find. 🙂

  18. You got some love new things,the ice-cream looks yummy 🙂

  19. Anonymous

    yes u NEED to gain weight u look so sickly at the moment. u NEED TO EAT MORE!

  20. Anonymous

    Telling her she looks sick is telling her that she is doing well with the ed and its not helpful at all. its what she wants to hear.why so many pictures of herself as away to record her weighloss

  21. Anonymous

    well she is living a lie because she keeps telling everyone she is recovered from her ed but clearly this is not true.

  22. I started by writing I love the HK toothpaste, but then was going to say I love the skirt too, but THEN saw the FAB icecream pot!

    Basically, I love it all!

    Can I come round and eat Fab ice cream with you please? (and then brush my teeth) :p

    Any ideas for what tattoo next?!

    Clare x

  23. i love the print on that skirt! i do quite a bit of charity shopping & i have never found anything as cute as that.

  24. Vix

    That Get Cutey skirt will suit you perfectly, what a bargain! Loving the ASOS jacket too, stunning colour. x

  25. Ha ha I guess I have now seen EVERYTHING Hello Kitty!!

  26. i have a luggage tag identical to your cupcake coin purse! love it! 🙂 x

  27. That skirt looks a fabulous find!

  28. Hello Kitty toothpaste is a winner! And that skirt is very cute too. Thank you for the belated birthday wishes 🙂 And this week feeding animals at the safari park was what cheered me up. xxx

  29. I’m so glad to see you got lucky in the charity shop! That Eiffel tower print is so lovely- may this be the start of many a second-hand find for you xxx

  30. That skirt was an amazing find!! Liking the print!

  31. Anonymous

    I understand what you are getting at and I do agree with you but still telling her she looks sick isn’t helping the matter as when you have an ed you strive to look sickly and thin and the amount of attention you get from having a blog like this is like your very own trigger like pro-ana fan does bother me the amount of food she posts which is clearly doesn’t eat and pretends and isn’t even trying to be well how she holds down a part time job i don’t know

  32. I thought we were over the anonymous hate.
    I don’t beleive I’ve ever pretended things are perfect and that I am recovered; people who ACTUALLY know mw that I’ll admit/acknowledge things have slipped but I am trying so freaking hard to change it.

    Walk a mile in someone elses shoes before being so quick to judge. I don’t want this. I want my happiness, health and energy back, not this miserable existance. I have never enjoyed any aspect of having an eating disorder and never will.

    I get a feeling this comment will be like hitting my head against a brick wall, but whatever.

  33. Anonymous

    if you don’t enjoy it as you say and i know its not easy coming from somebody that has had anorexia for a long time, why do you aim to self trigger yourself? you don’t help yourself it just seems you want to be like this really as my money was on that you would be back to it within time you hated people saying you were doing well and you were as that triggered you back. i see the pattern. you can’t cope with life its your way out being the sick one

  34. Laura, don’t listen to the anonymous-ers, the very fact that they are anonymous shows their cowardlyness.
    Most people who come on your blog care about how you are and also find your blog interesting, just cos you have an ED doesn’t and shouldn’t stop you from keeping a blog at all, you’re a very good writer and I for one enjoy reading your posts 🙂

  35. Laura, do not listen to these insignificant anonymous haters. You are so much better than them! The majority of people that read your blog care deeply about you! Your posts are amazing to read, don’t ever forget that! Feel free to email me if you need to talk, okay?! 🙂 xx

  36. love your jacket and skirt! Such great finds. x

  37. Anonymous

    (((Hugs))) x x

  38. Hugs Laura, please ignore those comments, they are not helpful just nasty.
    I think i need to hunt down that toothpaste and the ice cream! x

  39. Oh I wish the anons wouldn’t start. It’s not at all helpful. You know we’re all on your side Laura – you’re a fighter and you can beat this, even if you have periods of struggling with it.

    On a brighter note, I’m chuffed to see a picture of the skirt. Gorgeous!

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  41. i love your asos orange jacket! ! perfect for winter! x

  42. Eri

    I loved the HK toothpaste! I really need one for my collection. Thanks for sharing!


  43. Angela

    That skirt is sooo cute! x

  44. Oh anonymous ones even haven’t the balls to comment with their real username…. Zzzz. Laura fight it back with everything you have, eat as much as you can and keep having those yummy treats ;). Prove to all those doubters that you can infact beat this, don’t allow it to control you, fight it with everything you have 🙂 xx

  45. P.S Love the Skirt :), what a fab find xx

  46. OMG tell me you’ve used the toothpaste! What does it taste like?

    **I NEED IT**


  47. That skirt is amazing! I wants it 😀 <3

  48. OMG that Fab ice cream thing looks DIVINE!

    I’m supposed to be gaining some weight too, but it just won’t seem to stick- may have to eat more sweeties…

    things that made me smile- a rather lovely card with teapots and tea cups on it… the discovery of Orange Aero and having someone tell me how much the believe in me and that they love me before I head off to an interview.

  49. Hello Farmer Giles! Nice coat- I can’t resist ANYTHING with elbow patches!
    Lots of things made me smile whilst on holiday but most of all was the impromptu ceilidh we formed on SAturday night at around 11.30pm!!!! Loads of people improvising Scottish tunes round the piano on fiddles, flutes and more and the rest of us rumbustiously dancing the gay gordons!

  50. I just read the unhelpful comments after just noticing what reading what Alex said about them when I scrolled up. You are fab, I love your blog and I am quite sure you will get better. Keep striving Laura!

  51. Thanks for taking the time to talk about this, I feel fervently about this and I like learning about this subject. Love the Hello Kitty toothpaste… I love this post! Your blog really makes me smile!