London Calling

FINALLY today has arrived and I am off to London for the day to at last meet some of my favourite bloggers; and some new to me ones too. I’m a bag of nerves, but exciteeed! I’m always gutted to turn down event invites due to having to work and living so far from London that travel is often expensive and impractical. The Aussie gods worked their magic to pull this one off!

I spent Friday afternoon in a mad panic, and the perfect “so much to do but no idea where to start” outfit is clearly wide legged jeans, a floaty top and super high clogs for stamping feet in frustration.

The day was sweetened by my latest Sarenza Ambassador perk (they have an amazing sale right now..go check it out!)





And a new challenge. Sometimes at work we get sent really awesome things for health promotion. I was all over this one, designed by Innocent (of smoothie fame). Getting my 5 a day is one thing I excell at!


best be heading off…

To anyone I might be meeting later…apologies in advance for my tendency to talk. A lot. It’s a nervous habit.


27 comments for “London Calling

  1. Have an amazing time. Your outfit looks perfect for this ‘summer’ weather. I have exactly the same problem with blogger meet ups.It is just too difficult and expensive to get there. I keep thinking about trying to orgnaise a more local South West meet up in Bristol or Bath but haven’t quite worked up the courage yet.Perhaps soon!

  2. Enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy!!! Take lots of pictures and have fun; it’s the most important thing to do in a blogger meeting! And don’t worry, I’m used to talk a lot too when I’m nervous!! <3!!

  3. Have fun you look gorgeous and I cant wait to see your photos.

  4. Kb

    Don’t worry, excited to meet you and see the shoes! x

  5. So excited to meet you. See you in a bit!

  6. Have fun!! I’m so jealous. I wish I could meet you one day!


  7. Have fun !! I am so so gutted I couldn’t come šŸ™ xx

  8. Have a good time in London, I’m sure you will enjoy meeting bloggers xxx

  9. oh how much fun! goodluck! cant wait to see pictures. xo

  10. Gutted i couldn’t make the Aussie event today, would have loved to have met you xx

  11. Have a great time, I’m so jealous! Your top looks lovely, very comfortable and practical but still feminine and fun.

  12. Have a great time at the event, I am so jealous!

  13. Hope you have a fierce trip! Bellebottoms! šŸ˜€ so happy to see bloggers are bringing them back!

  14. have a great time – love the jeans x

  15. Hope you had fun!
    Your outfit is lovely!
    Claudia xxx

  16. hope you had a good time! looking foward to seeing which shoes you got!

  17. Can’t wait to see inside the box… x

  18. Hope you had a fab time today!

  19. Love the flared jeans, I’ve been looking for a pair like that!

  20. Love the flared jeans, I’ve been looking for a pair like that!

  21. Love the flared jeans, I’ve been looking for a pair like that!

  22. Love the flared jeans, I’ve been looking for a pair like that!

  23. So exciting! Have fun in London! I love the tank top!

  24. Hope you had a fab time in London šŸ™‚

    I’m going next week for a couple of days and can’t wait šŸ™‚

    The Innocent chart is so cute!! šŸ™‚

    Clare x

  25. L

    Hello hello…do I spy some JC’s?! Excitement!
    L x

  26. Nice pair of flairs great cut too x