London Wishes

You have have noticed a pretty little banner in my side bar by now. It comes from two beautiful girls named Caithlin & Eva whom I have been e-mailing back and forwards with for some time now.

They own an online shop named London Wishes and I’m supporting them 100% on their adventures in pretty jewellery.

Here’s a bit about the girls from Eva herself;

Caithlin & me have been making little pieces of jewellery for years, at the beginning we gave them to our families and later on to friends. They have encouraged us to start London Wishes on line; but it wasn’t easy at all, it’s being hard but we firmly believe that “when there’s a will there’s a way”

London Wishes specializes in limited edition pieces and vintage inspired jewellery. We are from London & Madrid and love afternoon tea, our wellington boots for festivals, animals, nature and getting lost looking for special places.
Our pieces are inspired by romance, cupcakes and candles…
Welcome to our whimsical world”

The girls kindly sent me a package stuffed full of pretty things, I plan to show them individually as I wear them, but here is a sneak peek at what was inside.


My favourite piece has to be the bracelet, it is very apt don’t you think?


I’m wearing it today, along with a bargain outfit consisting of £5 flared jeans and a £3 vintage jumper (with a £1.99 New Look cami underneath…these are brilliant basics, I have several!)







I really am starting to appreciate jeans and trousers and realising they can be just as flattering on me as any dress or skirt. Now I’m working it’s nice to use the weekend for more “dressed down” days!

You can follow the lovely London Wishes girls on twitter
and coming soon will be YOUR chance to win any item you like from the London Wishes website.

Have a Happy Saturday everyone, whatever you are doing!
I’m so excited for Interpol with Dad and Bro tonight!


32 comments for “London Wishes

  1. Jees, that really is one hell of a bargain outfit! The jeans look lovely- i really like the flared leg on you, and these girls sound lovely!

    And MY GOD the shoes. Oohhhh the shoes. x

  2. love the outfit and the jewelry!

  3. those jeans look fabulous on you and that bracelet is adorable! x

  4. The jewelry is so cute. I’m really starting to like smaller subtler pieces of jewelry like these!x

  5. love the jeans, I haven’t found the perfect flares yet. The jewellery is so sweet!

  6. Loving the jumper! Makes me want to pull out my lilac and white butterfly 80s jumper and have a purple day =D

    Cute jewellery too!


  7. What a bargain outfit Hun. Looking stunning as usual.

    The jewellery looks lovely and that bracelet is soo cute.

    Have a great weekend.

    X x

  8. Nice jewellery!I like your outfit especially the flared jeans!!!Have a nice weekend!xxx

  9. I checked out their store the other day. Very cute stuff! Have fun tonight. I’m off to bed 🙂 x

  10. D.

    I love the bracelet!

  11. Starlight

    Yay jeans!
    They look really good on you.
    I vote for them to stay.

    Oh, and while shopping in Edinburgh you unknowingly really helped me on my shopping spree, as I recognized a bunch of stores because you had mentioned them before, so thanks for that!

  12. Loorrve the jeans and the shoes and the necklaces 🙂 x

  13. Oh, you should wear jeans more often, they make your legs look so long.
    You can’t beat layering a long cami or a vest top for adding a new dimension to an old favourite. xxx

  14. baby you look amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mia

    Oh wow the pieces from their shop are so delicate and pretty, I really like them. Wish I wasn’t on a shopping ban! x

  16. The jewellery looks so pretty. I really love the key necklace.

    And the outfit is pretty perfect. The jeans look amazing on you.

  17. Love the jewelry pieces and the outfit!.

  18. Those are really cute pieces!

  19. You rock my socks.
    And I personally love you in jeans. After all, you were given long legs for a reason – now rock them girlie!


  20. sorry if it’s been a while dear! anyway, you’re looking splendid as always! have i ever told you how much i adore the fact that you put together such lovely outfits without having to spend too much? i dont think i have.. hahaha.. so there.

    take care~


  21. Looks like such super cute jewellery I am off to check out the site now!

  22. I love the jewelry! They’re so pretty, and vintage looking, really cute. 🙂 Cute outfit too, and nice blog

  23. love the look of their jewellery, the bracelet is adorable!

  24. Vee

    love those jeans! and that was very sweet of them to send you such amazing jewelry!
    have fun!

  25. Such pretty jewellery!
    Sami xx

  26. The bracelet is perfect, a little reminder of how far you’ve come xx

  27. Those jeans look fabulous on you, they’re really… oooh and i’m loving that top! That bracelet is the cutest!xx

  28. I love flared jeans on you they show of your gorgeous long legs xxx

  29. Ooh I love the vintage jumper. So glad you’re feeling happier in jeans too – they really, really suit you.