More Gift Inspiration with Butterfly Twists

I know, two gift related posts in one day but when I was shown this wish list from the team behind Butterfly Twist shoes I couldn’t resist giving it a cheeky little share.
If I were sending an infographic to Santa this year it would totally look like this! I have a perfectly good bike and yet this blue one is calling my name. Likewise the bag, the watch and the iPad all have a new appeal seeing them laid out like this altogether. One thing that is on my list regardless is a new pair of Butterfly Twists; I’ve owned a couple of pairs over the years and they are just perfect especially at this time of year…I can party all night in my super high heels then stumble home in some comfy flats, thus reducing the chances of a night spent in A&E (I’ve almost made it a year without a visit!) or some very sore feet the next day!
What’s on your list to Santa?


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