my favourite apps

Ever since I got my i-pad I’ve been trying to make it my mission to explore as many apps as possible. I’ll admit I have pretty much failed miserably- there are just so many out there these days and probably if I owned an i-phone I would use more of them, my HTC is ok but does tend to be a bit less user friendly.
I do have a few firm favourites though, especially in the fashion/lifestyle category and I’m sharing them with you below…
Pose: I use this mainly for style inspiration (which I then do nothing with bar turn green with envy) but you can also use it to shop the look. It’s updated regularly with new styles which I love- I can’t be doing with things that only get updated once a month. Short attention span!
TopCashback is a must download for any self-respecting savvy shopper. You can use it whilst shopping both online and offline to get voucher codes, earn cash back and more. How much will you save?
My love for ASOS is no secret around these parts eh? My facebook reads like a shopping list and I am a daily checker of the new arrivals. This app makes that easy, too easy when I’m not at home. You’ll often find me on the boy’s sofa pretending to listen to him whilst actually checking what has just landed!
Instagram. Enough said. I use this both on my phone AND my iPad to over share my life.
MyFitnessPal is well known as a diet and weightloss app but I actually use it for the opposite purpose. Being in recovery and currently upping my meal plan consistently in a bid to get healthy and strong I use this at the end of the day to make sure I am on track and not in a deficit for the day. The database of foods on here is vast, and it’s very UK centric setting it apart from many of the other apps out there.
Oh ebay, my other shopping addiction. The ebay fashion app focuses specifically on the clothing side of the site, showcasing millions of listings world wide. I love.
After writing this post and having a browse of both the apple and HTC stores I’ve realised just how many more there are out there. I’m off sick today with a sickness bug and I am tempting myself browsing Dial-a-Phone looking for a fruit themed upgrade so I can get access to even more fantastic apps…I hate to say it but they do do it best.
What are some of your favourite apps?

5 comments for “my favourite apps

  1. GIRL you don’t have fruit ninja in here. a travesty. xx

  2. i love Amazon app and also GHOST STORIES! haha xx

  3. I love these type of posts as I am useless and have hardly any apps on mine!
    I love my fitness pal & the eBay apps too.
    I recommend Good Reads, its great to have a nosy at what everyone else is reading!
    I see you haven’t given into Candy Crush yet – don’t do it it will ruin your life! x

  4. I daren’t get the ASOS app, as if I wasn’t addicted enough already! xxx

  5. i’m a fan of the Yahoo weather app.