My Purrfect Giftbox- for the cat lady and her cat

Over the years of blogging I’ve tried a fair few monthly subscription boxes; beauty, food and for the cat but never before have I come across one that caters for more than one person (or creature I suppose). The second I heard about My Purrfect Gift Box I was intrigued- a gift for both pet and owner? It sounded pretty purrfect to me, so when the team kindly offered to send me the September box* I accepted without hesitation.
Before I get in to my review, allow me to explain a bit more about how it works:

Firstly you select which size box you would like, there are four sizes available (standard, lite, lite + gifts for kitty and standard + gifts for kitty) and it was the latter box that I was sent. Price wise the standard box + gifts for kitty costs £29.95 on a month to month basis, £86.95 for a three month subscription and £167.95 for a six month subscription. The standard and lite boxes are obviously lower priced with the same kind of discounts for longer term subscriptions. Now, on paper this might seem like quite a pricey option but I think when you see what is actually inside you’ll see that actually you’re getting a bloomin’ bargain!

The first thing to note is how lovingly packaged everything is, everything looks so endearing and it’s clear that this box was put together with love and care. The September box had a tea theme, perfect for the start of Autumn and what better excuse to kick back and relax? There were two teabags included in the box, shaped as cat heads and in intriguing saffron and honey flavours. These are from an etsy shop called LoJim based in Spain (hence the flavours, the saffron is oddly delicious!) and cost £5.99.

Of course for perfect tea you need the perfect mug and this “you are my cup of tea” cat faced mug fits the bill nicely. These retail at £11.99 and can be bought in the My Purrfect Gift Box online shop.

After a restorative cup of tea it was time for a play with my little feline friend. Mae loved the handmade catnip sweets from and we keep finding these scattered all of the place, being the perfect size to cart around in her mouth. An equal success was the catnip tea bag from FreakMEOWT (find them on facebook or which gets thrown around…mostly landing in the kitchen. Most intriguinging were the Kit-Tea catnip tea bags which you use to brew your own catnip spray. This is such a cute and novel idea! You can get those from

Back to the human treats and something sweet! You can’t have tea without a biscuit (it’s the law) and these were almost too pretty to eat! Made by Nila Holden and available on these retail between £6.00 and £10.00 and are truly scrumptious.

I’m all for a bit of relaxing and jasmine is one of my favourite scents so the wax melt from Paw Melts was probably my top rated item! Available at these cost £18.50 for a box of 9 (one included in standard box) and I’m saving some pennies to stock myself up!

Last but by no means least was this genius idea- a cat shaped tea bag holder (or you can clip it to your laptop screen which I’ve also been doing). I was really touched that the kitty I received bore more than a passing resemblance to Mae, whether it was by accident or design it was a lovely surprise. These cost £9.50 each and are available on Etsy from MiniHandsCrafts.

Still think My Purrfect Gift Box is expensive? Once you add up the value of all of the gifts included, not to metnion the time and care involved I think you’ll agree it’s a real bargain. A one off box would make an incredible gift for any cat lady- I can’t wait to see future themes.

If you’ve seen anything that’s really caught your eye there is the added bonus of the My Purrfect Gift Box online shop where you can purchase items from past boxes so there is no fear of FOMO.

I know I was sent this box for the purpose of review and all but this is hands down one of the loveliest ideas I have come across in a long time and 100% my favourite subscription box out of all of the ones I have tried. Do let me know if you decide to treat yourself to a My Purrfect Gift box and what you thought. I’m going to make sure I set aside enough money for future purchases, it’s the purrfect pick me up after an especially tough time lately and every girl (and her cat) deserves a treat sometimes!


7 comments for “My Purrfect Giftbox- for the cat lady and her cat

  1. this does look very lovely, I especially like the a cat shaped tea bag holder! How cute is that!?

  2. I feel like this would make such an amazing present! That cat tea bag holder is also possibly the cutest idea ever – love it! Xx

  3. This is so adorable! It’d make a lovely gift for someone and their cat. I love the teabag holder, such a super cute idea x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  4. That is utterly adorable!!!x

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