Globenfeld Men’s Chronograph Watch review & giveaway

It’s always a bonus when the benefits that sometimes come with having a blog can be extended to your nearest and dearest. I was recently given the opportunity to receive a Men’s watch from Globenfeld which I took great pleasure in being able to give to my boyfriend who had not all that long ago made noises about wanting a watch.

Now, I’m no expert on Men’s watches, although my obsession with Women’s ones are well documented but between us we decided we’re a fan of this particular one. Big fans. So much of a fan that boyfriend has managed not to lose it yet- impressive with his track record!

It’s a chunky and weighty looking watch although actually it is quite light to wear thanks to the durable rubber strap. It makes a statement without being too in your face and also appears to be highly durable, although at present this hasn’t been truly tested (it’s only a matter of time, I’m telling you).

The attention to detail on this watch is great- from it’s textured dial to the illuminated hands and numerals. It also features a calendar and stop watch function which is something I had previously associated with only digital watches.

The watch also comes very well presented in it’s box meaning it’d make the perfect gift, as far as watches go it is reasonably priced at just under £70 (a significant reduction on the £375 RRP!) and comes with a 90 day money back guarantee- just in case.

Now the real perk of this particular blog post is that not only did I get to pass on a perk to my boyfriend, I also get to pass one along to a lucky reader. I have a second watch to giveaway and if you fancy your chances then just follow the simple entry steps below.

Win a Globenfeld Chrono Watch #1

Good Luck!


The rise of men’s clothing in women’s fashion: the genderless shift*

As gender fluidity becomes more commonplace within mainstream society it’s having a significant impact on the fashion industry.
For many women, dressing conventionally as a ‘woman’ through gendered stereotypes is becoming less relevant- and many can feel a sense of dysphoria in conforming to how society thinks they should dress.
With this in mind a rise in popularity of the humble the suit and designer boyfriend jeans is happening. They are becoming more and more popular on the high street and within the world of fashion. Trilogy Stores- retailers of quality denim explore how – and why – women are opting for men’s styles to satisfy their need to explore new areas of clothing that help them express who they are.

Photo by Cole Patrick on Unsplash

A rising trend
In the US a survey conducted by Fusion found that 50% of those asked claimed that gender was not limited to male and female and this change in attitude has led to many women feeling as though they are entitled to wear men’s clothing as part of their wardrobe.
This shift in attitude and trend towards women embracing their identity through clothing comes as no surprise. In a time when popular-figures such as Jaden Smith wear skirts, the rapper Young Thug claims there’s no ‘such thing as gender’ and Teen Vogue offers an advice column on gender identity many women feel that now is the time to wear whatever makes them feel most comfortable in themselves.

Breaking the glass ceiling
For many women working in big cities surrounded by men who are often in positions of authority it can be difficult to get noticed. Wearing more masculine pieces of clothing, such as a suit can sometimes break down the differences between men and women allowing them to feel more empowered and equal.
The idea that women can sit alongside men in the same clothes becomes infectious, leading them to feel differently about themselves and do things they wouldn’t normally do with added confidence.
By opting for a suit the pressure of finding the perfect outfit disappears – as they only need to contend with a couple of pairs of trousers, shirts, ties and a blazer that can be mixed and matched. In the world of contemporary fashion then, hyper-femininity seems to be losing it’s appeal and clothing appears to be more tailored to the individual as opposed to the gendered group than it ever has been before. Many high street retailers are now offering unisex ranges for example.
In the past the trend has been for women to wear masculine silhouettes – now – many are simply heading to the men’s section of the store.

What to wear
As already covered a suit can make you feel empowered among the men and with one on there’s nothing separating you from them along gendered lines. To make the most of this look try ankle-skimming trousers with a slimming, abbreviated jacket teamed with a polo neck or loose fitting shirt.
Trousers should always make you feel at your best – extending your height and creating a sense of sophistication. Christine Lagarde, a French lawyer and head of the International Monetary Fund is a notable figure when it comes to women and power dressing. She can often be spotted in a pair of slim-fit navy trousers with a matching blazer and neck-tie.
As well as a suit boyfriend-cuts are what to wear when you want to sport casual denim. The looser the better – but try to get a pair that are tapered at the leg when you can. To complement this look try an oversized t-shirt tucked in at one side- helping to complement your figure and give your street and style credentials a well-deserved boost. More than anything wear clothes that make you feel like you.

Personally I love nothing more than borrowing a jumper from the boyfriend to wear with my jeans, and I often find myself browsing menswear departments for items with a looser, cooler fit. I don’t tend to think of my clothing as “his” and “hers” if you will, I just go for what makes me feel good when I wear it. What’s your take in this new direction in fashion?


Ensure You Are Photo Ready*


It always feels like people are always snapping photos nowadays. They can’t wait to get their phone out to get some pictures- after all, they can then share them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to share with their family and friends in an instant. However a lot of people feel they aren’t photogenic and they look back at the photos with regret. Here are some ways you can make sure you are always ready for your photo to be taken- make sure you are always photo ready.

Ensure your makeup is always on point
It’s never good to be caught makeup free when it comes to photos. After all, you might have to live with these photos on social media for years to come!If you’re not a fan of your natural look this thought can make you shudder in horror. Therefore, before meeting up with friends and family always ensure you put on makeup. Go for your favourite tried and tested makeup look that you wear every day, and if you have an idea some pictures will be taken you then it isn’t the time to go there with a new look- you might live to regret it when you see the photos. And it’s always a good idea to keep makeup in your bag so you can redo it during the time out. That way, you can ensure you look glamorous when the photo is taken! After all, smeared makeup is never a good look!

Practice your pose at home

It can lead us to panic when our friend or family member says smile- after all, we don’t know how to make our face look on point for the photo in an instant. This can mean we pull an expression which is a bit crazy. In fact we can often start cringing when we look back at the pictures! Therefore, to ensure you are photo ready you should practice your best smile while you are at home. Look in the mirror and try different smiles. After all, we never really know how it’s going to look until we have tried it. So give different smiles a go until you find one that you are confident looks good. You can also practice angles which as you can see in the best selfie guide can make all the difference to the photo! Then when it’s time to take your picture you can be assured you know you will look fantastic.


Always dress to impress

As much as you might love wearing that cosy jumper and trackies when you are chilling out they aren’t going to be good when it comes to picture time. In fact you will regret that casual outfit when it’s time to look back at the photos. Therefore to ensure you are photo ready it’s important to always dress to impress when it comes to meeting with friends and family. Only wear outfits you are willing to share with the world, so if the camera does come out you are happy for the photos to go public. And remember to pick good shoes as well; everything will come together to help you impress with your outfit.

And remember to always tell your friend if you are not happy with a shot. They are bound to relate and offer to retake it so you aren’t left feeling low at the picture!


The Ultimate Summer Glow with Rimmel London

I’m not usually a bronzer kind of girl- for 11 months of the year at least. And then we get that rare window of time, as we creep in to July and everyone around me looks golden and gorgeous and I still give skimmed milk a run for it’s money in the translucent stakes.

It’s then I frantically start my search for the perfect army of glow givers- the products that will make it look like my skin has actually seen sunlight and reacted to it rather than stubbornly refuse to acknowledge those rays. I’m yet to find my “go-to” products so I was pretty excited when a selection from Rimmel popped through my door, just in time for that yearly mission.

*products c/o Rimmel*

My main bugbear with bronzer type products is that they are almost always too dark for my skin, and near impossible to blend so I approached this selection with some caution…there’s a fine line between a bit of colour on your cheeks and just looking, well, a bit grubby.
The Insta Duo Contour Stick is a great addition to your holiday makeup bag as it contains a highlighter and contour shade in one handy stick. I don’t get on with contouring as a rule so probably wouldn’t have purchased this product myself, but the highlighter shade (in light) is wonderful especially blended in to where the sun would naturally hit.
I already own one of these Kate Moss Sculpting Palette (in coral) and love it so I was keen to try the Golden Bronze version. Again I skipped over the darkest shade, but the highlighter and blushers are wonderful and blend nicely to give a great Summer hint of colour. This is another product that would be perfect to take on holiday due to it’s three in one nature and at £6.99 for what is effectively three products it’s a bit of a bargain.
My first thought on this Radiance Shimmer Brick was that it would be far too dark for me, but applied with a light hand and some careful blending it’s actually really not. This is probably my favourite bronzing product I have tried to date and it gives some serious radiance with it’s multiple tones. I’ll be using this all through the Summer months- and probably stocking up whilst the Rimmel range is on offer in Superdrug.
I didn’t actually try the Sunshimmer Instant Tan as I was sent the medium matte shade which I just knew would be far too dark. I really like the idea of an instant matte tan though, and at £6.99 I might pick up the light version to see what’s what. I’ve only ever fake tanned a handful of times in my life as, well, frankly I’m too impatient…but with instant results and a shower off formula I don’t see a reason not to give this a go if I get any special invites over the Summer months.
What are your go to bronzing products? I’m especially interested in hearing from fellow pale people.


Post contains press samples and affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

The June 2017 (BBQ) Degustabox

I honestly don’t know where time is going lately. Life has become incredibly busy and whilst I usually try to do a thorough review of each Degustabox* this month it’s more of an over-view and summary as I’ve literally run out of time to try everything included in the box!

This month the box had a BBQ theme, perfectly fitting for June even if it is currently pouring with rain and really quite chilly. I’m not 100% sure how everything in this box fits in with the theme to be honest but as ever there was a good selection and I’ll never not enjoy this monthly delivery.

So first up is an interesting sounding Brazilian chilli and coconut quick cook sauce from Capsicana which retails at £1.99. This is one of the products that I haven’t had a chance to try yet but the flavour combination sounds delicious and I’m looking forward to trying this out with chicken, peppers and onions as the brand suggests.
As is probably common knowledge by now I’m not a soft drinks girl but these energy juices from ENRJ do look appealing. The flavours sound great- Mango & Passionfruit and Apple & Berries. I’m definitely going to give these a go ASAP- at £1.75 they aren’t cheap but made from real ingredients (nothing artificial), no added sugar, under 100 calories per bottom and one of your five a day I think they’ll make a great occasional splurge.
Haribo! Here’s a product I immediately found time to try! These Summer Frenzy editions of classic favourites Starmix and Tangfastics are both delicious in my eyes. The Tangfastics have the edge for me with their ice cream flavours, the Starmix are berry flavoured which are also good but I’m a sucker for the sour. RRP £1 per pack.
Another product I haven’t tried is these light bites which I’ve seen for sale in my local Superdrug. I’ve been hesitant to try these because these are clearly marketed as a diet product but they do sound tempting and I think I will tuck in soon (solution- eat twice as many!) The mango and vanilla yoghurt fruit chips sound great, and at 46 calories per bag are great for anyone watching their weight. The superfood fruit bar is packed with goji berries, chia seeds, strawberries, blueberries and pumpkin seeds- all for under 100 calories. The fruit chips cost £1.49 per bag and the bar is £1.25. Expensive, but great for dieters needing convenience.
This month’s product of the month is these Original O’s savoury cumin and sesame nibbles. These are ridiculously addictive, I didn’t think I liked cumin until I tried these. These are great for sharing, if you can bring yourself to…at £2.99 probably best reserved for special occasions only but worth the splurge.
Cider is a staple at any summer BBQ around these parts so these Westons Ciders are bound to go down a treat. Here we have Rosie’s Pig flat tyre- a cloudy cider with rhubarb and Rosie’s Pig handbrake is a cloudy cider with damson. I haven’t tried these, I’m not a cider fan at all- although as soon as someone cracks open the Rhubarb one I’m sneaking a swig.
Schwartz packets are a staple in our cupboards and these new Authentic American Flavours are very exciting to me. There are five products in the range and here we have BBQ pulled chicken and Spicy Buffalo Wings. I haven’t had time to make them yet but as soon as the weather improves enough to get the grill out I’m there.
Eisberg alcohol free wine has popped up a few times in Degustabox and always goes down well at gatherings for the designated drivers and dieters. Made in the same way as your favourite wine but minus the alcohol this has only 28 calories per 125ml glass and is really quite excellent served with ice.

Berrywhite Organic Drinks have also turned up in Degustabox before and here we have an organic lemon and lime variant. Another expensive beverage at £1.39 each but 10% of the profit goes to the Berrywhite Foundation and they have no added sugar or artificial ingredients AND contain one of your five a day (oh, and it tastes really rather good!)

I’m not sure what granola has to do with BBQs but I am a fiend for granola so I was excited to see this in the box until I realised it has peanuts in which I can’t eat. Still, it sounds delicious and I’ve passed this on to my equally addicted Grandfather- I’m awaiting his verdict and will report back.
I’m also not sure what shortbread has to do with BBQ but who doesn’t love a biscuit? I’m a long term fan of Walkers shortbread and these Scottie Dogs are adorable- almost too good to eat. I could eat these all day every day if nutrition wasn’t a concern…shortbread fans seek these out!
For those who don’t know Degustabox is a monthly subscription box filled with 10-15 food/drink products, most of which are brand new to the market so it’s a great way to try things out. On a month by month basis the box costs £12.99 (with a discount for longer subscriptions) but the contents are generally worth far more than this.
If you’re persuaded to give Degustabox a go (and really, you should) you can claim a brilliant £7.00 off of your first box (making it just £5.99!) by entering the code 6HZJ8 at the checkout. It’s been a pleasure to work with the brand regularly over the last couple of years and it’s without a doubt something that I will continue to purchase long after our partnership ends. I love the monthly surprise and excitement as well as the chance to discover products I’d otherwise pass up on the supermarket shelves.
Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you thought of them.