Poor as in
“Poor excuse for a post”
“Poor picture quality thanks to the sun not raising it’s head yet”
“Poor…because it’s STILL not payday”
“Poor-ly; this cold aint budging.




But at the same time, I am RICH.

RICH because I have family who love me no matter what,
Friends that have stuck by me despite me not reciprocating even half of what they give.
Rich because this blog has led me to knowing some of the sweetest people out there, who have shown kindness beyond what I ever imagined existed.
Rich because I am alive and kicking to write this poor excuse for a post.
A year ago I made a decision.
It was the right one, not the easy one, it’s been a long hard slog…but in the end I made it and it was worth every second.

There are a lot of sad people out there right now, who have been dragged down or who face uncertainty.
I WISH I could scoop you all up in to a massive group hug, but I can’t.
Keep fighting loves, look deeper and see how rich you are…and don’t ever give up the fight.


((Oh help, I’m turning in to a happy-clappy preacher, I’m sorry))

31 comments for “Poor

  1. I love your meaningful post like this! Such a joy to read!

  2. you truly are amazing and an inspiration. which is one of the reasons why i love your blog and keep checking back day after day. you are so honest and i love that, you can tell that it is genuine.
    i love this outfit/dress like i love all of your outfits.
    I love the colors on this one, they flow nicely.

    i love the happy-clappy preacher 🙂 haha

  3. Felt a bit emotional reading your post today. Whats happening to me…
    Love your dress x

  4. I’m going through a rough patch at work a the moment and I am such a grump but when I read your posts you always make me think of all the postivies in my life, so thank you so much xxx

  5. You always say the right thing, Laura! What a beautifully written post (and a fab frock). xxx

  6. Love your positive posts, they’re really inspiring and make me remember that everything is ok 🙂

  7. Fabulous dres and a fabulous post! So true. Everyone has their battles and it takes strength to face them head-on xx

  8. so true. now i’m realise that I’m stronger than I’ve ever been! 🙂 xx

  9. I love the happy clappy Laura, you are always very right x

  10. This is such, SUCH a beautiful post – quite the opposite of poor my dear. You’re such a little fighter, and you inspire me so much! And, we’re bowl twins. I mean, what more could I want in a friend, hmm?

  11. I love when you do posts like this – you always know just exactly the right thing to say 🙂

  12. You are such an inspiration to me and so many others and you are a really great friend, never forget that! 🙂 I also really like the pattern on your dress! I hope you feel better soon love <3

    Maria xxx

  13. Beautiful and inspirational post*
    It’s a joy to read you and see how you celebrate every thing, despite all the problems you went through last year!
    You also look adorable in that floral dress.still the variation of a theme 🙂
    BTW: I’ve been wanting to ask you, do you prefer gingerbread man biscuits or cakes with creamy tops? hmm*

  14. I love your dress, and I love your words of wisdom, because they always cheer me up xx

  15. This is a lovely, inspirational post Laura! xx

  16. Good to see you being positive! That dress is really pretty!

  17. Excuse my French, but may I just say you are such a fucking sweetheart 🙂

  18. Aw this post is sweet! I should try and think of the positives more often.

  19. You are SO lovely. You do manage to say exactly the right thing. Nothing poor about this post at all. Still rocking florals and looking gorgeous 🙂 xxx

  20. It’s all about joy and love!

  21. Awwww I LOVE this post!
    Also love your dress 😀 xx

  22. Still not better, not good. Hope some signs of wellness start to make themselves known right now.

    And as ever, you’re such a sweetie.

  23. Glad to hear you so happy! Love that outfit you look amazing! xoxo

  24. i love your post but coincidentally its pay day today 😡 hehe
    such a meaningful words that dont require quantity at all <3
    and i love your floral dress ! 😀

  25. I love seeing you so happy!!! it is a great thing 🙂


    P.S. my verification for this comment was hyper! Just thought that was funny 😉

  26. Aww what a lovely post 🙂 Hope the cold goes soon x

  27. Lovely sentiments Hun.

    X x

  28. Bex

    Lovely post, honey xo

  29. Aww this dress is so pretty! the floral pattern is great

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