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I’ve always been the impulsive kind of girl and most of my numerous piercings (well, perhaps not so numerous compared to some) have been a spur of the moment decision that I’m yet to regret. I’m trying to hold back on getting any more, but do find I easily tire of what I already have, so I was incredibly grateful when Body Jewellery Shop popped some new pieces of ear piercing jewellery through my door to save me the pain and indecision for a little while longer.

Dress and Top: Primark | Boots: H&M | Necklace c/o Henryka | Bangle c/o Guess Jewellery | Ring: Pandora

Ear piercings are undoubtedly my favourite kind of piercing to get (aside from my ears I only have my nose and navel done). Of all of these piercings I think my Rook is my most loved (not to mention the most painful) followed by my Tragus, which is now adorned with this sweet little heart labret bar. I love labrets that are internally threaded as it makes changing them so simple- I’m lazy and just exchange one screw with another rather than replace the entire bar. I’ve bought most of my collection from Body Jewellery Shop as they have the best selection of sizes, the prices are also really good and I’ve never had an issue with quality of the metal not being as expected.

I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to unusual stud earrings and the second I saw these pink glitter studs I wanted them in my collection. I tend to stick to stud earrings for every day wear as they keep things more subtle for work, these are a super fun way to add in some sparkle without going OTT.

This outfit is what I wore on Valentines Day. Gone are the days where I’d stick on something heart shaped and spend hours wondering where Prince Charming was. Now Ben and I are together I’m far more low key about February 14th and we essentially spent the day chilling out together. This dress is such a fun way to brighten up darker days, I wear it more in Winter than I do in Summer actually as the cut out sides leave me feeling a bit exposed. Paired with a £5 high neck top and you have the kind of layering that I love the most.
Now I’ve written this post I’m feeling the need for a new piercing more than ever! Where should I get poked and prodded next? Fellow piercing addicts, where do you pick up your favourite studs and hoops? (Aside from Body Jewellery Shop of course!)


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  1. Hi! I love this dress combo, striking! Not really a piercing fan so not really sure what advice to offer on that! X

  2. This print is gorgeous- so fun and unique.

  3. hiiiii!!!! I nominated you for the infinity dreams award because I love your blog! 😀 you can see the details at


  4. I’m not usually spontaneous in the piercing that I want, but definitely pretty spontaneous when it comes to actually getting it done. It’s quite thrilling!

  5. Was just thinking today I need to up my game with earrings! You look gorgeous as always xx

    Tatyana x
    Secret little Stars

  6. I always get piercings on impulse, there’s no better way!

  7. That print is so lovely – I love the colours.

    Lizzie Dripping

  8. I love your piercings! I have a tragus piercing and I like browsing etsy for new ones x

    Josie’s Journal

  9. SJ

    I always used to want my lip pierced but now I hardly wear jewellery so I don’t think I’d bother plus I feel a bit too old now (which I know is ridiculous). I guess it depends on what you’re allowed to wear at work? I like the idea of ear piercings (I only have one in each ear) but it looks like you’re running out of room on that front! x