Prom Queen

Growing up my staple movie diet was the romantic comedy. As was the case of many of the main characters I wasn’t one of the pretty, popular girls and feared that I would never meet my true love, or indeed any love. Fast forward a decade or so and I now know that’s not the case, but back then I thrived on seeing these ugly ducklings transform in to a beautiful swan- most notably at their high school prom. In this post I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite prom dresses from the films I loved, and still love best.

Grease (image) | She’s All That (image) | Harry Potter (image) | Pretty in Pink (image)

I found shopping for my prom dresses really hard. Ten years ago (showing my age here!) it was near impossible to find a good selection on the high street, and they were expensive- very expensive! I think both times I needed to get one I ended up buying from Monsoon at great cost, and despite never needing, or wanting to wear the dresses again I ended up keeping them purely because a large chunk of money had been spent. These days the high street is awash with amazing dresses, far prettier than any I saw back then- I wish I could have my time again as I’d happily skip off to somewhere like New Look who have a gorgeous selection and spend the money left over on attempting to glam myself up a bit!
Which movies did you grow up watching? Which one featured your favourite dress? I think my favourite has to be the one in Pretty in Pink- made in the 1980’s I loved pretty much every item of clothing in the film but the prom dress really was a highlight!


Post in association with New Look, however I thought it was a brilliant topic and was eager to take part in writing and sharing!

3 comments for “Prom Queen

  1. I didn’t go to prom! Me and my friends did our own thing but I do quite wish we’d gotten dressed up. I adore the prom dresses in Grease! x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. Katie

    I like the gowns in Harry Potter, I’m a sucker for a pretty gown.

  3. I love Hermione’s dress!!! x