Pusheen at Watchshop.com

Cat lovers and fans of Pusheen grab your pencils and get ready to add to your Christmas list! Brand new to watchshop.com is the most adorable (supposedly Children’s but plenty of room for an adult sized wrist too) bargain of a watch.

Pusheen Watch c/o Watch Shop

I know that by 29 I should be favouring more mature styles but some days you just need a little something pink and plastic to cheer you up! I’ve been pairing this little beauty with denim and slouchy sweaters and I’ve caught a few people giving it a sneaky admiring glance when I’m out and about.

At only £11.99 this would make a perfect Christmas present for children and adults alike, at that price you could easily justify picking one up for yourself too if you can’t wait for Santa!


4 comments for “Pusheen at Watchshop.com

  1. This is AMAZING! Only wearing stuff aimed at adults is way too boring ;) xx

  2. It’s very cute, and sometimes a fun watch is all you need!

  3. In total agreement about pink and plastic, a sure fire combo to blast good vibes. Can imagine this looks oh so perfect and pretty on you beauty! You are the queen of cute! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo