Red Hot

Red is a colour I really don’t wear very much. I spent years being a little afraid of it, fearing it a little too bold for my shy nature. As my confidence grew I began to feel a bit braver about wearing it (and other bright colours) but then I dyed my hair red and have since mostly avoided it for fear of a major colour clash. Sometimes I do like to branch out though and only red will do…

Jumper: New Look | Skirt c/o ASOS (tall range) | Shoes c/o Rainbow Club | Ring: Pandora

I might have deemed these shoes the “perfect party shoe” but I couldn’t resist wearing to add a sparkly twist to a daytime look as well. I love the combination of red and silver and I think they go wonderfully with my flared out midi skirt- always a winner for adding a touch of sophistication to an outfit.
I’m 100% in love with my little bow ring from Pandora, a Christmas present from Ben. It’s not left my finger since he gave it to me- I love silver rings but haven’t got that many in my collection any more as most of the ones I had an loved are far too small. This one is just perfect for wearing alone or stacking with others…I’ll be dropping a few Pandora related hints when it comes to my birthday, too!
Hair colour aside I’ll be making more effort to wear more of the colours I avoid, such as red and orange- I think they are perfect for this time of year especially- cold, wet and grey days need an injection of bright colour! The lack of sunshine and constant dampness might explain my grumpy face in most photos taken of me recently, I’m just not cut out for Winter!


14 comments for “Red Hot

  1. What a nice ring! That skirt is really beautiful too!! Good choice. X

  2. stuning look! Love the top and you really suit red xx

  3. I love the bright red skirt; such a perfect shape.

  4. Charlotte

    I think red looks gorgeous with red hair!! There was a skirt like this in the Oasis sale in pink but it wasn’t in my size, so gutted. I usually go for the pencil style midi skirts but I’m loving the fuller skirt recently!

  5. Red really suits you! Your little ring is so cute too x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. I love it, Laura! It’s a lovely length on you. Woo for tall range.

    I really like the ring too. Cute Ben.

    Corinne x

  7. I love red, but am also just not always brave enough, red lips I do regularly, but sometimes massively chicken out with red clothing, I think you have to be having a bit of a ‘hell yes go me’ or at least feeling skin comfortable day to do it. That skirt is gorgeous & looks amazing on you – you may have just made me reconsider being a little red brave soon! xx

  8. That skirt is such a gorgeous colour x

  9. Red hot indeed! Looking dreamy lovely lady! I remember reading in a magazine article that red signalled danger and I’ve tried to avoid it ever since but you can definitely persuade me to visit the smokin’ side 😉

    And aww, the ring is so very pretty, Ben did good! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  10. The red & grey combination is stunning & oh so refreshing to see. I love the volume of the skirt.
    :] // ▲ ▲

  11. I love this outfit; the red is such a vibrant shade! The Pandora ring is so lovely. xxx

  12. It suits you! I’m a winter fan, but even I’m starting to crave a bit more light and warmth… x

  13. I love red, agree it is quite a bold colour and I tend to wear it only when I am feeling brave but it is so perfect for brightening up a dark day. That shade of red is amazing and the skirt looks fab on you.