Sarenza A-Z: L is for Lollipops

“The Lollipops brand was launched in 1998 by Marjorie Mathieu and Yann Ducarouge and very quickly became a benchmark brand for fantasy-style accessories. It created a commercial network under the brand that multiplied the number of sales outlets throughout the world. Sarenza has chosen a selection of Lollipops bags representative of the brand for you: coloured ranges, jolly mixtures of styles and materials, a touch of fun, girly spirit… Lollipops bags, both carefree and spontaneous, are the perfect glamorous combination of luxury and street dress codes, aimed at active fashion gurus aged between 25 and 40”

Consider me smitten, I think I’ve found my perfect summer shoe wardrobe in sweet as sugar brand Lollipops; once again I have Sarenza to thank for introducing me to a shoe maker that would have otherwise passed me by! I love a brand that multi-tasks and the fact Lollipops make bags too earns them an even softer spot in my heart…

My top five? May I introduce you to…Kaleido, Maboutique, Minuit, Miberty and my personal favourite Magic

The weather might not be quite so glorious right now, but these shoes have me dreaming. What say you…are you a Lollipops lover?


21 comments for “Sarenza A-Z: L is for Lollipops

  1. beautiful collection!
    love the last shoes!
    p.s. don’t miss my give away!

  2. I love this collection. They’re all gorgeous. I have a pair of Lollipop shoes, which I really love (especially as the front is designed like a little mouse face).
    I love that last pair.

  3. J’ adore the Lollipops brand. I cannot have enough bags and accessories. I am a Lollipops addict. You can see my favorite bag here:

    My Lollipops bag

    Chic tooth

  4. What a stunning collection. Loving the last pair, very sophisticated.

    X x

  5. Ooh, those final pumps are spectacular:D

  6. Tor

    These are all glorious, I love the blue shoes. All of your choices are really fun but classy too, just perfect.

  7. I can’t believe you’ve got to ‘L’ – time flies! x

  8. Really love the t-bar peep toes – I think they’re my favourite.

    Nicki x

  9. Oooh the shoes are stunning!xx

  10. The bags are so gorgeous xxx

  11. The last pair of shoes are just perfection.

  12. ooo Magic is gorgeous – great choice. I could totally imagine that shoe being worn by a Bride that fancied wearing something a little different!

  13. Magic is definitely my favourite there.


  14. The shoes in the final photo are stunning, want!
    Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog 🙂 I love eggs, when I have weeks of not eating much meat, I cook lots of eggs!
    Best wishes,
    R xx

  15. so so pretty! x

  16. I love them! They’re so gorgeous! xx

  17. The lollipops are fabulous! Definitely like them…