Shades of Grey

Before anyone goes getting excited, this post isn’t about a certain film (or indeed book, which I admit to never reading). It just so happened that my post title fitted perfectly with the colours of the outfit & the weather at the time of taking the photos- grumpy face excused pleased, it started chucking it down with rain in the process of trying to get pictures…oh how I love January!

Fluffy Cardigan: Next (old) | Dress: Stylistpick | Shoes c/o Clarks

Clarks recently got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to pick a pair of shoes to review. Sick of wearing nothing but ankle boots for work (and play) I decided to branch out a little and went for these leather peep toes as an alternative. What really drew me to this pair, above all of the other gorgeous new arrivals (seriously Clarks have upped their game once again!) was the heel- the sculpted detail makes a serious impact on an otherwise simple shoe, but remains chunky enough to be comfortable and practical enough to run up and down stairs in. That’s how I can tell I’m growing up, when I think of shoes in terms of practicality over anything else, oh heck!
I recently picked up the dress in my Stylistpick winnings haul, it was in their sale for a meagre £10 and I just couldn’t resist the monochrome daisy print even if it was out of stock in my size. Still, a size up from usual and it makes for a pretty perfect smock dress and the perfect partner for my new shoes- I think I might have just found a staple work outfit for the months ahead! The cardigan I’m wearing doesn’t get nearly enough love, it looks amazing and is oh so super soft, but damn does it shed! I made the mistake of pairing it with a solid black dress once and still keep finding bits of fluff stuck to it…
Have you taken a look at Clarks lately? If you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes (that are comfortable as well as stylish) you can’t go wrong.


8 comments for “Shades of Grey

  1. I love those shoes! Would never ever have guessed they were from Clarks x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. Ooh, lovely outfit! That cardigan looks super cosy. Clarks are definitely much more stylish these days. xxx

  3. wow I adore those shoes, they are so cute!
    Love your style

    thanks for all the lovely comments xx

  4. Those shoes are gorgeous! xo

  5. OMG, I need these shoes! They’re amazing. x

  6. Love that dress with that shaggy sweater! And those Clarks are great. Loving how they’re upping the ante on the look!

    xo Cristina