It’s been a while since I roped Ben in to taking photos for the blog, mostly because I am too lazy to drag my camera in to Bristol when I go to spend the weekends with him. Feeling a little more motivated the weekend before last (spurred on by my rambling post the other day) we had a mini photo-shoot by the studio he rents to teach guitar and do web design work from.

Top: Primark | Skirt c/o Clothing at Tesco (last year) | Boots c/o Daniel Footwear (last year but available still) | Necklace c/o Jon Richard

I picked up this top in Primark a few weeks ago and this was the first time I had even tried it on. It wasn’t until I uploaded these photos that I realised quite how sheer it was, perhaps it’s less so in real life as nobody reacted like I was exposing myself but either way I think it looks kind of cool (and to be honest, you can’t expect too much from a top that cost a fiver!). I’m still not over my love of tartan and I’m really enjoying this outfit as a whole- the gold details make me look quite put together for once in my life!
I’m not usually one for wearing big, chunky necklaces but this one calls out to me from my collection every so often. It’s made me realise I should probably make an effort more often when it comes to accessorising an outfit- I am forever fawning over jewellery, scarves and bags that other bloggers are wearing without ever thinking to capture my own…oops! Perhaps I can add that to my “non-resolution” list. I’m loving all things tartan at the moment (as ever) and I think this wrap would make the perfect accessory for the colder days we’ve had lately.
After my fit of insecurity about my blog the other day I’ve realised the only way I can feel better about it is to make some changes. I’m feeling quite motivated at the moment so hopefully I can get things to a stage where I feel more content with my content…who knows, whatever will be will be and as long as I’m having fun I’m trying not to care!
What did you get up to this weekend? My beloved Grandad turned 80 on Saturday and we had a family tea-party at my parents’ (he flat out refused a big celebration!). Sunday Ben and I had a little dinner date after I’d taken my camera for a stroll around Bristol in hopes of getting some inspiration for a future blog post…


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  1. Hey, you. Stylish & hot – you got it girl x x x