Solving your “Bra-blems” with Third Love

A great looking outfit requires great fitting underwear right? As women we all know this and yet despite it being practically an essential it’s still surprisingly difficult to find the perfect bra to go under the perfect dress. And it’s not just for special occasions that we struggle- ever got home from a long day at work just desperate to remove your bra? Yeah. I knew I wasn’t alone in that one! Today I’m sharing a great guide from lingerie retailer Third Love on how to solve those common “bra-blems” as well as being in a position to offer you 15% off a purchase until December 15th 2016.
I cannot being to explain how useful I found this (hence why I’m sharing it) as even though I’m not exactly blessed in the boobs department wearing the wrong bra, or one that is just damn uncomfortable is the bane of my life.

To get a better idea of the problem solving capabilities of Third Love you can check out their interactive fit finder here. It’s tailored to your needs and aims to solve all of your common problems and help you find the perfect bra for you.

Third Love is based in the USA so I know it won’t be 100% relevant from a shopping perspective for a lot of my readers (although they do ship internationally FYI). For anyone who does wish to make a purchase then from your date of purchase you have 30 days to decide if the bra is right for you or not- you can even take the tags off! If you don’t return the bra within the 30 days then it’s yours to keep for $68 dollars and if you happen to decide it’s not quite right for you then you just need to get in touch with Third Love to make a return and you won’t pay a penny!

Tempted? Don’t forget that until the 15th December 2016 you can get 15% off of a purchase by using the code TLNOVBB15

Let me know how you get on and if this has helped you solve some of your bra-blems. I’ve finally realised where I am going wrong with my constant slipping straps issue. No more hoiking them back up in public for me!


P.S. I was not compensated in any way for sharing this, I just think it’s a really great idea as I found it so useful myself!

2 comments for “Solving your “Bra-blems” with Third Love

  1. I seriously need a new set of bras (and a fitting) because like you, it’s the bane of my life!! xx

    Sam //

  2. I really want to try one of these bra’s out, please!! :)