Sorting out Stains with Vanish

It’s a running joke in my family that I’m the messy one and I don’t really help myself by being clumsy and often spilling things/standing in things/generally being scruffy, therefore when I was offered the chance to review a product on behalf of Vanish I was more than willing to give it a shot!

For those not familiar, Vanish provide solutions for all manner of stains; from blood stains (handy with my job!) to carpet stains (useful with Mae plus my penchant for black coffee!)

For the purpose of this post I joined forces with my Mum who does the bulk (read all) of the washing in this house (why yes, I am spoiled…saying it before Anon does!) to try out one of the stain removing powders in the Vanish family…

“Although I didn’t (for once) have a heavily soiled or stained white wash I thought I would inject a little ‘sparkle’ to my laundry and use this product. Result! Husbands shirts are brilliantly white and looking like new; no more grubby collars! Undies have been given a new lease of life and our hand towels would be fit for a bathroom display in a show home, lovely clean fresh smell and look- will definately be using this as a regular – fabulous!!”

So there we have it,
Vanish has won the approval of my hard to impress Mum (she won’t deny that!) and might just redeem the fact I’ve spilt coffee on my PJs, again.

Are you prone to spillages?



5 comments for “Sorting out Stains with Vanish

  1. Cute back story, I’m always getting stains on my clothes too.

  2. I’m the messy one in my family too, I’m forever spilling food down myself!

  3. OH is the grubby one in our household, I’m constantly challenged by his laundry!

  4. The one reason why i don’t buy or wear anything white because as soon as I do I spill something on it! Baking soda’s great for adding to your wash to get stains out too.

  5. I spilt a glass of coke all over the carpet last night…accident prone doesn’t even begin to describe my clumsiness! xxx