spring flowers

Dress: New Look
Shoes: Rocket Dog via Sarenza
Although it was too cold (still) to wear these shoes out of the house I couldn’t put off sharing them on the blog any longer. They’ve been waiting patiently in their box since they arrived about six weeks ago in the hope that one day I wouldn’t risk frostbite….but yep, still waiting. It was pretty obvious as soon as these landed on Sarenza that these had to be mine- I’m not sure if I ever shared the Daisy story and how my blog got it’s name, but Daisy is a family nickname and all my Grandad will call me; the same went for my Nan so they’ll always have a special place in my heart.
I survived my crazy day yesterday, it was good actually and very satisfying even if I was exhausted by the time I finally made it home. I kept my energy up with a few Coconut flavour lindt ball chocolates which are essentially THE nicest thing ever and a new obsession.
Do you have any family nicknames?

28 comments for “spring flowers

  1. Laura you really do have the best shoe collection!

  2. These shoes are perfect for you! Such a sweet nickname. My family call me Tizz, because I used to get in touch a tizz about everything when I was a kid, haha.

  3. those shoes are perfect for you x

  4. I love the collar on this dress and yay for the daisy shoes! 🙂

  5. Those shoes are amazing and so beautiful 🙂 finish off the outfit perfectly.

    mmmm lindt coconut balls sound amazing!!!!


  6. Those shoes are great! Love the daisies, they go so perfectly with your nickname and your blog! What a great find. Hope the weather improves soon so you can show them off to the world!

  7. Those shoes are amazing! And even more so because of that story. Love the dress too<3


  8. That’s such an adorable outfit! I love the dress and the shoes! They are so adorable. I hope the weather improves soon so you can actually wear them out of the house! x

  9. I love this outfit on you and the shoes are amazing. I always got called Missy by my parents, not sure why?!

    Maria xxx

  10. Shoes are seriously beautiful!

  11. Your shoes are beautiful, I love daisies 🙂 and Daisy is such a sweet nickname too! My family nickname was ‘spanner’ because my name’s Hannah and our dog’s name was spanner… don’t even ask, because I don’t know haha! xx

  12. Perfect shoes for you! gorgeous too =)

  13. I love those shoes, so cute x

  14. Love those shoes, 20 years ago the bow would stay but these days it would have to go …. they would have actually made perfect wedding shoes for me 🙂

  15. I seriously am in love with those shoes! xx

  16. OMG! those shoes are amazing


  17. Love the dress and shoes x

  18. They look gorgeous on you! This whole outfit contains items I contemplated buying but the peeptoe does it for me- I just can’t wear them! You look very pretty!x

  19. These shoes are amazing, love them 🙂

  20. These shoes are so cute and clearly made especially for you xxx

  21. I love those shoes!! I braved sandals on Saturday night.. albeit with thick black tights.

  22. Those shoes are too cute.

    My family call me Rin, young nieces and nephews call me Rinnie, which I hate haha.


  23. I bought this dress recently in new look 🙂 was on sale for £9 I snatched it up.. You look beautiful xx

  24. Those shoes are amazing, I need them in my life…now!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  25. Love the shoes. Such a shame the weather has been so bad. Hope Spring arrives soon and you have the chance to wear them out. Have a lovely weekend.

  26. Love those shoes, they’re perfect for you! My Dad used to call me Lizard but that’s not as sweet as Daisy xx

  27. This outfit is amazing Laura! My Mum calls me Lucy and my Dad calls me Ducky! xx

  28. Those shoes! Those shoes! So you!

    How are you, darling Laura?

    Frances 🙂