I’m a fan of squirrels, I think they are adorable and amusing little creatures, so when I saw a squirrel print jumper in Matalan I became slightly obsessed. I came very close to buying it several times, and kicked myself each time I left it behind…

I wasn’t kicking myself last week when I was off sick though, and browsing the Matalan website where I saw the jumper reduced from £20 to £5…

I like to call that “shopping fate”

Do you have any happy little stories like that to share? This jumper makes me smile…it fixes my love of knitwear and of fluffy tailed mammals in one fell swoop!
Happy Monday (well, as Happy as a Monday can be) xxx
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  1. Ah what a gorgeous jumper, perfect for winter 🙂 I’m gonna have to go and check out Matalan I think, seen a few posts raving about them but never really considered them. No story to share, I’m an impulsive shopper!x

  2. Nice price, nice top ! 😀

  3. I’m not a big fan of squirrels because I almost got attack by one! :/

    I still love your sweater though!

    XoXo, Bree
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  4. Tor

    I love how it looks a little bit like houndstooth, not squirrels from afar. Cute but not really twee. 🙂

  5. that sweater is adorable!!

  6. Lucy

    Ubercute! We have lots of squirrels in our garden because we are surrounded by woodland. Arthur chases them!!

    I have a similar dress from Yumi last year, with horses and horseshoes on 😀

    Hope this weeks is better for you chick, big hugs xx

  7. oh my gosh i love love love squirrels, they’re adorable and this jumper is truly gorgeous! it looks really cosy, a perfect a/w piece 🙂
    hope you’re feeling better now and you have a better week,
    <3 Holz oxo

  8. I love this jumper! I also saw it at full price, but had NOT spotted it for £5! Going to go & check that out now – although I’ll try not to get my hopes up, as it’s basically guaranteed to be sold out 🙁

    Thanks for the comment on my nails btw – much appreciated 🙂


  9. cute!!! love squirrels!!! love your outfit and your hair!!! enjoyed you blog..following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too…kissess!!!


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  10. Oh my goodness, adorable, utterly adorable! I have a major weird thing for squirrels so I’m gutted I didn’t see this!


  11. Such a cute jumper who doesn’t love squirrels xoxo

  12. Aww I love squirrels, what a cutie he is! I love it when stuff like that happens, had that a few times…although these instances of ‘fate’ can be rather tenuous for me and many times I use any excuse I can cling on to to justify buying new clothes :-/


  13. You’re jumper is gorgeous, and such a bargain it was fate that you were meant to have it! I also love you’re sequinned jumper from yesterday – did you get it recently? x

  14. I love watching squirrels myself. The squirrel in your photo looks like the identical kind of squirrels we have on my side of the pond (NorthEast U.S.). They are quite acrobatic, inquisitive and fun to watch.

    Great buy on that cute squirrel jumper you found at Matalan!

  15. Vix

    What a bargain, such a quirky print and a fab fit. x

  16. hehe, yeah I had a few blisters when I first started wearing Dr Martens but once you wear them in they are amazing <3 They are prob the one pair of shoes that don't give me blisters.

  17. Amy

    Looks great. I love a quirky print. I’m off to check out the site for myself in case there are any more knitted bargains to be had.

  18. Zee

    You always seem to find the nicest things in Matalan… whenever I go there’s always a load of rubbish :S

  19. Squirrels are the cutest, and if that’s not shopping fate then I don’t know what is! It’s very you xxx

  20. squirrels are everywhere around here! *hehe*

    well, you look as lovely as ever. i’m so glad I found your blog (lonnnnng ago!) and thank you for always being kind to me.


  21. thanks for the comment, i was thinking of doing a tutorial or something? i absolutely adore your jumper, so kitsch! x

  22. Oh my!!! Thank you so much! i shall email my details across.

    What a bargain of a jumper, it looks stunning!

    X x

  23. Oh that is so cute – I love the pattern! I’ve fallen in love with a squirrel print dress at Hobbs recently – it’s just adorable!

  24. That jumper is so cool!
    I’m on a hunt for some more knitwear for the winter 🙂

  25. I need this jumper!! I can’t find it on their website and am now sad 🙁 xx

  26. I’m all for smile-giving gear! Today was a bit of a downer in my neck of woods. Hopefully tomorrow sings a new song…

  27. Bargain jumper!

  28. i love animal print jumpers! This looks uber stylish on you xx

  29. Ahhhhhhh, I love it! I love squigs too! We went on ‘Red squirrel safari’ in Northumberland recently, as apparently there are some where we were but sadly came back with nought! I was rudely awoken by a squirrel one Sunday morning, early. It climbed my conservatory roof and proceeded to make hissing noises (you know that donald duck style squirrel sound. Oh the English language is sadly lacking the necessary words!) outside my window at me (or maybe Mrs Squirrel?) for a good ten minutes. I confess to shouting “Shut up!” out the window at him!

  30. Love the jumper 🙂 x

  31. its perfect! i love it 🙂

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  32. It was definitely meant to be! It always seems to be the other way round for me. Last year I bought something that didn’t fit, returned it but they had none in stock, took store credit AND THEN they reduced it and they all sold out!


  33. Hello,

    It’s Georgia (87) here. You may (or not!) remember me from somewhere…
    I have been reading your blog for a while now and have only just set up my own. I have sort of moved away from ‘the other place’ too.

    Anyway, I love the jumper. Very cosy and cute. I have a similar one with little sheep on it, but I shrunk it i the wash 🙁


    PS I love your blog 🙂

  34. Ann

    So cute! Squirrels are the most adorable things, next to cats. Oh how I missed checking out your blog, but it’s good to be back! 🙂

  35. you know i was a huge fan of squirells but then people kept pointing out to me that they were just like rats . and then they started creeping me out because of the similarity. i have a big phobia of rats. bad thing living in a large city.
    but i think they are not rodents i mean they dont go creeping around eating things and being disgusting . they like acorns . sorry about this rat.

    cute sweater!

  36. I have the squirrel jumper dress from Matalan. Lucky you for getting it for £5! I love it x