starry eyed.

Simple Thursday outfit, worn for a morning at home and an afternoon at work (hidden away in the office, else I’d have gone smarter!)

I’m pleased to see stars come back in for A/W as it gives me even more excuses to wear this dress, despite it being about 5/6 years old and from Primark back when a full price dress cost less than a tenner.

The shoes are by Clarks and came c/o this month’s voucher from Sarenza. I can’t believe how much Clarks have upped their game lately, there are at least four more pairs I want by them, if not more!
The bag is also via Sarenza…oh yes, they do bags too! Lots of them infact. This one is by Georgia Rose.

I want to take this chance to give a big shout out to Sarenza and their faultless customer service. My Mum ordered some shoes that were too big,
within five minutes of sending an e-mail I had a response, and less than 24 hours later the return was sorted. Fast AND friendly service? That alone is enough to keep me shopping there!

Have you checked out Clarks shoes lately? Bigggg fan!

How about Sarenza? Even bigger fan here!

Finally…it’s FRIDAY and a BANK HOLIDAY. I’m off work until Wednesday after this morning. Oh yeahhhhh. Let the fun begin.


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  1. These shoes are so prefect. I’ve been thinking of shoes with a block heel that height for the last month. Perfect between height. In love. Great choice!

    x x

  2. Gorgeous shoes! x

  3. love the boots!

  4. love the boots!

  5. The only time recently I have been into Clarks is to buy my 2 girls their school shoes and any mam will tell you once you’ve battled that in the school holidays shopping for your own shoes is the last thing on your mind! I will be checking out their range in September though as I now have a 20% voucher for adult shoes :o)

    Love the dress, looks very comfortable and stylish.

  6. Those shoes are lovely, I must go and have a look at what Clarks have to offer!

  7. Love star prints! I’ll check out Sarenza, that bag looks lovely! x

  8. I did pop in to Clarks recently and I was pretty impressed! I think the reason I don’t shop there ever is because when I still have flashbacks to when I was a child being dragged there for some “sensible” school shoes. I do think they had some lovely bits and pieces in there!

  9. Angela

    Love the shoes and the dress! You do look smart!! x

  10. Oh my. I actually REMEMBER that dresst the first time around!

    And yay to bank hol weekends!

    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  11. Your dress reminds me of how I used to be obsessed with everything star shaped or with star print on it! Obsessed is not an understatement in my case, as I even when I got my first tattoo it was of a star lol

  12. Love the star print! Have just written a blog post on it myself! πŸ™‚

  13. Hazel@Sarenza

    Thanks for the lovely shout out to the Customer Service crew! I have a similar Georgia Rose bag and take it with me everywhere! Which shoes did your mum order? Is she going to be appearing in the blog? We ca always do with some mummy ambassadors!!!

  14. Love that dress! I miss the days when Primark was that cheap…
    Also love your shoes, I’ve not been in Clarks since school shoe shopping when I was 11 but I may have to have a look now…


  15. That’s such a cute dress! I’ve only ever shopped at Clarks for school shoes, I’ll have to take a look πŸ™‚

  16. Oh God !! I love your shoes ! I want on pair like that. Are they confortable??

    Kiss from Portugal

  17. I was surprised when you said those shoes were from Clarks! They look fab x

  18. ooh! star print! i love. i love!


  19. Hurrah! stars are back! Have seen lots of starry dresses lately but the one you’re wearing now is the best i have seen so far. xxx

  20. Love that outfit on you! Looking gorgeous as always! πŸ™‚ x

  21. Such pretty shoes!!! I love everything about them! The color, the material, the shapes:)

  22. LOve the dress and boots xx

  23. love your dress, so cute x
    ps have a great lonnnng weekend!

  24. Those shoes are gorgeous. I do have a bit of a soft spot for Clarks – they are the shoes of my childhood!

  25. omg, massive shoe-envy! They are AMAZING! I never think to have a look in clarks; I should really start shopping there! x

  26. i love the starry dress so cute :3

  27. N’aww that dress is so cute! and oh my, i’m in love with those boots, major shoe envy!xx

  28. Enjoy your super extended weekend. Hope the weather perks up too.


  29. Till Wednesday? Oh you lucky thing! I’m back in on Monday πŸ™

    Loving the fact that stars are back in fashion again. Not that it ever stopped me wearing starry things anyway but now there are so many more of them to buy!

  30. I am so jealous of your shoe collection!

  31. I KNOW…Clarks used to be beyond naff, I’m so impressed!

  32. PLease tell me this is an Ellie Goulding reference in your title!? I love her.
    And your dress. Its so pretty.

  33. I have a star print blouse from Primark about 5years ago too. I knew there was a reason why I kept it all this time xxx

  34. This is a lovely outfit on you – looks amazing! Really want those boots too. x