that time I tried disco pants

Jumper: Random cheap shop in town
Disco Pants c/o Fashion Union
Boots: Sarenza
Look at me jumping on a blogger bandwagon…never in a million years did I see myself in a pair of skin tight disco pants but having seen them on so many other people and loving how they looked, when Fashion Union offered up the chance to try a pair I figured I had nothing to lose.
I can’t even begin to explain what a big step this is for me, six months ago this would not have happened. That’s enough said about that though.
In short, I loved these. So much so that I didn’t care that I was still wearing my super cheap slouch around the house Christmas style jumper still. I loved how they fit, how I felt in them and how they made my legs look (woah there!)…
and then I tried to get them off. 
Perhaps I should have renamed this post “that time I got stuck in disco pants”. Please, please tell me I am not the only person who’s got stuck in these before. Dammit. Goodbye dignity.
I guess if I save them for special occasions like drunken nights out my dignity will be long gone by the time I remove them.

Do you disco?


21 comments for “that time I tried disco pants

  1. These look amazing at you!! I haven’t got any yet, they all seem to be too long for me! xx

  2. Laughing at the idea of getting stuck in them – I got stuck in a dress once after the zip got stuck, most distressing…

    I don’t disco but I think these look great on you, and given half the chance I’d definitely give them a try 🙂

  3. This really made me laugh – the idea of getting stuck in these! You wont catch me in a pair though x

  4. Yeahhhhhh babbbby I disco!!! Haha well I do but I haven’t got myself any disco pants yet, I have been thinking about it though. These look fabulous on you!! Don’t worry about getting stuck in them lol, if you wear them on a drunken night out you can just sleep in them and figure out how to get them off in the morning! This tightness is what is making me debate them, I like the tightness to hold me in and all that (yeah what a glamorous comment) but worried I might never get them off (like the time I got stuck in skinny jeans in Topshop, now that was a fun day!)

    I can’t wait to see how you style them for a night out, you will rock them with your funky hair and makeup and some massive heels (or even those boots – they look really good with them) yet another trend that Laura pulls off effortlessly, beautiful!! 🙂

    Janine xx
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  5. You look really cool, your legs are so slim they are fab on you. Did you have a Ross off of Friends moment? Oops! Ha xx

  6. Tehehehe. I imagine if you save them for a drunken night out you’ll wake up with them around your knees the next day.

    I STILL haven’t even tried a pair of disco pants. Maybe I should just to see this miracle everyone describes!

  7. Just popping out of the woodwork to say WOW – you look AMAZING in these. I think disco pants were specifically designed for your super slim 8 feet long legs. Fabulous.

  8. Haha I cannot even imagine how you got stuck in them! There should be photographic evidence! I haven’t tried disco pants before – I have something slightly similar from H&M which I love, so may have to give them a whirl x

  9. OMG you have no idea how those pics have sent me right back to a time past when I dragged my dad around EVER-SINGLE-SHOP to find me a pair of those, I SO wanted to be like Sandy (from the movie Greece btw) … never did find them 🙁

  10. You do make me giggle! I’ve been wanting a pair of these for a while now so it’s good to know about the pros and the undressing cons ;). You look fab as ever my lovely xx

  11. I want to try them bit im scared of getting stuck in them!! And im so glad Im not the only one stillwearing my christmas jumper!! Xx

  12. Anonymous

    I am on my 5th pair on disco pants!! i love them. They look HOT on you! haha, i thought i was the only on who got stuck in these. Nice to know that its not just me and that even you girls with bean pole legz get stuck in them!! I have some in wine and bottle green and theyr currently my favs; along side black; of course!

  13. They look great on your Laura, I love that jumper too =)

  14. You look amazing! So proud of you!

    Maria xxx

  15. I don’t disco but I was very tempted last Summer! You pull these off so well, you have perfect legs! xx

  16. I don’t have the legs for disco, but you so do! You look amazing xx

  17. The time you absolutely rocked disco pants – you look amazing Laura. And I like random cheap shop jumpers too xxx

  18. I love the pants in combination with the sweater!! Really amazing!! Awesome look 🙂 Hugs!!

  19. You pull them off so well! I am jealous!

    Amy x

  20. Awesome post !! Disco Pants look great on you! I wish I could get away with wearing them, I just don’t have the bod. Loving this outfit.

  21. YOu have fab legs…I love that jumper too x