the cosiest jumper in the world

I’m absolutely delighted to see an abundance of chenille on the high street as we run in to the coldest months of the year. Ever since I was small I’ve loved the look and feel of it and wear it instantly makes me feel snug and secure. On a recent and long overdue shopping trip with my Mum I fell in love with THE most perfect chenille jumper of them all- from the colour to the fit it ticked all the right boxes and it just had to come home with me- Mum clearly felt the same way as she pounced upon and purchased the pink version within seconds!

Jumper: Pull and Bear (here) | Skirt: Monki (on sale at ASOS) | Boots: Banana Republic

How great is this bright Teal shade? At £19.99 it’s also one of the most affordable chenille jumpers I’ve seen on my travels with the added bonus that it isn’t cropped- call me old fashioned but I just don’t get cropped jumpers…the whole point is to be warm and snuggly in them, clearly I am just showing my age here though as the damn things are everywhere.

Rant over, the skirt is also a recent purchase as I loved the entire cosmic print range Monki bought out. I already picked up the dress so when I saw the skirt reduced to £16.50 in the ASOS sale I couldn’t help myself.

It’s so nice to be able to shop again- I’m pretty much back to working full time hours now, most of the time and actually having some spare cash after over a year of having to watch every single penny is so nice. It was also amazing to have an afternoon of un-interrupted mother and daughter time, since we both took on new job roles we very rarely get to spend much time together so we appreciate it all the more when we do get the chance.

It’s been a while since I did an outfit post, life has genuinely been so busy and this has reflected in the type of content I’ve churned out on my blog. I’m really hoping that now I’ve got in to a routine and I’m finally started to feel a bit more settled and confident in my changing body shape and size that I can get back to sharing a bit more of my personal style in amongst the likely plethora of gift guides and lifestyle posts.

If there’s anything you’d like to see more of on the blog or anything you’d like me to answer then feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section below. I was going to some kind of “life lately” update post but I’m not all that sure how interesting that would be, and I might just save it for an end of the year recap given that before we know it we’ll be entering the start of 2018 (what a startling realisation that is!)

Anyone else feeling the chenille love?


5 comments for “the cosiest jumper in the world

  1. It looks so comfy and it’s such a beautiful colour, that skirt is so my style to I love anything cosmic print! Such a perfect outfit xoxo


  2. You cna’t beat a cosy jumper at this time of year. I hear you on the cropped jumpers, and what about cold shoulder jumpers – really, what is the point of those?
    Glad to hear all is well x

  3. I love the colou! Chenille really takes me back to the 90.s. I had a jumper just like this!,

  4. Both that Pull and Bear chenille jumper and Monki Cosmic Vibes skirt look very pretty in addition to looking very comfortable.
    That they feel warm and snuggly makes them even more precious, especially since colder weather will doubtless be arriving in the not too distant future.
    Your mum and you must look fabulous together when you’re both wearing your Pull and Bear chenille jumpers – pink and turquoise complement each other beautifully!

  5. Love this jumper – it really does look so cosy, and perfect for autumn/winter. Good to hear that work is pretty much back to normal, it must feel good to have a bit more freedom money-wise too. Xx