The December Degustabox

Just in time for Christmas I have a little round-up of the December Degustabox- if you don’t already know (and you should) then Degustabox is a food subscription box that contains between 9 and 14 surprise products for £12.99 (far less than they would cost if you were to go out and buy them all individually). Read on for my thoughts and a code for £3 off your first box!
First up is the drinks section! Being a non-drinker for the most part I was pleased to see the addition of some alcohol free wine by Eisberg (£3.49 per bottle). I was sent the Riesling variety which I have to say was really rather nice and made me feel as though I wasn’t missing out at a festive gathering with friends. Also included were some little cans of mixers by Gloworm (£1.50 each), with a variety of flavours containing no added sugar and some pretty interesting taste combinations I’m looking forward to trying these over Christmas- I do have the odd drink or two over the festive period and the Cucumber & Apple can for gin has my name all over it!
With the New Year looming and a whole lot of people about to commence on a massive health kick it was good to see some healthy options included in the box. I am intrigued by the sachet of oats from The Chia Co which I am saving for a 7:15am start at work kind of morning. At £1.70 each these are an occasional treat only but as Chia seeds are such a super-food I do see these as a worthy investment from time to time. Also included was a sachet of chia seeds which I’m saving to sprinkle on my regular porridge- you know, the boring everyday kind!
There was also a box of green tea with lemon from Pukka Herbs (£2.39). I have to be in the mood for it but green tea is one of my favourites and I’ll be switching one of my morning coffees for a mug of this come the new year.
Now for some not so healthy treats! Bahlsen create some of the tastiest biscuits known to man kind and their Choco Leibniz in the original butter biscuit flavour or stuffed with caramel come near the top of my biscuit hit list every time. At £1.79 they are what I would consider a luxury biscuit (rarely do I spend more than a pound on a packet) but oh so worth it- I stock up every time I see them on special offer!
I’m also rather a fan of Popchips (1.79) as I’m sure regular readers of the blog will know. The BBQ flavour is my second favourite (original salted just about trump them) and they are the perfect vessel for scooping up leftover dips!
I’m not quite sure how the marmalade fits in to this section of my post other than I wasn’t sure where else put it! I’m not a marmalade fan myself but my Dad is loving this jar of Coarse Orange marmalade from Bonne Maman (£2.30) who also happen to make my favourite jams!
One of my resolutions for 2015 is to cook more so the selection of ingredients that arrive in Degustabox are going to come very much in handy. This month there was a meal kit from Kent’s Kitchen (£2.50) which will be perfect for cooking up something that isn’t leftover turkey! There was also a bottle of Frylight Infuse Chilli spray £2.00 which I have been spritzing over everything that I have popped in the oven lately. This adds a spicy kick to food without the mess and fuss of pouring oil and chopping chilli, with only 1kcal per spray this is also a good way to liven up a New Year diet! I’m loving it on sweet potato chips the most!
What did you think of this months’ box? Have I tempted you to sign up yet? To claim £3 off of your first box simply enter the code DVDWZ at the checkout. Let me know if you do sign up and what you think!


2 comments for “The December Degustabox

  1. I LOVE Degustabox, I’m going to give in in the New Year and sign up for a few of them, I love me some food and these boxes always have a great selection! I love Pukka teas, so happy to see them in the box!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. This all looks really good and great to see some ideas for healthy eating which I am pretty sure I will be needing in the new year. I have read about the health benefits of chia so really interested to see a product containing them. Happy Christmas Laura! Have a lovely time.