The October Degustabox

Another month and another delivery from foodie subscription service Degustabox*. Unless you are brand new to my blog (in which case, Hi!) you’ll know this is a regular feature. As with last month I’ve done my absolute best to try everything in the box, but time constraints and wanting to get a post up in a fairly prompt manner means that there are a couple of things I’m yet to sample. I’ll pop up some mini reviews of these on social media when I do try them for anyone who is as curious as I currently am to know what they were like, I’m getting really quite adventurous with my food trying lately so with each month the arrival of this box brings a whole new level of excitement!
This month I’m kicking off with the box’s sweet treats- always my favourite part! First up was a new take on a blast from the past- any one remember KP Choc Dips? I absolutely loved the white chocolate ones but they were a rare treat due to them not exactly being healthy. Nuttiva have bought out a new take- chocolate hazelnut spread (that boasts zero palm oil and 97% less sugar) paired with crunchy breadsticks. Not going to lie, I still prefer the old school favourite best, but these are a tasty and healthier alternative, although pricey at £1.70.

Continuing on the chooclate and hazelnut theme we have giant cookies from Michel et Augustin- melt in the middle cookies packed full of chocolate chips, fresh butter and free range eggs as well as a delicious chocolate and hazelnut filling. Delicious, but again pricey at £1.60 for a pack.

I’ve been wanting to try these Pulsin Kids’ Fruity Oat bars ever since seeing them on Twitter. These might be designed for kids but also make a healthy snack for work- chocolate orange is a can’t go wrong combination and these are really delicious, one of your five a day and low in sugar- £0.59 each with other flavours available.

Finally, in the spirit of Halloween comes a Misfortune Cookie from Pechkeks. These appeared in a box last year too and I still think they are bloomin’ genius. A tasty cookie containing a tongue in cheek misfortune message, a great novelty gift idea at £1.50 each.

Feel Good Drinks are a brand I buy regularly for taking to work. Simple water based blends made with 100% natural ingredients. I really like these as an alternative to fizzy drinks on my desk at work, and at £1.20 a bottle they are comparable in price. The Strawberry and Mint is a particular favourite.
Hippeas are one of my go-to savoury snacks, with serious flavour and a decent punch of protein and fibre they are vegan friendly and utterly addictive. I was sent the “in herbs we trust” flavour which isn’t my favourite from the brand but still entirely edible- my favourite from the brand is definitely the sweet & smokin’. They cost £2.29 for a share size bag, but seriously they really might as well be marketed as single serving!
I’ve been trying to make more effort to take lunches in to work with me rather than nipping to the shops and spending a fortune on impulse snacks. Kabuto Noodles are a long standing favourite and the thai green chicken curry is another welcome addition to the range. They cost £1.99 per pot which is much cheaper than my usual sushi fix and much more warming on these chillier days.
I’ve also been really enjoying the cous-cous pouch, mixed with some protein (chicken, chickpeas, tofu, prawns) this makes a tasty lunch which is easily portable too. £2.29 per pouch and microwaveable in just one minute!
I’ve really been getting in to cooking lately so I was quite excited to see these sauces from Lee Kum Kee- there’s a sauce for tomato and garlic prawns (which worked wonderfully with the cous-cous. I haven’t tried the honey and garlic spare rib sachet yet as I’m not a ribs person but between Bob and my Dad it’ll get tested in no time. The sauce pouches cost £0.85 each.
Millions are one of my favourite sweets ever, and the vimto ones are absolutely delicious- it’s the perfect combination of two classics and this little gift jar (£2.99) didn’t last long!
Another tasty treat was Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate Co real hot chocolate coins- real Belgian chocolate handwrapped and perfect for warming up after a long and frosty stroll. They cost £1.50 each and would also be a great addition to a cosy night in Christmas hamper.

This month’s box also included some Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops and some LoSalt both of which I absolutely failed to photograph for some reason. I’m not one who really pays attention to their salt or sugar intake (woops!) and in fact I’m quite the salt fiend. The Hoops were ok but I prefer the original but I appreciate these would be much better for kids or those who have to watch their sugar intake. The LoSalt is quite palatable, it’s hard to tell the difference between that and regular rock salt. It costs £1.75 for a 350g tub.

For those who don’t yet know, Degustabox* is a monthly food subscription box that gives you the chance to try new and exciting products on the market whilst providing amazing value for money.
On a month by month basis the box costs £12.99 (with a discount for longer subscriptions) but the contents are generally worth far more than this as you can see if you do the maths.
If you’re persuaded to give Degustabox a go (and really, you should) you can claim a brilliant £7.00 off of your first box (making it just £5.99!) by entering the code 6HZJ8 at the checkout. It’s been a pleasure to work with the brand regularly over the last couple of years and it’s without a doubt something that I will continue to purchase long after our partnership ends. I love the monthly surprise and excitement as well as the chance to discover products I’d otherwise pass up on the supermarket shelves.
Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you thought of them.


2 comments for “The October Degustabox

  1. Ahh I know I keep saying this but one of these days I’ll 100% be trying Degustabox! The Vimto Millions look utterly divine :D

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. I loved the Millions! The mint and strawberry drink was lovely too.

    Corinne x