The Pink Pumas

I’ve gone from wanting to collect all the pretty high heeled shoes in the world to being completely obsessed with trainers. I’ve built up quite the little collection and seem to live in them outside of work, but that doesn’t particularly justify why I felt the need to buy another pair a couple of weeks ago…my defence is simple, they were calling out to me (and on sale). It just had to be.

Dress: Pull&Bear (here) | Trainers (here)

Literally the day after I ordered these trainers they went back to full price, but hands down I’d pay it. They attracted a lot of attention on Instagram when I posted them and a few people wanted to know what the platform is like. In a word, subtle. The sole is a bit thicker than your average trainer but not obscenely so- the perfect hybrid trainer/platform in my eyes and they are so damn comfortable too.

This whole outfit/hair style combo feels a little bit 1990s to me. I never thought I liked the choker neck trend but since picking up this dress a month or so ago I might be converted. It was a bargain in pull&bear at £12.99 and it’s made in a really stretchy jersey so the neck doesn’t feel restrictive. I was a bit concerned I might feel too exposed- as I’ve explained before I’m not at my most body confident right now, but it drapes in the right places and actually manages to be vaguely flattering.

And body confidence does remain a big issue and a lot of the time it’s a real effort to wear anything but my baggiest clothes. Not that they are so baggy any more. Things are starting to fit me again, a blessing and a curse. Great I can suddenly wear half my wardrobe once more, a curse because it makes anorexia turn my brain in to even more of a battleground therefore taking a whole lot more energy and determination to power through. But there’s always a nap for that. I find naps are a great healer.

Despite this I’ve felt hugely positive lately, in a way I really haven’t before. Life suddenly feels exciting- I don’t want to be governed by my insecurities and control issues any more. There’s so much that I want to do an experience and there’s nothing going to get in the way of me doing that anymore. I’ve been my own worst enemy for half of my life, it’s about time I let this go. For good.

(Accidental tangent there, oops!)

Back on track- what do you think of this outfit? Anybody else a complete trainer fiend?


6 comments for “The Pink Pumas

  1. Velvet Blush

    I think the outfit looks gorgeous on you! I really need to pick myself up a pair of trainers, but I don’t know where to start x

    Velvet Blush

  2. “they were calling out to me (and on sale). It just had to be.” is exactly how I came to own a Yoshi bag!
    The trainers are fab, I adore the colour. I do like the idea of a subtle platform too.
    So glad to hear things are looking positive for you Laura xx

  3. I love this look on you! The neck line of the dress is lovely. Lucky to get the pumas before they went back up in price!

    Corinne x

  4. I love this look, I’ve swapped out my usual boots for trainers recently because I do so much walking and it was a great choice although I’m still kinda learning how to style them xoxo


  5. Love these shoes Laura, you look so cool and they go perfectly with your outfit too. Love the print on your dress as well. Looking lovely! – Tasha

  6. You look really nice in this! The top I of the dress is very cool!!