The Wish List That will make my Mum have kittens*

I’ve always been a bit of a daredevil- the first to the top of the climbing frame as a child, the one who wanted to swing the highest. It carried on throughout my youth- abseiling, kayaking, climbing, high ropes, parasailing- I was game on for anything [unless it involved caves or tunnels, then I was much happier sat on the sidelines].

It’s all fallen a bit by the wayside since I hit my twenties but that doesn’t mean the urge isn’t there, and now I’m on my renewed mission to get back to health and fitness I’m finding myself coveting gems from my childhood to ease myself in- from scooters to rollerblades I want it all, bringing me to today’s wish list featuring products from Proline Skates

So why the title of this post? Well, lets just say I’m not the most graceful of human beings. If anyone is going to injure themselves during an activity it’s usually me [it doesn’t even have to be sport, I slipped two discs shopping in Aldi and broke my foot in Zara!] Every time I mention wanting to get back to doing things that will give me an adrenalin rush I’m met with eye rolls and “is that REALLY a good idea?”

I happen to think it’s a brilliant idea personally- but perhaps erring on the side of caution I’ll start with a scooter or skates and work my way up. As much as I like the buzz I am quite keen to avoid a trip to A&E having made it 18 months without one and I’d also quite like my dignity to stay in tact.

That said, I’m toying with the idea of a trampoline park gathering for my birthday celebrations with friends- you can imagine how that idea went down!

Are you a bit of a dare devil? Any random accident stories to regale me with?


4 comments for “The Wish List That will make my Mum have kittens*

  1. Definitely go to a trampoline park for your birthday! They’re SO much fun! I didn’t manage to hurt myself and I’m super clumsy soooo
    I’ve been told by everyone that I’m not allowed to go ice skating or skiing after I destroyed a knee & ended up needing time off work after both haha. Plus I ended up with a broken leg just jumping around the sitting room when I was younger… Xx

  2. This is basically everything I wanted as a child in the 90s! Love those pink roller skates!

  3. No, I am a complete wuss!!! That said, I had a great time at the Trampolining Park- Gravity Force I went to with my sister. SHE was the one who hurt herself!

  4. Aaaah skates. I like you am somewhat…. accident prone. And also met with similar eye rolls when I want to try something different. I still remember how much my mum tried to dissuade me from cycling anywhere, never mind 100 miles!

    Do the trampoline park though- I went recently, it was a blast!