The Year that Everything Changed

This is probably the first year since I started this blog where I’m not sitting down to write a recap post of the year just gone. Quite simply, I don’t feel able to. I started 2017 a completely different person to that which I am now and to try and put it in to words is just too overwhelming.

What I will say though is that 2017 is the year that everything changed. I’m the happiest, most confident and truest version of myself than I ever have been. For that I thank my family, for never giving up on me. I thank Bob for showing me what it is to be loved and valued in a way that I’ve never been loved or valued before. To my employers for not giving up on me. And to my friends for the continued love and support, and finally, I thank my GP for not giving up on me either.

This has been a year where I achieved things I never thought possible, and pulled myself out of a hole I thought I’d be stuck in forever.

I’ll take a minute to outline my biggest achievement, and that was to go back to my old school, to the year and building where my eating disorder began and share my story with year 11 students in the hopes that maybe, just maybe it could make a difference to even one person. So they might feel they can get help sooner rather than later (my biggest regret) and not turn 30 with the shadow of an eating disorder still lurking over them.

It’s been a truly amazing year involving new people, new places, new experiences and new kittens. I’ve proven to myself what hard work and determination can do and I’m truly bloody excited for what 2018 has in store. I feel like the best way to show what 2017 has looked like for me is to share the adventures and experiences that the year ahead holds as they happen…I’m confident now that life can and will only get better and hopefully that leads to fresh, new and exciting content on this here piece of the internet too.

To each and every person that reads my blog I wish you a very Happy New Year. The friends I’ve made through this community, the support I’ve received and continue to receive is something I’ll be forever grateful for and one day will repay.

Bring it on 2018, I’m ready for you.


8 comments for “The Year that Everything Changed

  1. Such an amazing read, I am so proud of you x

  2. So glad you’ve had such a positive and amazing year!

  3. Very happy new year – here’s hoping you have an amazing 2018!

  4. So pleased to read this post – I hope that you enjoy a Happy and Healthy 2018!

  5. Sounds like you had a great year! Hope you have a wonderful New Year’s eve and Happy New Year!

  6. I love your positive attitude, and loved reading that you mustered your courage and gave back at your old school! Good for you! It sounds like you will be having some wonderful experiences in the coming year. I have loved your blogging through your good times and even during the very scary times. I’m hoping the kittens just might make it into a few of your photos sometime in the coming year :D
    Best wishes for a very happy year 2018!!!

  7. It’s lovely to read that you are in such a good place Laura. I hope 2018 is everything you wish it to be

  8. I’m so glad you have been able to be determined to vanquish your Eating Disorder this year. I’ve been reading for 8years now and I have always rooted for you to do this. Well done on facing your demons at school, that is v important. I’ve always wondered how your ED started, have you ever written about it on here or is it too private? I hope that 2018 continues on this high note of positivity and success! Happy New Year!x