top celebrity perfumes- a guest post

Choosing celebrity perfumes can feel like stepping into a minefield. There are lots of products out there, but not all of them are worthy of a prized spot on your dressing table. If you’re on the lookout for a new fragrance but don’t want to waste your cash, keep reading. Here are some of the hottest celeb perfumes available right now. They won’t all be to your tastes, but you’re bound to find at least one you like the sound of.
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Beyoncé – Midnight Heat
It may have been launched in 2012, but Beyoncé’s Midnight Heat is still proving a hit among discerning consumers. Described as an oriental and floral fragrance, this perfume can be worn at any time of the day or night, but it’s especially suited to evenings. Its spicy, warm scent has a real allure.

The perfume has top notes of plum, dragon fruit and star fruit and base notes of amber, sandalwood and patchouli, which is a herb from the mint family.

This is the sort of fragrance that you want to reach for when you’ve got glammed up for a date, night out with friends or party. It’s certainly makes a statement and it’s a real confidence booster.

Madonna – Truth or Dare
Another spiced perfume, but this time a little less heady, is Madonna’s Truth or Dare. Designed to represent the opposing forces of darkness and light (we’d expect nothing less dramatic from the Queen of Pop), the fragrance has top notes of gardenia, tuberose and neroli and soothing base notes of vanilla, caramelised amber and musk aura.

Over all, the scent is a little spicy and it finishes with warm musk. This sophisticated product can be worn casually, but it’s best saved for special occasions.

Rihanna – Nude
Rihanna’s no stranger to getting her clothes off, so it’s apt that she’s released a perfume named Nude. The fragrance is supposed to evoke feelings of intimacy, bare skin and nakedness and it has top notes of guava, mandarin and pear, with bottom notes of vanilla, musk and sandalwood. Its heart notes include jasmine and orange blossom.

This could be your ideal fragrance if you’re after something sweet and fun. It has a floral, sugary aroma and is especially well suited to a younger audience.

Mariah Carey – Luscious Pink
Another sweet perfume, and this time one that’s a real winner for summer, is Mariah Carey’s Luscious Pink. With top notes of Sicilian bergamot and an Italian sparkling Bellini cocktail, and base notes of white musk, blond wood and sandalwood, it has an overall aroma of citrus, making it perfect for sunny days.

Watch out though, this probably isn’t a scent to wear into business meetings, especially with its alcoholic hint of Bellini.

Lady Gaga – Fame
If you’re after a super-fresh fragrance, Lady Gaga’s Fame could be ideal. A great all-rounder, this perfume is described as oriental and floral and it features top notes of belladonna and incense, as well as base notes of jasmine and tiger orchid. These are complemented by heart notes of honey, saffron and apricot.

On first spray, the fragrance has a clean, citrus smell and this gradually opens out to a richer, sweeter aroma. The perfume can be great during the day and in the evening.

The simple way to shop
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