Uk Travel Bucketlist: Liverpool*

I’ll admit I’m not particularly well travelled when it comes to the UK- not when it comes from venturing North of the South West at least. Devon and Cornwall I’ve done a lot thanks to spending most childhood Summers there and it being a relatively short drive away for days out and weekend trips. For some reason the opposite direction has always held less appeal to me and apart from Birmingham, Leicester and Melton Mowbray I’m struggling to think of other places I have visited.

That’s not to say I don’t want to though and I have a long list of places I’d like to pay a visit to when time and money allows (and of course it will be so much easier when I’m driving). These places include a LONG overdue trip up to Leeds to visit my brother as well as places like Manchester and Liverpool for the shopping scene- yep, I’m basing my travel bucket list on the places I most want to shop.

Home to some fantastic Liverpool restaurants and a huge array of some of my favourite shops- think Zara, Victoria’s Secret and All Saints as well as high end retailers like Michael Kors and Reiss as well as the UK’s only Beauty Bazaar in Harvey Nichols, Liverpool One is pretty high up on my list of places to visit. There is also a Disney Store which I admit is a huge pull for me despite being almost 30 as they are few and far between these days and there is almost always something I want from there- namely their mugs because a girl can never have too many mugs right?

Liverpool One is also home to some of my favourite places to eat- although I’ll be honest and say I’m not the most adventurous or experienced at eating out (yet, it’s a work in progress). Jamie’s Italian is one of my favourite dining chains and I’d definitely be making a pit stop there, and given that it’s likely to be at least a one night trip if not more I’m sure visits to Nandos, Pizza Express as well as several coffee stops and a cheeky prosecco at the end of the day will also happen.

Here’s a handy guide to what is on at Liverpool One right now.

What's going on at Liverpool One_ (2)
So, aside from Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester where else do I need to be adding to my UK travel list? I’m open to lesser known places too- I’m not solely about the shopping, I’m more than happy to soak up some culture and visit as many tourist attractions as you throw at me. Once I’m driving there will be no stopping me (aside from the seemingly ever climbing cost of petrol that is!)


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  1. I’d meet you here anyday!

  2. I’d suggest Chester for a couple of days – There’s a small but quaint looking shopping street in the middle of Chester itself, but if you head out to Cheshire Oaks you’ll find a large discount shopping village! Surrounding areas also include Chester Zoo, which is by ~far~ the best conservation zoo I’ve seen and it makes for a fantastic walk that’ll keep you busy for a day.

    If you like National Trust properties, in the Cheshire area you’ve got Tatton Park – which has some lovely grounds to walk around, a little farm with goats, horses and pigs and a lovely old English property with some of the kitchen space intact (if I remember rightly). Dunham Massey too is beautiful in the summer – Again, National Trust and a lovely day out.

    Other than Chester, if you want to go to a single location – my heart belongs with York. Fabulous Castle Museum, the York Dungeons, a lovely little walk around the walls themselves and so so many spots to stop for a cocktail. There’s Betty’s Tea Rooms so you can gaze in at the pretty little marzipan confections (so much sugar though!). There’s the pretty looking Minster and lots of winding little streets to wander through. It’s also home to a Jamie’s Italian (I think?) and there’s also another McArthurglen Shopping Outlet there, similar to but no where near as good as Chester.

  3. I’m afraid my husband might take umbrage to your assertion about mugs, he is ALWAYS moaning about the number of mugs we have. I would like to have explored the shops more in Liverpool when I visited there back in August, but time was limited!x