Until The Last Petal Falls

I’m not usually one to get excited about an up-coming film release but ever since I first caught wind of the Disney live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast (even the trailer gives me goosebumps) I’ve been counting down the days until it’s release.

Everyone has a favourite Disney film and for me it has always been Beauty and the Beast the story, the characters and the songs- I just love it all. Combine that with my love of jewellery and keen magpie eye I was very excited to hear that Disney Couture were bringing out a range of jewellery to coincide with the film release and immediately added every single item to my wish list.

I’ve been very fortunate during my time blogging to build up a great working relationship with certain brands, one of those being WatchShop.com who very kindly sent me this absolutely stunning necklace from the collection*. The enchanted rose is a key component to the film and capturing it in jewellery form is frankly genius. I’m absolutely smitten with this necklace- the detailing is impeccable and it is as much a keepsake as it is a piece you can wear. A few other pieces from the collection might make it on to my birthday list (Mrs Potts earrings anyone?) but this necklace will forever hold a very special place in both my heart and my jewellery collection.

Are you excited for the live-action remake? What is your all time favourite Disney movie?

I’ll leave you with this ear-worm to end your week on…


4 comments for “Until The Last Petal Falls

  1. That necklace is adorable! I am intrigued about the film – hopefully it comes will be out in Dubai although it seems like we get films a bit later here than in the UK / US! x

  2. Alright, this is my third attempt at posting this reply! It’s not even that good of a reply, but it’s the princple of the thing. (Apparently WordPress doesn’t like my tablet! How dare it throw me error messages!)

    Beauty and the Beast was my favourite as a child. She gets a library and the Murder, She Wrote lady was a teapot! I was hooked. Nothing actually came close to it until Tangled, which I love just as much. The horse is the best!

    The necklace works well with the rose top you’ve got going on… I see what you did there! ;)

  3. That necklace is STUNNING! Beauty and the Beast was always my favourite Disney film growing up, and I loved the new version! x