Wanderlust Wardrobe- Inspired by Thailand*

As holiday season kicks off I once again find myself in a serious state of travel envy. As it stands I don’t have any holiday plans myself yet but given that it turns out I HAVEN’T managed to shred my passport it’s not outside the realm of possibility that I might manage to get some Summer sun. It won’t be anything massively exciting, probably a long weekend in Spain but what I’d really like is to jump on a bandwagon and head off for a few weeks of sun, sea and exploration in somewhere more exotic like Thailand.


With some un-expected time on my hands at the moment I’ve spent a bit of time window shopping online (as you do) and have put together a little wish list of what I would be backing if I were heading off on the adventure of a life time.

Dress | Shoes | Playsuit | Holdall | Dress | Bikini | Shorts

Where are you heading off to on holiday this year, and where would your dream destination be?


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