What Makes you Happy? Win £50 Topshop voucher!

Oh yes, another giveaway for you lovely lot and this time I have a £50 Topshop voucher up for grabs (I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous!)

I have been given a £50 Topshop voucher to give away courtesy of the 360 degree feedback provider ETS. These employee surveys judge how happy you are at work. So with that in mind we thought we’d get in on the act. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize is to tell us what item of clothing in your wardrobe makes you happy and why! We’ll give the prize to the best answer! Make it meaningful, funny, happy…I don’t mind…I can’t wait to read your answers!

As for me and my answer…


My Yumi shoe print dress; both for the fact my parents chose it for me and got it spot on, and that you just cannot wear a shoe printed dress without it lifing your spirits a little!

Good luck!
The giveaway is open to UK blog readers and will close at 8pm on Monday April 2nd


101 comments for “What Makes you Happy? Win £50 Topshop voucher!

  1. ohhh, I like this! Right now, the sunshine is really making me happy, even if I’m sat in our office just looking out at it – I can’t wait to get outside when its time to leave! Another great giveway!

  2. I love my Dolly Dagger 1950s polka dot swing dress because it’s flattering, it’s my favourite print and I can twirl about in it and have fun!

  3. Wow what an amazing giveaway Laura!
    The item that makes me happy is my polka dot maternity dress, as its so cute and i’m sure its going to get lots of wear over the next few months! x

  4. Not strictly an item of clothing..but I do wear it…. and that is my beautiful engagement ring!

    Whenver I look down at it and see it sparkle, I just think of how lucky I am to have found my ‘other half’ It just brings a smile to my face even on the most rubbish of days! 🙂 xx

  5. nothing makes me happier than my fox kigu (http://www.kigu.co.uk/shop/japanese-red-fox.html) of course I’d never dream stepping outside my front door in it, but it never fails to bring a smile to my face and always cheers me up when I’m feeling a bit grumpy or poorly! xx

  6. My favourite frock is a 1980s black velvet cocktail dress with big satin pink bows on the front.

    The night I wore it for the first time I was feeling quite low. I was going through a really rough patch as my boyfriend’s mum was dying and I’d been helping to look after her every single day.

    I allowed myself one night off for my best friend’s 30th birthday, and decided to wear this dress. Just putting it on made me feel a million dollars. It was so feminine and dressy. After such an intensely emotional period it was great to get dressed up and let my hair down a little. It cheered me up right away and I will always remember this dress fondly.

  7. WOW what an incredible giveaway! I adore that Yumi dress on you, such a lovely one. My favourite dress would have to be a Betsey Johnson white prom dress with roses all over it. It’s the epitome of a fairy princess dress, and I love that about Betsey’s dresses because there’s something really magical about them that appeals to young girls and grown ups, that unfortunately I guess I am now! haha.



  8. The item of clothing that makes me really happy is something, for some reason I rarely wear any more. Its an old green t-shirt with a retro home made lemonade logo saying ‘Freshly squeezed’.

    It always reminds me of my two years in sixth for and my friends grabbing my chest whenever I wore it…not in a pervy way, they’re just weird like that! It’s one of those tops that despite hardly wearing it I can’t bare to get rid of it, it has too many memories of Sixth Form BBQs and days by the river.

  9. This is a great dress on you. I really like the print, and those shoes are super cute.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. Great giveaway! My favourite thing in my wardrobe right now is my floral vintage dress. After being over weight and then too skinny, that dress is really helping me embrace my natural curves again and is helping me to feel confident while gaining the weight I need to to be healthy 🙂

  11. I don’t live on your side of the pond and am not trying to enter, but:

    That’s a tough question for me. I still haven’t found my Ideal wardrobe items. I guess my favourite is my one pair of extremely feminine pink full brief knickers but I rarely put them on wanting to save them until I find some more. Maybe my favourite for everyday wear is the loose elastic-waist sweatpants I wear when I’m sure I’ll not be seeing anyone.

    Your outfit looks great. You matched your dress and tights beautifully. I suspect that your favourite has lots of big daisies on it!

    What really makes me happy is Spring! I wish it could last forever.

  12. My favourite piece of clothing (well shoe) are a gorgeous pair of Topshop sandles. They make me happy, as I picked them up in a charity shop for only £6.99 instead of £50! They even had the price sticker left on, cos they have never been worn! A bargain makes me happiest!


    Katie x

  13. My favourite item is a pair of navy blue knickers. Not just any knickers, they have red anchors printed all over and real ife – thought – they – only – existed – in – chick – lit frills. Every girl should reach the end of puberty with a pat on the back and a pair of these frilly pants, they’re comfy and oh did I mention frilly? I save wearing them, they give the most awful VPL but pulling them onmakes me instantly 10 times girlier and all that frill makes a lady’s thighs look fab, not flab.


  14. My favourite item of clothing in my wardrobe has to be my Mum’s original 70’s maxi dress which I have to wear very large platforms with and I’m 5ft8″…….how my 5ft3″ Mum wore it makes my mind boggle!
    purdey.singleton@gmail.com x

  15. SJP

    My fave piece of closet confectionary is my pair of white Converse. I bought them when visiting my family in Florida and saved them for 8 months, so they were pristine white for my wedding! I had the best night wearing them and the best thing is that now I can them all the time, and they go with everything, even big white dresses : )

  16. My new woven H&M handbag is making me happy, as it doesn’t weigh a ton, even when stuffed with rubbish!!!

    The sunshine is also doing wonders… and I LOVE daylight in the evenings!! You can tell I’m having a super happy Monday!!


  17. My slippers are my happiest item in my wardrobe. Actually they’re not in my wardrobe, because they’re always on my feet.
    You wear slippers forever in your life. When you’re a child, and you get given some and you wear them on Christmas day to go downstairs and see if you Santa came.
    When it’s Winter you wear your slippers.
    As you become uncool and don’t want to head out for a night with your friends, you just want to wear your slippers.
    As a mum or dad you cannot wait to finish work, and wear your slippers. So you can make the dinner in them.
    Then as you become an old lady, you spend majority of your day in slippers. You always receive them as presents too. In deep colours.
    Seriously, we underestimate slippers. And that my friend, is why I love my slippers!xx

  18. Lovely giveaway!
    My item that is making me happy at the moment is my sun hat! I dusted it out the wardrobe this weekend; I’m just glad to have the chance to use it. Love this sunshine!



  19. The item that makes me really happy is my red polka dot 1950’s dress worn with my white petticoat! It’s so swishy, you can’t help but be happy! And also polka dots are happiness aren’t they!
    Was I supposed to leave this comment here?

  20. cat

    That’s easy… my Primark elephant print blazer 🙂

    How can I be grumpy at work when I am wearing that?

  21. The item of clothing that makes me the most happy, particularly right now is a Kate Moss for Topshop dress from the very first collection. It’s a beautiful silk tea dress, but what makes me happy is that it no longer fits.

    I bought it to wear for my 18th birthday, it’s a size 10 and it was a bit big when I wore it then. In the last year, I lost a lot of weight because of a mystery illness and stress, and so the dress I wore at 18 still fit, despite me being a good few inches taller.

    I tried it on this weekend. It’s too small, because as I’ve gotten better and felt better in the last 9 months, I’ve gotten back to a being a healthy weight and size- which for me, is not a Topshop 2007 size 10.
    I’d love to win a topshop voucher to purchase things in my happy and healthy size 12, they have a brill metallic leopard print dress that I have my eye on!


  22. Y

    My huge ginormous colourful beach hat!!!
    I think I have it on my profile pic here/.. Not sure

    I got it in Melbourne when my friends and I went to the beach and they forgot to pack me a hat. I ended up being the only one without a hat.. It was 40 degrees and scorching!!

    But luckily on the way there I passed a souvenir shop that happened to sell GIANT COLOURFUL hats.. I knew it was meant to be. So I bought the largest one available.

    My hat became the king of all hats on the beach.

    If you sit or squat on the beach with it on, it feels like you’re in your own little magical colourful world under it’s huge brim, protected from the crazy sun rays.
    And umm that makes me really happy.

    It’s THE best hat. If we meet I’ll show you it and you can out it on! 😀

  23. Y

    Oops I was wrong:. It’s not on my profile pic. Well it’s my twitter one.. You have me on there!! Haha.

  24. I’m a huge Yumi fan, lovely dress!
    B x

  25. wow this is a fab giveaway!

    Well the item which makes me happy is a dress which im actually wearing today, that happens to be from topshop, Its subtly floral with light pink flowers on it. I love this dress because its the first thing I go to when the sun is shining in the summer and the sun makes me so happy, and wearing this dress makes me feel so good about my body, which is something I struggle with on a daily basis, so for that reason, it became my favourite item.

    Jess x

  26. I’ve just discovered your blog and love it! Isn’t it the greatest when you discover a blog and are like ‘seriously, how have I not spotted this before!’ or maybe thats just me being odd ;D. And what hair colour do you use by the way, I love the colour? Okay, onto the competition, woop topshop, thanks for such a brill giveaway. Hmmm, I have so many items of clothing that I adore, but I think I’d have to say, Yes. My plain black dress. I know, I sound uuber boring right? Except, it was on one of those moments where I felt down in the grumps because I hadn’t seen anything I liked, and suddenly out of the darkness came a dress with so many possibilities. It came with a shiny black belt, and is a sort of thick material, I’m wearing it right now in fact. Well, you know what they say, theres no point in buying something if your only going to wear it once. Actually, I don’t think that is a saying, but hey-ho. 🙂 So yeah, my lil black dress, always makes me feel really happy, which is odd, as its not bright or sunny like the weather at the moment. I think it’s because I can wear it in so many different ways, like for instance, with a polo underneath, and my tkmaxx baggy jumper over the top, or with thick woolen tights and just a patterned scarf. Oh, so many gorgeous possibilities, and the best, best, best part? It was only £15, yes, you heard me right. I mean for something with so many fashionista choices, and from select, which is a shop I popped into by utter chance. It was as if by magic, when I had given up all hope of finding a dress, and was just about to go home, due to distress that NOTHING looked right on me, that it appeared, and in the sale! So, my little black dress is my favourite item of clothing, thanks again for the great giveaway. Sorry for such a long answer, I tend to ramble on a LOT! Tata, Love Leah xoxox

  27. My new coat from Great Plains. My dad picked it up and I said it wouldn’t suit me. I put the coat on and it was perfect, it’s everything I want in a coat and it goes with everything.

  28. My absolute fav clothing item, is a part-sequin dress from topshop- it’s about 3 years old but completely has stood the test of time for me, it is always flattering even if I’m having a bad day, and it carries some amazing memories including, a NYE that waved goodbye to an awful year, my first kiss with my bf, and an end of an era night out when me and my flatmate of 4 years said goodbye to our flat. I haven’t had an occasion to wear it lately but just looking at it instantly reminds me of amazing memories

  29. That dress is super-lovely on you. Great giveaway.

    I’m going to answer this question and hope I win but secretly want you to give the winning voucher to Little Mittens. I love that she has one of those little fox suits. Ha!

    Anyway, my very favourite item of clothing in my wardrobe is my gorgeous bottle green Marc Jacobs ra-ra dress. It has a halter neck with a huge bow and a little ra-ra skirt. It is completely ‘look at me’ and I have only worn it once (to an event where everyone else was wearing black cocktail dresses). It was a FAB summer night and I felt amazing. I never feel amazing in anything, so that’s a big deal for me.

    Nicki xx

  30. Nothing makes me happier than my invested in Miss Selfridge denim jeans! They go with everything! Dress up or dress down they are always there to save me in a ‘I don’t know what to wear’ Crisis! 😀



  31. Those shoes are adoorable – I love the colour and the massive bows 🙂

    The item in my wardrobe that makes me happy is my 1950s style red & white polka dot prom dress – it just makes me feel really feminine and flatters my curves. I feel like a 1950s film star when I’m twirling round in that dress with a petticoat underneath 🙂

    Steph xx

  32. Your shoes are gorgeous.

    The item that makes me happiest is my DIY Levis shorts – simply because I made them myself and they actually look decent. I also get a kick out of being able to wear something that I put so much effort into. My fingers were in tatters after adding all the studs. I also quite like the way they balance me out – I don’t look so top heavy wearing them 🙂 x

  33. my star-print Topman shirt. It reminds me that you can find great things in funny places (charity shop, mens section) and makes me feel smart when wearing it. I like to feel smart.

  34. Obviously it’s hard to choose just one item – they’re like children, you can’t make favourites!

    But my favourite item is probably my purple trench coat. I bought it with my first pay cheque even though I was supposed to be spending it on boring things like opening a savings account and lunch. I tried it on three times before finally just accepting that eating crackers for lunch for a whole month wasn’t so bad after all. It’s still beautiful, the lining is bright orange silk and I get it dry cleaned twice a year. If you look after clothes they look after you. 🙂

    Emily x

  35. une robe toute mimi… Gros bisous

  36. Jem

    My big brown coat <3 parents tell me it's hideous. Sort of makes me love it more.

  37. lovely giveaway again, laura. oh you do spoil us.

    this floral blouse is my favourite item of clothing as it combines all my favourites in one item – sheer, monochrome, floral, buttons. i couldn’t have asked for more!


  38. My favourite item of clothing is my playsuit with horsey carousels on it, I never wear it out of the house but when I frolic around indoors wearing it I like to pretend I’m Katy Perry or something (guilty pleasures eh)


  39. The item that makes me most happy in my wardrobe is my Minnie Mouse t-shirt, pure child at heart and of course everytime I wear it I can sort of pretend to be Minnie for the day! xxx

  40. The item of clothing that makes me happy is a pair of Wonder Woman knickers. They are white briefs with red trim and the Wonder Woman transfer on the front.

    I have sexy undies, practical undies and reinforced-with-girders undies but these are fun. One of my oldest friends (known her 27 years!) bought them for me when I got divorced.

    There’s nothing like knowing you have an empowering female superhero on your knickers to help you through the long day at work!

    If only I had a matching bra!


  41. I think it would be my suede platform heels my boyfriend bought me for my 19th birthday. They’re sexy, awesome and make my legs look longer and thinner. Instant massive confidence boost. And they make me about the same height as my boyfriend, I don’t have to balance on tiptoes to kiss him xD
    (took me ages to think of this, I have so many clothes that make me happy).

  42. What a gorgeous giveaway and a lovely idea! My favourite item of clothing is a jewell blue toned maxi dress. Until I was about 16 I never dared stray from the ‘regular’ path of jeans/leggings and teashirts with the occasional skirt. I was scared not to fit in, I was scared to draw attention to myself and I was battling some pretty awful body image issues. At the start of sixth form I fiinally managed to sort of break away from the negative influences around me and although I was bullied fairly baddly for another year or so I definitely began to ‘come into my own’ as they say.

    This blue dress was one of the first things I purchased that was way outside of my comfort zone. It’s bright, its fairly tight (this terrified the life out of me at the time and still to a degree this day) and it’s very very different to a uniform of leggings and tees.

    Everytime I feel like I’m a little lost, a little boring and fading into the background that I used to have to put myself in, I try and wear this dress. Really, you can’t be shy in a cobalt blue dramatic maxi dress and I have to stand up, hold my head up and be proud.

    I’m not claiming this dress ‘fixed’ me, I still have a long way to go and hey! It’s a dress, not a miracle, but it does really encourage me to be myself and except myself for who I am. I don’t have to fit into the crowd if I dont want to. I am myself.

    Oh, and it’s pretty flattering too actually but shh! That’s something I am really only JUST learning to admit!


  43. What a great giveaway! I rarely enter because they usually dictate jumping through too many hoops! 🙂

    My favourite thing in my wardrobe at the moment is my burgundy woollen Granddad cardigan with little mis-shaped wooden buttons. I love it because even though the sun is out at the moment, I can stuff it into my bag and chuck it on when the wind turns chilly. It is so snugly and miraculously goes with everything in my wardrobe (except anything red or pink!.

    Good Luck everyone 🙂


  44. Right now im lovin my coral dress from newlook, so pretty and perfect for those lovely sunny days

  45. Anonymous

    My crisp cotton yellow sundress from Dotty P’s. With its full 50s skirt its hard not to do a twirl whenever I step out the door. I call it my daffodil dress – not just because of the colour or the shape, but because it always puts a “sring” in my step! xx

    Sophie Griffiths – North Wales :o)

  46. My crisp cotton yellow sundress from Dotty P’s. With its full 50s skirt its hard not to do a twirl whenever I step out the door. I call it my daffodil dress – not just because of the colour or the shape, but because it always puts a “SPRING” in my step! xx

    Sophie Griffiths – North Wales :o)

  47. Oo fab giveaway thanks! Love those red shoes!

    My favourite item(s) in my wardrobe are 2 beautiful vintage scarves. One is red and navy blue and was handed down from my mum, the other is green and navy and was from my Grandma.

    I love them because they go with everything and because of the family generations they represent =)

  48. I have to admit mine is my lovely wedding dress! I totally loved it and can never part with it.

    I would so love to win this xx


  49. ooh amazing giveaway Laura! At the moment the cat sleeping on my lap is making very happy! x x x jadejetley@hotmail.co.uk

  50. The item of clothing I feel most happy in is a pair of vintage leather shoes from Italy that were my Nan’s from when she was a little older than I am now. She was such a beautiful and stylish lady, so when I’m wearing them I feel like I could be half as wonderful as her!

    ♥ Leigh, Fox & Feather


  51. First of all your shoes are gorgeous. I havent seen that colour on a shoe before! Such a gengerous giveaway also.

    My faovourite item of clothing would have to be my Topshop denim jacket that I’ve had for years. Whenever I wear it it makes me think of the Summer months where everyone forgets all their troubles and enjoys one anothers company with family and friends in the sun. Bliss!

  52. My favourite Topshop Leather Jacket!!

    For some reason it always makes me feel like a total Rockstar. I wear it in the winter & I wear it in the summer! It’s the perfect finishing touch to any outfit & gives me a little bit more confidence!


  53. this is such a cool giveaway!

    My favourite item has to be a vintage chiffon blouse that belonged to my grandma. It’s a peachy pink colour with tiny glass buttons and the fabric is tissue thin. I rarely wear it because I am petrified of tearing it (it’s so, so old) but whenever I go I always feel close to my grandma who has sadly passed away. I always think of her looking down on me and laughing at the way I wear her clothes which is so different to the way she would have worn them. I remember going shopping with my mum once when we stayed with her and when I got home with my purchases I put them on to show her and did a little fashion show and she loved it. She was super trendy and always looked elegant and effortless; I never, ever saw her wear jeans, she just wouldn’t have worn them as they were “workwear.” I miss her each and every day and her style definitely comes through in my own.
    XO Amie

  54. I LOVE your shoes… the colours is amazing and absolutely in love with the cute bow!

    For the giveaway… can I say my glasses?! I just wear them for the computer, so they have thick black frames and they make me look super French-chic but also little clever as well as super-stylish! You can’t really ask much more from a single accessory! 🙂

  55. Dejeniera

    My friend says that when you get a certain age you can no longer be cute. I staunchly disagree. You can be cute past 18 and 10 years later at 28 that’s exactly how I feel in my denim short overalls. I actually feel playful, free and full energy. And I think clothes that make you feel like that are worth their weight in…topshop vouchers 🙂


  56. What a lovely Giveaway, thanks for the opportunity. My favourite item of clothing is my wedding dress because I made it myself. It’s a 50s style lace number with a silk under layer and lots of netting. It’s very special for obvious reasons but all the more so because I know how much love went into it.
    Good luck everyone xx
    LucyLovesYa xx

  57. My favourite item is my white dahlia dress! I can dress it up or down and it always looks lovely!
    Plus it only cost me £10 in a sale 🙂
    Noradaisy@gmail.com 🙂

  58. Thank you for the giveaway! My Cath Kidston floral tea dress makes me happy when I wear it! It is such a pretty and feminine design and I feel like a real lady when I wear it. Everyone say the colours suit me and the fabric and design flatter all my best parts! With so many compliaments, it makes me feel happy and confident!

  59. LOVE the blog! And what a great question… For me it has to be a bright, multicoloured floral maxi dress I bought a couple of years ago. It cost £25 and still makes me feel like a boho princess every time I wear it! I live in London so waltzing around with floral frills is hardly practical – and I regularly end up with a grubby train following me around – but the minute I put it on I feel summery and flamboyant and like I can take on the world… And isn’t that what fashion is all about – making you feel like the most fabulous version of yourself? Kat 🙂

  60. Mine is my Grumpy pants. They make me smile every time I put them on so really I need Happy pants.

  61. VIX

    the happiest garment to ever have graced my wardrobe with it’s presence is a rather peculiar one.. a mens chunky handknitted wool jumper with a bright pink piggy design all over it, which i took as a souvenir from the vintage shop i used to work at. to add to the farmyard delight and much to my amusement, i later found that if you squeezed one of the knitted pigs, it made a squeaky OINK noise! bearing in mind the jumper was made to fit a rather large guy, i would love to meet the original owner and ask what was going on in his mind to wear such a piece haha! never fails to make me smile! x

    vjmetcalfe@hotmail.co.uk / @rag_magpie

  62. I have a bright multi coloured maxi dress which makes me feel instantly feminine when i put it on. Also when the maxi dresses come out you know its summertime 🙂


  63. What a great competition Laura!

    If you asked this during the big winter time I would say my red duffle coat for Topshop, it is by far the winter piece of clothing that makes me happy!
    But right now I am super excited to receive a yellow dress from ASOS in the mail, perfect for spring. So I guess that is the piece of clothing that most makes me happy right now, even though I have yet to receive it (cross your fingers that is tomorrow!).

    Happy Sunday!

  64. I have a pair of those huge fluffy yeti boots. They make me laugh when I wear them, I only have to look down at them and I’m grinning 🙂 Nice competition Laura 🙂

  65. Ava

    My favourite item is my black bodycon H&M miniskirt. It cost £3.99 and I have worn it about 100 times. You can use it to create so many outfits from smart to casual to party, with tights or leggings or bare legs etc…

    I even have 2 back-ups in case I ever lose one 🙂



  66. I think my new Wildfox dress makes me happy right now, I lusted after it on release but at £180 it was WAY out of my price range, until Cosmo gave out a whopping 40% off discount last week and I made it mine! The best thing is, I’ve lost a bit of weight, so I sized down and it fits! Hurrah all round!!!

    J xxx

  67. Charlotte Mountford

    The item of clothing that makes me happiest is my boyfriend’s Ralph Lauren t-shirt which I sleep in when he works away…

    …it reminds me of him, makes me smile and helps me to miss him a little less, plus it’s super comfy and perfect for lazing around in! x

    E-mail: cmountford08@googlemail.com

  68. You have got to have a good pair of knickers..no outfit is complete unless you feel comfy in the bottom… We have the Bridget Jones..but we need some for that special night out..oh and if you ever go into hospital tell your other half there is certain knickers not to bring!!they are guaranteed to bring your raunchy black numbers..

  69. Holly

    My Tartan mini dress makes me happy. And Tartan makes everyone happy, doesn’t it? Also it has a big bow on it, and it can’t really get any better than that in my opinion!

    Email: catgoesmrow@gmail.com

  70. I bought an uttelry fabulous 50s polka dot dress which I bought for a fancy dress party…it is huge! I felt so fabulous spinning around in it, all of a sudden its not so OTT and I wear it every chance I get. Although I cant get close to people for a chat in it and have to ask people to ‘make way for a lady in a big dress, coming through’ when trying to get to the bar…i love it to bits!

  71. Anonymous

    Luv this, The item in my wardrobe that makes me happy is the Dress and Jacket bought for my sons wedding. I was sitting down at the Gym trying to get in shape for the wedding when I glanced through a magazine, my eyes fell in love with this particular outfit but I had no way of knowing if it would suit me or where I could get it. I took down the details and went online and the nearest stockist was over one hundred miles away. On going to our local market town a few weeks later I spotted a wedding shop and decided to have a look, I asked the lady if she had heard of the item and was stunned when she said she had it in stock and also in my size. Well I had to try it on did I not,slightly small but I loved it. Within 6 weeks I had slimmed down and was able to wear my dream outfit. I felt like a million dollars and everytime I see it hanging in the wardrobe it makes me smile. Its a bit tight for me now but I plan on wearing it again so will have to lose a few pounds again.

  72. A pair of jeans I bought from TK Maxx a few years ago – bought them when I was at my slimmest and always got loads of compliments – they are hung in my wardrobe ready to wear in the very near future!

  73. My husband and kids, they are gr8, i love them loads and they all make me smile daily x

  74. my favourite item in my warbdrobe is my pink pokda-dot dress. Its so girly and i feel really pretty when i wear it 🙂

  75. My Panda onesie makes my wardrobe look a lot more fun and cuter too

  76. My Green chinos make me happy, reason being I have lost 23lbs and can finally buy what I class as girly clothes. The Chinos are gorgeous and make me smile every time I wear them.

  77. I have a jumper, it didn’t cost me a penny…it is a promotional jumper that I won free, it means alot to me as when the kids are feeling poorly or just a bit weary, they always ask for that jumper ‘as it smells of mummy’ and in turn when I where it, it has the scent of childhood….my mum had a special jumper too that I loved to wear for comfort. My jumper is special as it makes me feel loved and very very lucky 🙂

  78. My best friend ruined it but not on purpose.
    She and I were at a party and she was eating chocolate cake and her hand slipped and she spilt it all over the front of my dress. My dress is an ankle length dress made of cotton with many layers so it’s kinda poofy. Its really comfortable and I always love wearing it but now it’s stained with chocolate spots and I tried washing it but it didn’t work! Now one side is darker it looks ugly and it’s uncomfortable now.

  79. My favourite item in my wardrobe is a pair of leggings! Just so handy goes with almost anything. I am quite overweight so don’t really have many trendy clothes or anything I particularly really love!

  80. My favourite item has to be a black velvet jacket by Costume National. I first saw it in TK Maxx at the horrific price of £249.99, but instantly fell in love with it. Every time I went in the store I’d check to see it was still there. It ended up in their yellow label sale and eventually was reduced to a bargain £15. I snapped it up straight away and every time I look at it I can’t help but smile, because I was obviously meant to have it:)

  81. Tolu

    My size 10 maternity jean they make me happy because they are a size smaller than I normally wear and yet very comfortable

  82. My favourite is a lovely blue dress and silver shawl that I wore on a fantastic cruise holiday with my family last year, it always makes me feel really glamorous as I don’t get to do “posh” very often and it brings back lovely memories of a brilliant holiday

  83. My favourite has to be my new zara peach blazer, have so ar worn it so much and now i will wear it for years!

  84. I’ve got a lilac top that I was wearing when I met my husband 12 years ago. It’s got happy memories and even though it’s now a bit out of fashion I can’t get rid of it. It also makes my boobs look good which is no mean feat after three children! 🙂

  85. Anna Emslie

    The favourite item in my wardrobe is my wonderbra. Don’t know how I’d get through life without it!

  86. My favourite item is my flowery maxi dress

    Brought 2 years ago for Epsom ladies day it was a real splurge for me at £180!!
    But I had a fantastic day out at the horses and looks incredibly smart

    I have worn it so many times since and with so many different accessories and looks – it’s truely been worth every penny

    I will be buying one big statement item every year if I can now as it’s really worth it.

    sandy hallett

  87. Victoria Cunniff

    My favourite item is my silver and purple bandeau dress that I wore on my hen do. I felt so nice when I wore it as I’d slimmed down to fit into it. Whenever I look at it I remember all the fun I had that weekend. I also remember the anticipation and excitement I felt at the time knowing I was about to get married. I’m saving it to wear on our first anniversary so it continues to be worn on happy occasions.

  88. I love some jeans I got from Asda, they are the perfect fit and that is so hard. Sadly they are falling to bits now @ali991

  89. I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to say this, but you did ask! 😀 (and I’d really like the voucher :)) I have a gorgeous grey dress with popper fastenings right down the front. I can’t help but smile every time I see it in my wardrobe now thanks to a recent very rare date night with my husband when we managed to have a lovely night out for dinner and a drive without the kids. Lets just say the popper fastenings came in very handy! 😉 x

  90. I’ve got a lovely floaty flowery top and i love it 1, because its new and new clothes always make me feel better, and 2, because i wore it to go and meet mcfly the other week 🙂 x

  91. Waking up every day and seeing my wonderful happy little boy and him saying “morning mummy”

  92. I have a dress that I got when i was pregnant with my daughter 5 years ago! Its my happy dress 🙂 I was wearing it when i went into labour with her as well! I kept it and wore it when i was pregnant with my son in 2009 and guess what….? I still have it and im 6 months pregnant and its been slightly over worn! I dont think I will ever be able to part with it 🙂 but no more babies after this one hehe 3 is enough for me!


  93. Rachel Yates

    All my maternity clothes because they remind me that I am going to be a mummy soon!

  94. Samantha Wesley

    My yellow and white daisy scarf, because it reminds me of sunshine and lazy days! @samanthawesley

  95. Kirsty Norton

    My fiance bought me a stunning dress to wear to my 21st birthday party, everytime I see it in my wardrobe I smile, it is so beautiful and makes me feel amazing!

  96. The piece of clothing that makes me happy is a t-shirt I bought whilst in Japan. It not only looks stylish but its the type of tshirt you’d wear when your relaxing and dont have a care in the world and that is how I always feel when I wear it.

  97. My favourite item in my wardrobe has to be the floral dress I made for myself out of some beautiful vintage fabric. I never thought I would be able to make something so pretty all by myself, and even though it took ages to make I am glad I persevered as it is unique to me and fits like a glove!

  98. my favourite item in my wardrobe is my floral pink dress, since being pregnant and having my son i put on weight so i was unable to wear it, but now after losing weight i can and it really shows my figure off love it 🙂 xx

  99. Rachel

    My new stripy skirt from H&M make me smile all day!

  100. My american flag print leggings make it impossible for me NOT to smile whilst wearing them, and are always a good conversation starter! PLUS they remind me of my family over in the USA, which is always a plus 🙂

  101. I love my cut off jeans for lots of reasons – it means summer is on the way and also it means I am at my ideal weight if i can fit in them!