When Money Is Tight*

It’s not always rainbows and sunshine in life. When times are tough because you don’t have a steady income, a low income, you’re in-between jobs, you can’t work due to studying requirements etc it can be quite tricky to make ends meet. And with everything seemingly becoming more expensive,it seems increasingly more difficult to balance the tightrope. This could be something you relate to, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You are experiencing the same as a growing group in society, who struggle to make ends meet and get into a positive cash flow pattern.

Not having enough to spend and living paycheck to paycheck is now the reality for almost 7 in 10 UK workers some research has found. In this newfound reality it’s important that people shift their expectations and do not live beyond what they can afford.

Finance When Needed

There are, however, some expenses that you can’t really afford to be without. Mobility is one of those; buying a car can be crucial to make sure you can take part in regular social interactions, getting your kids to and from school, and to make journeys to get to your job. If you can’t afford the outlay for a car, companies such as Angus MacKinnon will offer you finance options. The key is, even with finance, not to get carried away and stick with something that will get you from A to B safely whilst remaining as affordable as possible so you don’t get behind on repayments.

Go Pre-Loved

For all the other things you might want to consider checking out the many charity shops for second hand items such as clothing and books. It’s fantastic how second hand pieces are kept in good condition, and if you combine smartly, you can still look thoroughly on-trend. Second hand clothes shopping should be nothing to be snobbish about, it’s actually a great way to do your bit against “fast fashion.” This is the practice of many high street fashion retailers to renew their stock 8 to 12 times a year in an effort to increase sales. A side effect of this “fast fashion” is that retailers end up with extreme amounts of excess stock that usually gets dumped and represents a major polluter in the world. Giving a pre-loved item another lease on life will ensure you are doing your part!

Food Prepping

Another thing to save money on is food. The first thing that will need to go is eating out. Even takeaways should be off the menu. You will want to make sure to cook in batches and have a decently sized freezer. Buy what’s on a good offer and get yourself a meal plan to last you for weeks. The best way of saving money on food is to plan and prepare. 

Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

Side Hustle

It’s good to save and be frugal, but you might also want to boost your income in the hours you have spare. An excellent way to get some extra spending money is to offer your services freelance online. It really could be anything; maybe you’re a computer whizz kid, or are a great writer, perhaps you can design logos, or you can video edit. You could even look in to teaching English as a foreign language via Skype. There are so many options out there, go get your side hustle going!