With a Smile on your Face

Oh January, a month where inevitably my spirits drop just a little and I basically just want to hibernate until the month passes. I’m getting better at finding ways to counteract this though- seeking out a good book, wearing clothes that make me feel good and making plans for the months ahead. This outfit was what I wore on one of the days where I was feeling slightly blue- it might even have been Boxing Day…my solution? A vintage kilt and a good old dose of Frozen, curled up on the sofa with Mum!

Jumper: Primark | Skirt: ebay | Shoes: Topshop | Hair Bow: Crown and Glory | Necklace c/o Henryka

I never seem to get very lucky on ebay, I think I lack the patience to find the real bargains and always forget to bid on watched items at the last minute. I did manage to strike gold with this skirt a couple of years ago though, having gone through an intense craving for a proper kilt I stalked and stalked one evening until I secured this one at £11.99 including postage. It’s a dream, proper thick, quality wool and the perfect fit- I don’t wear it nearly often enough.
Tell me your secrets to staying cheerful in what must be the most depressing month of the year- as someone who is prone to bouts of low mood it can be a struggle from time to time, but making plans and taking time out for myself always helps.

Also share your ebay secrets, I’m sure I’m missing out on so many good things!


8 comments for “With a Smile on your Face

  1. Lovely outfit, the skirt is so pretty. xx


  2. Hey:) A very happy new year to you too! And I can really relate… in fact, I haven’t been out of these pyjamas since monday night. Serious hibernation, right? Anyway, I think I should better make resolutions in Spring, because I’m definitely not sticking to any now;)

    You look beautiful! And this kilt really does suit you well. And it also looks great with your hair<3

  3. You look seriously pretty in this! I love your hair like this and the combo of items is tres pleasing!
    Er- yeh, January and I-rubbish! I don’t know, just trying to go for walks, fresh air, nice food, reading a good book (I am reading a SUPER book now!) xx

  4. Yes I’m not all that keen on January either. I’ll feel happier when I get round to booking a holiday or somehow kick start my year a little. First week back at work is always the toughest!

  5. I love that skirt, amazing print. It is interesting how I read that January is one of the more depressing months in the UK. Here in Australia since it is summer, the hottest time of the year and the holidays (although I am working) so it’s actually one of the better months. Personally I like it because it’s almost a whole month of tennis and that is one of the top loves of my life. That’s often what I enjoy about blogging, seeing what it’s like in different countries at various times of the year.

  6. I am massively jealous of this badass skirt. Love it! Jojo x

  7. The skirt looks stunning on you, what a fab find! Cosying up on the sofa in front of a good film or reading a good book make me feel happy at this time of year as well as attempting to cook up healthy comfort food.