Working Girl

Just a super quick outfit post before I head off to work, I’m only in 2-5 today…clearly they are breaking me in gently. After this week I’ll be doing 3 x 4 hour shifts a week to make up the 12 hours, this week is rather manic however with pre-arranged appointments also having to fit in! Tomorrow I’m working 8:30-1pm, home for a quick lunch then back out to hang around at the doctors for a while and collect prescriptions (which takes about 25 million hours!)
Blogging/commenting will become a little less intense, but no-one’s gonna hate me if I don’t comment on *every* post I read, right?!




This is the skirt I bought in the River Island sale before Christmas! Love it! After my ASOS order the other day, I was really naughty and bought a dress I saw on the Peacocks site yesterday,
my local store is so small, so when I saw it in there today I was so shocked and just had to get it!

Much love

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  1. I have similar skirt in chiffon and from MaxMara… Love it!


  2. very much liking the skirt, and with you on the insane amount of time it takes to get prescriptions 🙁

    well done on the job, and on finding the lovely peacocks dress instore!! 🙂 Xx

  3. Gorgeous skirt, it’s a great length.
    Ang xxx

  4. I brought this skirt too, its was such a bargain! It made me skint but couldnt resist! I love the length, I cant be bothered with pulling my skirt down anymore haha!
    I hadn’t thought of pairing it with patterned tights though, must try that out!
    Im following now 🙂 You have some gorgeous clothes!

  5. S_S

    WOW!!! I love that skirt…… how cute is that! you look absolutely ruddy amazing! talk about HELLOOOOOO! I gotta get me one of those skirts!xxSxx

  6. Wow, I love this skirt!

    Good decision purchasing the peacocks peter pan dress, it is lovely!

    Good luck with your first day!

  7. I love your skirt so much. It’s gorgeous. I love the colour, print and material by the look of it. I totally want a skirt like this. I like the tights too. Good luck with work. What job are you doing?

  8. Lovely outfit – I want that skirt! Good luck with work, hope you’re day goes ok! x

  9. Loove your skirt! Happy New year! xx

  10. Loving that pretty leopard skirt! I have one very similar and have been wearing it a ton lately.

  11. That is such a great skirt! Hope your job goes really, really well!!

  12. You look bloodeh great!

    I hope today goes well for you.

  13. Oh god I adore the skirt so very much! x

  14. Congratulations again on the new job and good luck 😀 I love that skirt on you too- such a flattering length 🙂

    Maria xxx

  15. That skirt is beauuuutiful. Don’t worry about commenting on every post, i felt bad about not commenting as much on peoples blogs over the last few weeks but sometimes there is just no time!!
    Have a fav afternoon at work xx

  16. That skirt is so beautiful and it looks perfect with those tights!

  17. You always put together such great outfits, but this one is PERFECT- I love the top + skirt combo!

  18. I am in love with that entire outfit!

  19. i absolutely love that skirt, let us know how the first day goes x

  20. i just love the highwaisted fancy skirt/simple top look 🙂

    best of tuesdays to you <3

  21. love the lady like work attire 🙂 x

  22. Ooh! Super-sexy! I love the patterned tights with the leopard print skirt. Happy New Year, dear!

  23. looking classy, and sexy at the same time love it. xx

  24. That skirt looks lovely on you ! I do hope your first day at work went well !

  25. That skirt is fab! I love it.


  26. Love the skirt on you – can’t wait til mine arrives! xx

  27. lo

    great skirt 🙂 xx

  28. that skirt is to die for <3 LOVE IT

  29. Hope the job is going well. I absolutely love that skirt…and your tights are gorgeous!

  30. You look lovely, I love the contrast of the two colours. Good luck with the job, I wish I could find one! I only have a year :/ Hope your first few days are fun for you. And yes the pavements are boring now, but more grip, so that’s a plus haha xxx

  31. Oooh I got this skirt in the sale too! I love it!
    hope today went well! What job do you have?

  32. Love the leopard! Where are you working at?

  33. i aodre that skirt!

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  34. your skirt is super amazing! meee want!

  35. Beautiful your skirt!
    Just found your blog thru Boho Market and i like it. And since you like boho…i think you may like my blog too.. please stop by and let me know what you think.
    Became a follower, would appreciate if you could follow me too !

    Peace & Love

  36. Perfect, grown-up with an edge. Hope the day went well. xxx

  37. That skirt is fabulous!

  38. I love that skirt! Just the shape and the pattern and everything about it is perfect! Hope work went ok!

  39. Ahhhhh I love the skirt. And I wish you all the luck with your new job.
    And no one is going to hate you for not commenting!! You have a life outside of this blog, and I am sure every blogger can relate to that.


  40. stunning !!
    perfect skirt

    best of luck with the job lovley

    cheri xox

  41. Good luck Laura! you look perfect. x

  42. i’ve missed your blog!
    that skirt is gorgeous, i saw it on Strutt the other day and fell in love, it’s the perfect length!

  43. Hope you’re enjoying your job!
    I love the skirt! It looks perfect for work.

  44. Very pretty skirt love. Hope you enjoy your new job.

    Appointments and prescripitions can be so time consuming!


  45. Good luck with work sweetie!!



  46. Oh you bought the peacocks dress you showed on twitter? I fell in love with it too!
    This is a great ensemble for a first day at work, really pretty.

  47. I do hope work goes well for you this week 🙂
    I am loving that cute little skirt, very nice.

  48. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your skirt! I’ve been obsessed with cheetah print lately : )

  49. That skirt is gorgeous xx

  50. It’s a lovely skirt and such a flattering shape/length on you!

    Hope you’ve had a wonderful new year so far 🙂

  51. great outfit…LOVE your skirt!

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    We hope you’ll take part! Good Luck!


  52. Love that skirt you look amazing!

  53. Good luck with work. And the skirt is very cute!

  54. Beautiful skirt! So disappointed I didn’t get to the River Island sale 🙁

  55. AMAZING skirt!

    Good luck at the new job! I know you’ll do great 🙂

  56. The skirt looks great. All my River Island purchases had to go back – sad. Hope things go well at work. x

  57. the new job sounds good! Good luck 🙂 And don’t worry, we won’t be too upset if you don’t comment 😉 (really don’t worry about it!)

    Enjoy the experience 🙂


  58. really lovely skirt!!!! I like it soooo much!!!!