zippo meets Fred Butler

(images from fredbutlerstyle blog)

I’d say it’s pretty much common knowledge now that I didn’t attend London Fashion Week; a bit of better planning on my part means I probably could have done, but to be honest I find it quite over-hyped and the idea of the general chaos and sheer volume of people kind of puts me off.

Saying that, there are a couple of shows/presentations I wish I could have gone to and top of that list was the Fred Butler A/W presentation. Sculptural pastel pieces that look more like props than apparel. Pastel hair. An almost anime feel…I am besotted.

And every fashionista knows that goodie bags are a perk of Fashion Week…for the Fred Butler presentation they broke the mould of tradition by giving out a limited edition Zippo lighter created especially for the event…

I was very kindly gifted one of these lighters and even as a smoker with a penchant for Zippos I can’t quite bring myself to use it. Something so awesome and unique shouldn’t really be used for such a filthy habit, right? I think I’ll treasure this one as the reminder of the one Fashion Week presentation I am genuinely gutted to have missed.


10 comments for “zippo meets Fred Butler

  1. wow that lighter is amazing! I’d be scared to use it too. love those images from the show, the pastel hair and shoes are amazing!



  2. the show pics are awesome!! I’m in love with the hair!

    Annest X

  3. wow, that collection looks so amazing! i would happily sell my soul to have the shoes in the second picture.

  4. Zippos always makes me think of Zippos circus!

    Love the pink wig in the first photoxx

  5. Er, I obvs meant green wig *brainleft*

  6. Mat

    quite a random collaboration but cool, i’m not a smoker so it’s not something i’d really be interested in though

  7. you’re right! totally anime! i watched “Howl’s moving Castle” today – an amazing anime flim 🙂 xx

  8. Aha, you must be the only fashion blogger who isn’t raving on about how much they love fashion week and how amazing it is…I’d love to see one of the big shows but I agree, high stress and huge volumes of people aren’t fun.

    LOVE the Zippo. Perhaps instead of lighting filthy cigarettes you should use it for some lovely scented candles! 😉 Hahaa. x

  9. That’s a cool looking lighter X