Hello and welcome to A Daisy Chain Dream. If you’ve made it as far as the about me page I’m guessing you are looking for a bit of insight in to who I am and what I do, so here goes…


Firstly my name is Laura, not Daisy although as most of my family call me the latter (thanks Grandad!) I’m used to answering to either. I’m 30 years old and live in a small town not far from Bristol.


I started my blog back when I was 20, just before I embarked on a journalism course at college followed by a qualification in media law. Although I didn’t peruse journalism in the end my blog is still my space where I write my thoughts on all things fashion, beauty and life in general as well as showcasing what I wear, what I’ve done and what I’m currently coveting.


My day job sees me working in health care, doing a bit of everything within a busy GP practice. My spare time is spent blogging, seeing family & friends, doing far too much shopping and drinking an awful lot of tea (with biscuit to dunk, naturally) whilst obsessing about cats.


486063_10151229768261728_1390236003_nMy current obsessions include but aren’t limited to; trainers, books, instagram, tea, chocolate, and cats!


My blog has also served as a kind of “record of achievement” charting my road to recovery from the eating disorder that has taken 14 years of my life from me. The battle is ongoing but having this space to look back and see just how much has changed has been a real boost in my recovery and maybe, just maybe it’ll help somebody else who’s struggling too.


If you have any questions about anything I have written above or just want to get in touch then feel free to get in touch using the contact me page.





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