A Purrfect April

Another month and another delivery from Purrfect Box which was split between my two feline fiends. As usual it’s Mae who gets the toys as she is a fussy bugger when it comes to food and treats. Tobias on the other paw isn’t so bothered about toys but will have your hand off for anything that looks vaguely edible.
As ever the selection of toys in the box was excellent, Mae has a huge bucket full of toys at my parents’ house and her most played with selection have all come from Purrfect Box. This month it was the spider that really tickled her fancy and we spent ages playing hide and seek with it! The little catnip infused dragonfly was another hit after a slow start, I think she was confused by the rubbery texture but soon got over it!
On the treats front, well, I’ve never been sure of those squeezy tubes of treats to be honest but Tobias goes absolutely nuts for them! His preferred way to eat it is straight from the tube, which he has run off with and tried to pierce on numerous occasions. The tuna chunk treats lasted all of five minutes before he ran off with the bag and broke in to it- many a treat in this house has met this same fate no matter how well we hide it.

The little tins of food are more of a snack for Tobias and he wolfed one down then looked for the rest of his dinner. Mae turned her nose up of course, but for a cat her size one would be plenty.

Once again this was a brilliant box and gets a paws up from both of my furry friends. For those that don’t yet know the Purrfect Box is a monthly subscription which costs £19.90 a month, or £14.90 per month if you take out a years subscription. The contents of the box are guaranteed to be worth at least £30 with 4-6 premium products inside so it’s a pretty sweet deal, especially as each box is catered to your feline’s needs and preferences. Let me know if you decide to treat your feline friend to a box; I’ll be picking up a few on a one off basis throughout the year, I can’t afford it on a monthly basis but as an every so often treat I think it’s wonderful.
If you’re tempted to give it a try then you can claim an impressive £5 off of your first box with the code ukb1xlvr. Let me know if you give it a go…


A Summer Shoe Wish list*

I’ve been so good on not accumulating more shoes over the last six months or so but with a birthday just a couple of days ago, a few little shopping trips and a whole load of online browsing (where two new pairs might have made their way to me!) I’m all about the summer sandals at the moment and thought I’d pop together a little wish list of some of my favourites.
Flat sandals are my real weakness, or something with a low heel at most- as gorgeous as a pair of skyscraper heels are I just can’t walk in them and don’t get the cost-per-wear from them.

The first three pairs are by Clarks and are available at Brantano, I will never not love Clarks for a sensible sandal (and please do remember sensible doesn’t mean boring!) The animal print pair are definitely calling out to me with their super on trend lace up details and go-with-anything pattern.

The last three pairs are from ASOS, forever a go-to shop when I want to indulge my need for a virtual window shop. At the moment I’m really craving the ultimate pair of loafer style shoes and my inner magpie is telling me I need the silver pair in my life. I probably don’t, but with some birthday money left begging to be spent I’m not sure whether head or heart is going to win!

What’s your staple Summer shoe style?


Another week, another watch

As the post title would suggest there has been another new arrival in my collection of watches. This time I was lucky enough to be sent a unisex style from Kartel Watches at WatchShop*, a brand that was entirely unknown to me but have won me over in an instant.
I was given free reign of the range to pick from and opted for the LEWIS style as I was charmed by the classic design, enhanced of course by a bit of rose gold.

I think the idea of a line of unisex watches is brilliant. Designed to perfectly suit both men and women there is something to suit all tastes and at a reasonable price point too (between £55.00 and £95.00 depending on the model). I admit that the design I chose was more on the feminine style, a deliberate decision on my part as I didn’t want to run the risk of Ben wandering off with my new baby…if the boot was on the other foot however, I’d likely have no qualms! I was a little worried that a unisex design would mean the watch would be quite big and chunky but actually it strikes the balance between dainty and bold very well and the size is perfect on my wrists. This watch has become my go-to for a work day as it adds a chic yet smart accessory to an office outfit without compromising on the style.


Tech: Top Three Phone Cases

The second I had an iPhone in my possession I started frantically collecting cases and covers for it. I don’t think I’m alone in my obsession with tech adornment though as I spend rather a lot of my time scouring blogs for where to find the coolest designs. Today I thought I’d pop together a little post on my top three cases, as despite having a rather large collection by this point there really are only a handful I switch between on a regular basis (any one else a case hoarder?)
As you can see, I mainly opt for a cat theme when I’m shopping for accessories. It’s not intentional but always seems to happen. Dedicated to my feline friends for life!
This rose gold crystal bumper case came c/o mobilefun and is the case I use for when I don’t want to make a massive statement but still want my phone to look well dressed. With a flexible clear cover and rigid rose gold bumper this case offers the ultimate protection from my clumsy nature and chronic butterfingers. How I’ve survived 18 months with my current phone and not damaged it beyond repair is largely down to this addition to my case army!
This sparkly little number came via e-bay and cost me the princely sum of £1.29 and for novelty factor it can’t be beaten! The quality isn’t the best, which you’d expect at that price but considering it features unicorns, cats and glitter that moves I can forgive it a few little cracks.
It was thanks to blogging that my obsession with Skinnydip London began and the second I saw this mer-cat design I knew I had to have it. I’m starting to wonder if there is any blogger out there without a Skinnydip case for their phone, but with such a huge array of fun designs it’s no wonder!
Fellow case addicts where did you pick up your favourites from? Bonus points for leaving links in the comments…


If the Shoe Fits with Long Tall Sally

It’s probably hard to believe now but when I was much younger I dreaded buying shoes. As a tall kid with large (not to mention wide) feet the only styles available to me were incredibly clumpy and supremely unflattering. These days it’s much easier to find pretty shoes in bigger sizes and one of my go to places is of course Long Tall Sally who stock a huge array of footwear in sizes 7-13.
From today Long Tall Sally are running a campaign called “If the Shoe Fits” and as part of that they invited me to pick out a pair of shoes to flatter larger feet from their high summer collection. It was no easy task thanks to the huge selection of on trend styles but in the end I settled on the perfect sandals which look and feel amazing whilst preventing a dreaded “clown feet” type feel which often happens with the more trend-led styles available on the high street.

Sandals c/o Long Tall Sally | Dress: Urban Outfitters | Watch c/o Watch Shop

Aren’t they beautiful? I love the lace up shoes that are everywhere right now but have found the flat versions do nothing for me as they elongate my feet and make me feel quite self conscious. The heel on these is perfect height for getting a little bit of boost without leaving me towering alarmingly high over everybody else, and they are quite honestly the comfiest sandals I have ever worn. I’m pretty sure I’ve found my shoe of the summer and it’s one I’ll have no qualms about wearing to anywhere and for everything!

To see more of the Long Tall Sally “If the Shoe Fits” campaign you can click here and make sure you check out my social media (twitter and instagram) to see the Spring “Shoefie” I snapped whilst taking these for a spin.

Fellow tall girls, which shoe styles do you find most flattering and are there any that you avoid like the plague? Usually for me a pointed toe is a no go zone…