Everyday Earrings from Pandora

Having multiple piercings in each ear can cause problems when it comes to shopping for earrings- there’s a fine line between looking cool and looking cluttered and gone are the days where I’m comfortable wearing elaborate chandelier styles like I did before I decided to go and get more holes punched in myself. I used to be known for my love of gaudy earrings, think “Pat Butcher” and you wouldn’t be far off the mark. These days I prefer something a little more subtle and for the longest time I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of every day studs for my first ear lobe piercings, something that won’t overshadow the others but also don’t vanish in to the background completely. It was The Jewel Hut who came to my rescue with the perfect pair from Pandora.

Dragonfly Studs c/o Pandora at The Jewel Hut

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t get the Pandora hype when it first leapt on to the scene. It wasn’t until a few years later and I picked out my first bracelet- a pink leather one with a single charm that it started to grow on me. Over the last three years my collection has grown a lot, with another bracelet laden with charms, a ring and now these pretty little studs that fit perfectly in to my piercing parade.
I actually think Pandora jewellery is pretty well priced. For me it’s one of the few brands that doesn’t tarnish after continued wear (I appear to destroy silver jewellery) so paying £35 for a pair of earrings that lasts forever seems reasonable. The size of these is just right too, I’ll be popping a pair or two on my Christmas list this year for sure- I’ve got my eye on the little bow studs that match the ring Ben got me last year (could I drop a bigger hint?!)
Tell me about your Pandora collection, or suggest where I should get (ear) pierced next!


The Changing Look of Music

Another music related post for you this week, I’m obviously having a moment! This week I have a fabulous infographic from the team at Gear4Ddjs who appreciate how hard it can be to keep up with the ever changing fashion choices of some of our favourite artists. Who’s your favourite transformation on the list? For me it’s probably Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, although I can’t profess to be a fan of their music, I do love keeping an eye out on their sometimes questionable sartorial choices.
Is there anyone they’ve missed from the list? Leave your thoughts below…


Beauty Love: L.A.B 2 MakeUp Brushes

Can a girl ever have too many makeup brushes? I like to think not and I’ve recently added a new set to my collection thanks to L.A.B 2. They kindly sent over their strokes of genius* eye brush set for me to put to the test.
For those who don’t know the brand then L.A.B 2 stands for “live and breathe beauty” and in the UK you can pick up their brushes in Superdrug. They create affordable but high quality brushes with innovative features perfect for everyone from those just starting out in makeup to the experts.
The strokes of genius set contains five must-have brushes for creating everything from a natural to something more dramatic and sultry. I had already tried out the brow and eyeliner brush in July (see here) and was impressed with that so I was pretty excited to see what else the brand could offer.

Both the eyeshadow brush and the crease brush are super soft and make blending colour a breeze. They distribute the shadow evenly- something I’ve had an issue with in the past with some other brushes and soften out any harsh lines.

The pointed liner brush is perfect for using with a gel liner to create a precision finish. I’ve pretty much used this daily since it has arrived and although I don’t profess to be an eyeliner expert my flicks are looking pretty well, flicky! This brush is easier to use for liner than the brow and eyeliner brush which I’ve reserved purely for a defined finish on my brows. The brow and lash groomer (double ended) brush is a handy addition to my collection and I’ve been using it to set my brows with clear mascara on the days I’ve fancied a simpler, quicker makeup look.

At £18.99 this brush is good value in my eyes and with it’s durable fibre technology they are easy to clean and will last for years without shedding or getting out of shape. I’d really like to try some of their face brushes next, I have my eye on the make me blush brush as I really struggle to deposit just the right amount of blusher on my cheeks when I’m rushing around in the mornings!

Have you tried any L.A.B 2 brushes? I’d love to know your thoughts on them too and opinions on which I should try next.


#EmergencyHappiness with Viking

It would be fair to say that life hasn’t been the easiest of journeys lately. Without going in to too much detail there have been some really tough times that have left me feeling a little vulnerable and in need of a boost. Enter Viking and their super-cute #EmergencyHappiness campaign, launched to coincide with World Happiness Day (check out this cute video) Viking have been sending out little boxes jam packed full of surprises to put a smile on your face and I was lucky enough to be a recipient.
The box is jam packed full of themed goodies, there’s The Tea Break for when tea and biscuits are the only cure (because when is anything not solved by a brew?). There is also The Lucky Bag with a lotto ticket (sadly not a winner), a lucky penny and some eternal happiness dust which I’m trying hard not to sprinkle everywhere just to spread some sparkly joy. The Fixer Upper was filled with some sunflower seed infused paper, some adorable plasters, a rubber and a paper clip all designed to keep you organised and on track. The Support was full of thoughtful gifts like a slate heart declaring that I rock, a note book and super cool pen, some bubbles to lift the down days and sweets for a sweet (or to induce sugar filled happiness highs). Lastly the box had added stress relief in the form of an stress ball and some bubble wrap. Perfect after a long, hard day!
Viking are inviting you to get involved by sharing what makes you happy via their twitter hashtag #EmergencyHappiness (follow them @Viking_Chat) you may even win your very own box!
Thanks Viking for putting a smile on my face, let me know what puts one on yours!


Model Behaviour

I’ll let you in on a little secret- about ten years ago I had it in my head that I’d like to be a model. It seems absurd to me now as I know I have neither the looks or nor personality to make it. Still, when fellow blogger and talented photographer Milly Tillson asked if I would act as a model for one of her university projects it did kind of feel like I was living my dream for a few hours. Milly recently sent me over some of the photos from the day and said I could share them on the blog, seeing them for the first time was slightly surreal- it’s amazing what some good lighting, a pro behind the camera and no doubt some clever editing can do for one’s self esteem!

The clothes were a mix of Primark, H&M and vintage if I recall correctly. There’s not much else I can say on the matter apart from thanks to Milly for asking me to be involved!

It’d be cool to hear what you guys think (click on the images to view them full size).