Lounging around with Jockey

I love pyjamas, really love pyjamas. There’s nothing better at the end of a long day than slipping in to something altogether more comfortable and sprawling out with my laptop and a mug of tea. Recently a brand called Jockey got in touch to say hello and to offer me a few pieces from their Summer Essentials range. Promising the softest fabrics and beautiful designs I couldn’t help but say yes!
I’m in love with the three pieces I was sent, they don’t lie when they say that they use the softest of fabrics! I’m not normally a chemise kind of girl but the two that turned up were enough to convert me. I think my favourite of the lot was the tartan piece*- it’s so light and girly and the attention to detail is beautiful. I am also a huge fan of the actual pyjamas*, hands down the comfiest pair I own and enough to convince me to part with a couple of my old sets that had seen better days a long time ago. The grey chemise* is quite out of my comfort zone as I’m not as a rule a fan of anything that clings, especially when it comes to sleeping but I can live with this one and the grey and neon colour scheme just makes me happy as it’s one of my favourite combinations.
Admittedly Jockey does cost more than I would usually spend on my nightwear- I usually hit up Primark or Asda when I’m in need of an update. Having experienced the luxury of a more indulgent lounging experience though I can safely say that you get what you pay for and if you have the money it’s worth treating yourself to a piece or two!


(Insta) life recap: 7

Wow, how quick did July fly past? It was a “blink and you’ll miss it” kind of month for me which makes little sense as I spent the majority of it signed off from work/on a phased return and not doing a lot with myself. This goes some way to explain why there are more cat photos than usual this month- Mae provided me with entertainment and company during my time at home, even if she does drive me mad with her constant demands for attention when I’m right in the middle of something! These photos are just the highlights of the month, to see more give me a follow on instagram (and leave your usernames below).
As always hover over the photos to see their caption/click to see full size version! If you’ve done an Instagram recap post then feel free to link to it, I love having a nosey at other people’s lives!


In the Frame

It’s lovely as a blogger when brands you’ve worked with previously get in touch and want to collaborate again. I’ve done posts with Specsavers in the past (here and here) and they recently asked if I wanted to pick out a pair of frames for their latest collections- as well as book myself in for a long overdue eye test.
Now, I don’t need to wear my glasses all of the time, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m lazy when it comes to popping them on. Often it’s not until I get a headache or really have to squint to see something that it clicks that I should be wearing my specs but I do find having a REALLY nice pair does motivate me to be more vigilant.

Dress: Topshop (out of stock, alternative) | Sandals: Primark | Glasses: Max&Co c/o Specsavers

Specsavers have some seriously killer styles in stock right now, honestly I don’t know when glasses got so cool. I was therefore very grateful to the lovely lady in my local store who spent ages with me trying on dozens of pairs and helping me make my choice. We settled on Max&Co. for a grown up and edgy style, I wasn’t sure when I saw them on the shelf because of the colour but actually it works so well- proof that you shouldn’t rule anything out before trying it! I was pretty taken with some Cheap Monday sunglasses too (these ones) but decided they would have to wait for another visit.
A quick note on this dress too, isn’t the print just fabulous? I love the Topshop woodland print range, and even though this style seems to be out of stock everywhere at the moment I’m pretty taken with the rest of the pieces too!

What’s your glasses style?


A Summer Holiday Wish List

Seeing as it now looks like I will be getting a holiday in the sun this year- albeit not until late September I’ve found myself more and more drawn to the “holiday” sections of my favourite retailers where I had previously ignored them so as not to torture myself. In reality I already have a perfectly adequate holiday wardrobe and can’t justify spending a fortune on things that will never see the light of day in the UK, but seeing how there is almost always a discount code available whenever you fancy a spree it’s becoming harder and harder to resist. Here’s what has currently caught my eye (this is a severely edited down wish list!)

Sandals | Suitcase | Mom Shorts | Crochet Shorts | Floral Sunnies | Unicorn Sliders | Beach Dress | Metallic Bikini | Fringed Bikini

Are there any items on this list you wish you were packing? What are your holiday essentials? Come to think of it, I could do with a new suitcase…


Interior Design to Personalise Your Home*

When decorating a home, one’s standards of beauty are followed. There are a lot of options when it comes to interior design themes and layout. Design brands seasonally introduce new trends that homeowners and interiors designers alike are always on the lookout for. While not a lot of people are into altering their home décor every season, a new piece or a little refurbishment can go a long way to personalizing your home. Whether it’s a new lighting fixture or a change of furniture, there is always something new to anticipate. Here are some of the top interior design brands where you can look for design pieces to fix up your home.
1.FLOS. This brand is now synonymous with interior and exterior design breakthroughs in the lighting industry since it hit the markets 50 years ago. This is a premier designer in the field of illumination and they continue to come up with innovative and creative solutions regarding lights. It was founded in 1962 when they introduced to the market a number of lamps that are now considered classics. Today, Flos continues to produce lighting products that incorporate agelessness and cutting edge technical excellence. When you choose the brand Flos for your lighting, you are ensured that your home will always reflect elegance. You can shop for unique lighting fixtures from Flos on Mohd, an online shop where you can find interior design products of top quality.
2.Koket. If you are into décor pieces that have daring, dramatic, and edgy design, then this is the perfect brand for you. When the founder made a sketch of a chair while having cocktails in New York City, she got inspired to pursue her dream, prodding her to create more original pieces, leading her to open the brand. The pieces from this brand are aimed at giving more personality to a home with design pieces that are uniquely creative and highly aesthetic.
3.Boca do Lobo. This is a furniture design company that was founded in 2005 in Portugal. In just a few years, it was able to rise fast above the ranks and claim its own deserved position in the interior design business. Their designers incorporate antique designs into modern pieces, through the use of state-of-the-art technology and contemporary design ideas. Pieces are sensational and beautiful and they will definitely add drama and allure in your home. There is strong emotion in the furniture and lighting pieces they make which are processed passionately for exclusivity.
4.Brabbu. This is a brand that flawlessly reflects an intense way of living, perfect for people on the go. After a period of developing the brand, it was officially introduced in 2011 at the Decorex Internation in London. Pieces are inspired by nature, travels, of the past, and life at present. As such, the products are created to have a story to tell. Details are well-suited for urban spaces where homeowners follow past-faced lifestyles. Their furniture and design pieces are harmonious balances of an intense way of living, as reflected in their brass and even marble products.
5.Delightfull. Launched by the end of 2007, this brand specializes in producing masterpieces that stemmed from mixing traditional design with a creative and original twist. This is a luxurious style through sculptured forms, colours, and clean lines. Instead of sticking to conventional forms, new shapes are created to come up with unique masterpieces. A home can take advantage of their mixed notes of vintage and modern products creating an ambience of sophistication and freshness.