Degustabox- The June Edition

I love it when Degustabox time rolls around and I get the chance to try out something new. For the June month the company celebrated all things Summer and sent out a picnic themed box, right up my street!
I’m sure that by now you’re all familiar with what the box is about, but just in case you’re not, it’s a monthly food subscription box that delivers a selection of new and surprise products to your door for the cost of £12.99 per one off box or £11.99 per month when you take out a bi-annual subscription. I’ve been reviewing the boxes over the last year and they never fail to impress me and get me eating outside of my comfort zone.
I’m a bit of a biscuit and sweet treat fiend so the package of Love Chin Chin snacks was an exciting discovery for me. The packaging states that it “crunches like a biscuit, tastes like a cake” and that pretty much sums it up. My pack was cinnamon flavoured which happens to be a favourite taste of mine so I very happily got to work on these…I’ll also be seeking out the vanilla ones (they also come in lemon and chilli too) to try out next. I’ve not come across anything like these before and they are perfect for sharing with friends alongside a beverage or two.
Coconut seems to be taking over the foodie scene lately, which as another of my favourite flavours/foods is no bad thing in my book. One thing that I haven’t come across until now is coconut sugar so the bag of the stuff from Coconom included in this months box was a bit of a mystery. Handily there was also a recipe for some tasty looking brownies which I plan to try out soon so watch this space for a baking post.
This month bloggers received the alcohol free version of the box, which as a non-drinker suited me fine. The Zeo low sugar drinks are delicious served straight from the fridge and come in at under 30 calories a bottle. The lime flavour was a particular favourite and these make a lovely change from diet coke or sparkling water at a social gathering and look a bit posh too!

I think I’ve mentioned before my general dislike of coconut water, although I did give this one from Maui&Sons a go in the name of a fair review. My tastes still haven’t developed to like the stuff though, so I can’t make comment on how good or bad this is compared to others- let me know if you’ve tried this and what you thought!

Melba Thins have featured before on the blog via Degustabox and still remain a firm favourite and frequent purchase. The Multigrain variety were new to me and I really like them. Perfect for packing in a picnic basket to serve with dips or eaten as is as a little snack on the go. The Enhance Apple & Blackcurrant water enhancer is also perfect for a picnic as it takes up next to no space and easily jazzes up a plain bottle of water. I’ve tried other flavours of this too and it’s good stuff! Jelly and I have history so I admit I didn’t try the pouch added in to this month’s box but I’m sure it’s lovely.
Kallo is a brand I’ve long loved so I was excited to see two of their products in this month’s box. The chocolate and caramel rice cakes didn’t last long as they are seriously addictive. I’ve been snacking on the plain chocolate ones for years so this new addition to the range is dangerously good and is potentially going to cost me a fortune! The savoury sea salt and vinegar snack pack are equally addictive and make a lighter addition to crisps at lunch time…yum!
Last but not least comes yet another favourite brand of mine- Brioche Pasquier who make the most perfect picnic worthy brioches ever. This month we were sent the chocolate 6 pack pitch rolls which feature soft brioche with a chocolate filling, each individually wrapped and perfect for sharing (yeah, right!). The chocolate chip 4 pack are a less sickly sweet alternative, and less likely to melt everywhere. These I could eat all day long, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A four pack literally lasted me a day!
If you received the box this month I’d love to read your thoughts- feel free to link to your posts below. If I’ve persuaded you that you might want to sign up then you can grab a cool £3.00 discount when you sign up using the code BQXK9


Casual Monochrome

Yeah, I know this week has been a heatwave and I should be embracing bright colours…for the most part I HAVE been embracing bright colours but sometimes comfort calls and all I want is old faithfuls, an outfit I can rely on for slobbing around doing not much at all which pretty much sums up my life lately.

Top: New Look (last year) | Trousers: New Look (similar | Shoes: Primark (alternative) | Necklace: Ebay (partners in crime)

These trousers are probably as close as it gets to me wearing joggers around the house, loose and light they keep me cool whilst the elasticated waist means I can snack on ice lollies and drink litres of icy cold diet coke without feeling the pinch. These sandals are my most worn shoes of Summer 2015 so far, I didn’t have high hopes for the comfort factor but actually I can wear them all day long without a hint of a blister. Last time I went to Primark these ones had sold out (in Bristol) so I’ve linked an alternative above, the New Look ones are also getting rave reviews!
How is July treating you so far? It’s been a slow star here but I have everything crossed that things are going to get better soon.
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Wimbledon ready with Lambrini

It’s Wimbledon time again! It’s probably the only time of year where I’ll embrace sitting down and watching sport on TV aside from the odd football match under duress so when the folks at Lambrini got in touch to say they had a celebratory cocktail at the ready, perfect for sitting back and relaxing with I thought it very much worth a share.
The cocktail, named the “Lambrini Deuce” features Lambrini So Strawberry (what else?) as it’s hero ingredient and combines gin with balsamic syrup- with a touch of basil to garnish. The gin is optional if you fancied a lower alcohol content tipple, or interchanged with other spirits. Being the gin fiend that I am though, when I do drink, I’ll be serving this up as suggested in the biggest wine goblet I can find!
Here’s how to make this perfect Summer drink:
1. Prepare the balsamic syrup. Mix one part balsamic vinegar to five parts granulated sugar – be sure to stir until dissolved.

2. Pour a small measure of gin (optional) over crushed ice, combining the balsamic syrup and lemon juice as you stir.

3. Take four strawberries, chopped into halves, and add them to the glass.

4. Top with Lambrini So Strawberry.

5. Gently stir and garnish with a couple sprigs of basil

All you need then is a group of your best girl pals, ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the on court action (with buckets of strawberries and cream to snack on, naturally.


Recent Beauty Discoveries

I always seem to be one step behind when it comes to trying out new beauty products, hence why I could never be a beauty blogger. It’s always good to branch out a little though so I thought I’d share my thoughts on some new (to me, at least) bits and pieces that I’m enjoying right now.
First up comes the L.A.B.2 Get in Shape Brow and Eyeliner Brush* (available here). I’m usually faithful to my Real Techniques brushes for everything makeup application but I’m pretty sure I prefer this over their brow brush for a precision application. I haven’t tried it out as an eyeliner brush so I can’t comment on that, but my brows look neater than ever after filling them in with powder using this- on a side note, brow grooming makeup recommendations welcome!
On the whole I’m pretty lucky with my skin but a helping hand never goes a miss so I was excited to try this Complexion Perfecting Hydrator* from Proactiv (RRP £27.99). I’ve been using this morning and night, before applying my makeup and again once I’ve taken it off. This is a lovely light lotion that adds a much needed burst of moisture in to my skin as well as evening out my skin tone and adding some much needed lustre back in to it. It’s pricey, in my eyes, but totally worth it as a tiny bit goes a long way and it’s one of the only products I’ve found to make a visible difference.
I’m not usually one to talk about feminine hygiene butI wanted to give this soothe and smooth shave gel from SASS* a mention for being a product that actually does what it says on the tin (tube!) I won’t go in to detail but is there anything worse than being uncomfortable “down there” post hair removal? I think not- and this product means you can wave goodbye to that little issue.
We won’t go in to how long ago it was when I last replaced my hair brush, I actually blushed a bit when I sat and worked it out. In my defence, I don’t often use a brush as my hair is curly and knotty when wet, and then straightened in to oblivion but tangle free these days. I have, however replaced my trust Denman with The Wet Brush* (available here) which has reduced those tangles to nothing and made my hair so much sleeker. I didn’t think it was possible for a hair brush to really make such a difference, but it has and it doesn’t cost the earth.
Last but by no means least comes my current favourite bath/shower product from treaclemoon *- the super summery limited edition iced strawberry dream. An absolute bargain at £2.99 (RRP, currently on offer at £1.99 in Tesco) this is the scent of summer in a bottle. Unlike some scented products it doesn’t make my sensitive skin flare up and given that a bowl of strawberries and cream is one of my favourite summer snacks using this first thing in the morning sets me up for a grand day ahead. The brand are currently working with the charity BulliesOut so keep your eyes peeled for that collaboration- even more reason to stock up on their gorgeous products if you ask me!
What products have you been loving lately?


*some products in this post have been gifted to me for review, in line with my full disclosure policy*

(Insta)life recap: 6

Half way through the year already? I almost refuse to believe it…it’ll be Christmas again before we know it (sorry, just putting it out there!).

Anyway, here’s some of what I got up to in June, which was a quite month by all accounts, as told by my instagram (@daisychaindream if you wanted to follow me).

As ever you can over over the images or click on them for a description. Link to your instagram posts below, or leave me your username so I can take a gander at what you’ve been up to as well.