The Ups and the Downs

One of the many reasons I love living in (well, near) Bristol is that one minute you’re in the hustle and bustle of a busy city centre and the next you can be somewhere so calm and quiet that it feels like another country.

“The Downs” is a huge open space made up of Clifton Down and Durdham down and in the Summer it’s awash with people- from the dog walkers to the runners, from young families having a picnic to the sweet elderly couples walking hand in hand. It’s a brilliant place to people watch and there are some pretty spectacular views on offer too, the most impressive of which has to be Avon Gorge which features the famous Clifton Suspension bridge- an iconic part of Bristol City.

The other weekend Ben and I ventured up there to chill out for a while- despite being busy there is always a quiet spot somewhere. We also took the opportunity to branch out with outfit photo locations…I’m getting quite used to prancing around in public now.

Top: New Look (similar) | Dress: River Island at ASOS | Boots: Missguided

The downs could also kind of describe how I’ve been feeling lately, as life hasn’t been the easiest. For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with my mental health and the last few months have been testing to say the least.
I know a few people have commented and expressed concern over my weight and all I can say on that is I’m working on it- working on getting it back to where it was a year ago. Mood wise things are finally picking up, thanks to a tweak in medication and the unwavering support of my friends, boyfriend, family, colleagues and awesome GP I feel in a happier place right now and I’m starting to enjoy life a bit more again. Next on the agenda is to break out of my self imposed social isolation- any volunteers for dragging me out of the house?
Do you have any places near where you live that you like to escape to?


My Ultimate Bathroom

You know you’re growing up when you stop planning what colour nail polish you’re going to buy next and instead start dreaming of all things interiors. I may still live with my parents, and when I do move out it will be in to a rental property for a while it hasn’t stopped me taking inspiration from this study from UK Bathrooms about people’s dream spa bathrooms and I’ve started to plan my own- one day!

(image) (image) (image)

I love the idea of a bathroom with a view. A huge, floor to ceiling window (because of course I’ll be living in the middle of nowhere with no risk of peeping Toms) to let natural light flood in. A freestanding jumbo sized bath-tub would be ideal, something I can stretch out in and read a book…hours would happily pass by without me realising.

Candles are the perfect way to add atmosphere to a bathroom- be it in a luxurious spa setting or in your own small but perfectly formed one at home. A glass of wine and a few flickering candles does wonders for one’s mental health especially if you can watch the sun setting at the same time.

For the ultimate spa at home experience I would love a vast, walk in shower cubicle that doubles up as a steam room/sauna. I can’t think of anything more indulgent and steam is great for the skin. Of course to get all this I’m going to have to do a heck of a lot of hard work and money saving ahead of me, and that’s just to get myself on to the property ladder. By my calculations I should be able to get my dream bathroom by the time I’m about, oh…80?

What would your dream spa-style bathroom contain?


Mae Reviews- Cat Hampurr

I’m not sure Mae always deserves the treats she gets sent thanks to my blog. Between beheading every flower in sight, leaving dead mice for me to find first thing in the morning and destroying all of the carpet in the house (so thankful we don’t rent!) she is quite a challenge. Regardless, I wouldn’t be without her as she keeps me sane and entertained and is generally just lovely and that’s why I gratefully accepted an offer from Cat Hampurr who offered to send us their 1st anniversary box which included some of their most popular products over the last twelve months.
Cat Hampurr is a monthly subscription box that offers a whole host of options. From the £6 per box bi-monthly delivery to the £21.90 double trouble box for the multi-cat household there is something to cater for all feline fiends. We were sent the £11.95 monthly hampurr option which boasted a great selection of hand (paw?) selected treats and toys, all of which were a hit. What I really love about Cat Hampurr is that the toys are often hand made by small businesses and unlike anything you’ll find in your typical pet shop. This means Mae gets to try something totally new AND we’re supporting the little people in the pet industry.

As you can see from the photos Mae was loving the toys in this box. The flying frenzy has been a great source of entertainment to my little bundle of energy, she is most bemused by the feathers and dives headfirst in to her toy basket to pull this out.
The EcoKitty catnip pillow has become a comfort item to Mae and she sleeps with her head on it the majority of the time. The one in this box was a limited edition but you can pick one up for £3.99 from the website and I know we’ll be re-stocking the second this one loses it’s scent.

On the food front the treats in this box were major winners. The two tuna loins from Applaws looked good enough for human consumption and once open keep for a week in the fridge- although there was no chance they were going to last that long! Equally as well received were the freeze dried treats from Natures Menu. It doesn’t sound appealing to me but Mae loved the chicken and liver flavour snacks she was sent and I liked the fact they were 95% real meat, and free from gluten, artificial colours/flavours/preservatives.

Every bit as popular was the Fish4Cats complete cat food made up of 65% fish with added cranberry, amino acids and minerals to aid with urinary tract health. We give dry food as an day available supplement to wet food pouches, but these barely lasted five minutes. Strict rations have been applied!

Overall both Mae and myself thought this box was brilliant and we’ll certainly be signing up for the odd monthly box when behaviour dictates one is deserved! £11.95 gets you a high quality box crammed full of “not on the high street” products that I feel is worth every penny. The little fiend curled up next to me, gently snoring and leaving a puddle of drool on her cat nip pillow agrees.
Have you ever tried pet subscription boxes? What was your experience if so? We are yet to be let down by one!


In Bloom with iFlorist

I love fresh flowers and between my Mum and I we always have some in the house (provided Mae hasn’t destroyed them on sight). I was recently sent the most gorgeous bouquet via iFlorist, a flower site I hadn’t heard of prior to them working with e-tail PR and I just couldn’t resist snapping a picture or ten to share on the blog.

Safari Blush bouquet c/o iFlorist

100% gorgeous right? The Safari Blush features some of my favourite blooms with prices starting at £29.90 is excellent value (when compared with other flower sellers). This has really brightened up our conservatory and came securely packaged in perfect condition. At the time of writing this post the flowers have been on display for five days are show no signs of giving up any time soon- I reckon we’ll easily get another five out of them (providing we can dissuade Mae from stealing any more heads off of the roses).

I think flowers do make the most wonderful gift; for birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day or just to say “I’m thinking of you” and I wouldn’t hesitate to place an order with iFlorist when I’m next looking to put a smile on someone’s face. With free delivery and greetings cards available plus a whole host of optional extras this one of the prettiest, easiest to use sites I’ve come across with a stunning range and huge variety available.

What is your favourite flower? Mine is a toss up between the humble Daisy or it’s lookalike Gerbera…but Roses, Tulips and Lilies aren’t far behind. We’ve had to stop buying the latter due to our flower loving feline (and I’m not convinced the roses and tulips are good for her either but even when we don’t have flowers in the house she does a trawl of the garden/neighbour’s gardens with no ill effect).


(Insta)life recap: 4

Happy Birthday to me! 28 years young today…and to celebrate I’m inflicting my latest month of instagrams on you…enjoy!
As ever hover over the images for the caption and don’t forget to link me to a) your insta-posts and b) your instagrams below!