Happy Monday folks, it’s back to work for me after an incredibly relaxing week off with Bob- for once we timed it just right around the weather and really got to make the best of that glorious sunshine bestowed upon us for a few short days.

Life feels pretty damn good right now- we’ve just booked a holiday for July, I’m happy and fulfilled at work and out of work. I’ve just passed my driving theory test (for the third time, I might add) and I have plans, goals and dreams which actually feel obtainable.

Which is why it frustrates me so much that these outfit photos nearly didn’t happen, and nearly didn’t make it on to the blog. With so much going right at the moment it really gets me down that my body is my enemy and my confidence is at an all time low. Having had an eating disorder since I was 15 I suppose it’s inevitable that these demons will be the last, and the hardest obstacle to overcome, but I feel like I shouldn’t be as fixated as I am right now, nor as governed by stupid rules and rituals. I’ve been dragging my feet at this “almost there” weight for so long. I’m past the half way mark but can’t seem to make myself go that bit further. Oh to have freedom from this brain of mine for just one day.

Rant over,
on to the outfit, and to a dress which has been sat in my wardrobe for the last 6 months since I bought it- it’s taken until now to think up a way to wear it that doesn’t involve dressing up and going out.

Dress: Thunder Egg | Shoes: Converse at ASOS

I’ve featured Thunder Egg on the blog before and they still remain one of my favourite online shopping discoveries. As soon as I saw this velvet, constellation print dress I knew I needed it, and although it’s hung neglected for so long in my wardrobe now I’ve broken the “it’s a going out dress” barrier and started to treat it as the slightly more glamorous older sister of the humble t-shirt dress I think it’s going to get a lot of wear.

I hope everyone has a great start to the week, I’m on the birthday count down now (five days) and my next few weekends are full of fun filled plans and time spent with loved ones- all involving things that a year ago I didn’t think would be possible to do and enjoy.


My 9-5 Style

Ok, so I don’t know where the last week has gone but I want my time back! Every time I thought I’d get a minute to sit down and blog something got in the way and at one point I’d convinced myself I had already written and published this post!

Now I’m working 9-5 it’s been harder and harder to get motivated to do any outfit photos, all of my favourite, casual outfits barely see the light of day, and with one exception there’s not much in my work wardrobe that I want to be showing off- and by the time I get home from work I’m usually do dishevelled that it’s not worth photographing. I did finally get my bum in gear though and took this outfit with me to a weekend at Bob’s purely for photo purposes- it ties in nicely with how I’ve been wearing my Zadig & Voltaire watch I featured the other week and whilst my working wardrobe is still a work in progress, this is the kind of style I’d ideally be sporting every day.

Shirt: Monki | Trousers: Monki : Boots: Banana Republic | Ring and Watch c/o watchshop.com

Monki wasn’t the first shop that sprang to mind when I thought about work wear, but on a shopping trip for some weekend clothes (jeans, mission aborted) I ended up grabbing two of these shirts and these trousers instead. I’m not really a shirt or blouse person but these hang so nicely, and are a great length- I got two in the end, this one and a black and white pinstripe one and I highly recommend them. The trousers were very reasonable at £30 and fit like a dream. I love culottes, prefer them over full length trousers to be honest as I can never quite find the right length in not cropped styles. I’m definitely going back for a black pair as well, they are hugely flattering, and whilst I’m not a trouser person these days due to ever expanding waist line these don’t make me feel anything other than a little bit smart and refined.

Sadly since taking these photos my beloved Banana Republic boots have died a tragic death and are no longer in circulation. I’m yet to find the perfect pair to replace them- this is not the time of year to find yourself in the market for a new pair of boots- if anyone has seen any that may bridge the gap do let me know…

I’m constantly seeking inspiration for my work wardrobe these days as I spend the majority of my life there so I would love to know where everyone shops and what styles they are loving at the moment.

That said, I have a week off next week and I am hugely looking forward to breaking in to denim dresses and trainers and kicking back for a while.


Puma X Hello Kitty – a match made in trainer heaven

I’m not the kind of person who usually goes for celebrity or designer collaborations- generally I find them over-hyped and over-priced, and I can count on one hand the number of times I have genuinely wanted to own an item. However, the second the Puma X Hello Kitty collaboration found it’s way on to my radar I knew that this time I’d have to cave in- I’ve gone from the kind of girl who only ever wore trainers for exercise (a rare event in itself) to the kind of girl who wishes they were also acceptable as work shoes, therefore creating an absolute need for new sneaks complete with cult cartoon character, naturally. As the launch date for this collection loomed I found myself juggling finances and counting down to when I could make a pair mine- and launch day itself? There was much tension, I had to wait until I got home from work to place my order, by which time most places had already sold out of the sneakers. Thankfully ASOS had my back, with a pair left in my size. A little bit pathetic to get so excited over a cartoon cat and a pair of trainers? Maybe. But every once in a while you just have to go with your childish urges and need for casual comfort.
I’m really not an impulse purchase kind of girl- especially when it comes to things I don’t really “need”. I did worry that buyers remorse would kick in when the trainers arrived, but thankfully, when the cheerful red and white box arrived with it’s contents exceeding all expectations such fears vanished.

Trainers: Puma X Hello Kitty | Denim Shirt Dress: Zara

The attention to detail on these shoes is amazing, from the printed soles to the gold tipped laces. I did wonder how versatile I’d find a pair of red suede trainers, but having tried them on with this recently acquired Zara shirt dress and a pair of black opaques I’m fairly reassured that they’ll work with many a combination. This might not be the most fashion forward or considered outfit I’ve shown on the blog but a) this post is all about them shoes and b) it’s an accurate representation of how bothered I can be most weekends…

The collection came out a couple of weeks ago now and has pretty much sold out everywhere, I did notice Office Shoes (aff link) still have a couple of sizes in stock, and places like ASOS have the sweat pants and backpack still.

Did anyone else fall hard for this collaboration? It’ll probably be another decade at least until I get caught up in such hysteria again, until then you’ll find me happily stomping around in my red suede sneakers (although there is a part of me that wants to keep them box fresh and never worn, any one else get this?)


The Right Stripes

I’m in a bit of a Catch-22 when it comes to outfit posts right now, whilst on the one hand the evenings are getting lighter and I’m getting more chance to photograph things, I’m also battling against ever decreasing body confidence and a general lack of inspiration in what to wear on weekends- or rather an overload of things I want to wear and share. Now I’m in work 9-5 the chance to wear casual clothes is becoming a rare thing, and by the time I get home I’m generally so dishevelled and worn out that all I want to sling on is jogging bottoms or pyjamas.

I did manage to squish my demons aside last weekend though and got a few snaps of a dress that made up part of a Pull & Bear order I placed back in January, and actually braving the camera wasn’t as bad as I feared. I really want to get back in to sharing more of my personal style as and when I can, it was all I blogged about when I first started but somehow I fell in to a pit of sponsored content when I wasn’t working and needed the money. Now I no longer rely on my blog for income it’s time to get back to my roots.

Pull & Bear is one of my go-to shops for affordable pieces like this dress, at £12.99 I picked up this striped dress in a floral pattern as well. It’s a bit shorter than I would have liked, definitely a no go for work, but for slightly smarter casual style it’s ideal.

I’ve been avoiding stripes lately (aforementioned body image woes to blame) but this vertical, fine striped print is actually pretty flattering and it makes a nice change to my usual print preferences. I paired the dress with my favourite ankle boots from Banana Republic, some old faithful Primark opaques and my new ruby necklace- a valentines gift from Bob and wore this for a much needed hit of retail therapy with my Mum. Retail therapy that wasn’t overly successful, but mother and daughter time is definitely priceless.

Hopefully as the weather continues to brighten, and as my inspiration and motivation starts to return I can keep up the pace of at least one outfit post a week- let me know in the comments if there are any other directions you’d like to see the blog take. I have a few ideas up my sleeve but have so far lacked time to implement them.


Feeling Dreamy

Wow, never in the whole time I’ve been blogging have I had so little time to, well, blog. But then again, never in the whole time I’ve been blogging have I been working proper full time hours so it really shouldn’t have come as such a surprise to me.
I’m just heading in to my second week of actual full time, grown up job hours which may seem like nothing for most people, but to me, this is the first time in my life I’ve had the capacity to do it- I’m both physically and mentally well enough to handle a demanding job and I don’t have to factor in multiple weekly appointments and obligations that previously made full time impossible.I wasn’t even sure I’d have anything to post this week- taking photos and having time to sort them and write a post to go with them has been fairly low on the priority list (that and I’ve been exhausted every evening for the last seven days) but as luck would have it I found a set of photos languishing on my laptop, so ta-da…a blog post.

Top: Monki | Skirt: New Look | Boots: Wallis

I’m starting to find a routine and a bit of a work life balance now so hopefully I’ll be able to improve on my rate of blog posts in the not too distant future. I can’t wait for lighter evenings- both from a getting photos point of view and a feeling less like going straight to bed when I get home from work one.

It took my ages to get round to wearing this Monki top. It was a bit of an impulse buy and I wasn’t sure about the style once I got it home. I’m glad I didn’t return it though, now I’ve given it a chance it’s become a firm favourite and has taught me that I really ought to broaden my horizons when it comes to tops and jumpers.

Hopefully next weekend Mum and I are heading in to Bristol for a much needed catch up (I barely see her these days) and some retail therapy. I’m looking forward to a wardrobe refresh as we approach a new season, and as I can finally justify new clothes. I’m struggling to feel inspired by what I wear lately, my body confidence is through the floor, and my heart sinks every time I think of the weight I still need to gain…hopefully a good spell of girl time with Christmas money at my disposal will help give me a much needed boost on that front. As much as everything else in my life is falling in to place, my internal demons are going wild trying to drag me down and convince me I don’t deserve this. What better way to silence them than with a new set of flattering outfits? Safe in the knowledge that when I outgrow them as my recovery progresses I am now in a position financially to replace them guilt free.

Sorry for such a random assortment of a post, this is the trouble with infrequent blogging I find! Anyway, let me know what’s new with you guys in the comments? I’ll be doing my best to catch up with everyone’s blogs during my evenings this week.