How To Achieve A Major Impact While Wearing Minimal Jewellery*

We’ve spoken before about the pros of buying less jewellery, both for the sake of your finances and for the environment. You should also find it easier to pick the ideal piece for every outfit when you don’t have an excessive collection to sift through. 

These are benefits that make it more than worthwhile to streamline your jewellery collection. But, if you love jewellery, then you may find this challenging. After all, it can be tough to give away pieces that provide you with great memories, and even harder to head out of the house with a minimal amount of jewellery when you’re used to layering up.

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But even avid jewellery lovers can adjust to a stripped-back jewellery closet. They just need to implement the following tips for making a major impact, even with their newly minimal jewellery. 

# 1 – Choose statement pieces

When you wear a lot of jewellery, you can more easily get away with flimsy, often cheap jewellery that you intend to layer up anyway. But, when you’re stripping back, it’s worth opting for iconic statement pieces. By investing in large gold chains and iconic pearl necklaces, or even taking the time to view the two carat diamond ring collection from brands like WhiteFlash, you can ensure key pieces that look great, and make plenty of impact in their own right. Admittedly, these pieces may be on the pricier side compared with what you’ve bought before but, considering how long they’ll last, and how much they’ll allow you to strip back, you should still find that they save you money, and help you to make better jewellery choices in the process. 

# 2 – Experiment with colours

Often, we’ll pick the colour of our jewellery to tie in with our outfits, and there’s a lot to be said for doing that. But, when you’re wearing less jewellery in general, there is a risk that similar colours will result in your jewellery getting lost, or just not making much impact. By comparison, experimenting with complementary or even clashing colours can result in jewellery that makes far more of a statement in its own right. Remember, too, that you don’t need to go over the top with this, but small things, like pairing yellow earrings with that purple dress, can help to draw the eye and ensure that your minimal jewellery pieces really pop.

# 3 – Tie your jewellery together

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Layering jewellery is a great way to make something of your accessories, and that’s an effect you can still achieve with a minimal jewellery selection by simply tying your pieces together. Choosing similar colours, or opting for something like all rose-gold stuff, can help to create a complete jewellery finish which, when taken together, needn’t look minimal at all. 

Stripping back on jewellery might not be the easiest thing you’ve ever had to do, but you can make this worthwhile transition easier by finding new ways to make a major impact with the help of these minimal jewellery tips. 

Diamonds Aren’t Everything: Discover 8 Alternative Gemstones That Are Even More Symbolic*

Diamonds have long been seen as the go-to gemstone. And sure, they may be every girl’s best friend. But there are so many more gemstones out there with their own unique meanings, symbolism, and beauty.

So if you’re tired of the same old diamond jewellery. Or maybe you just want to add some personality and meaning to your accessories. Well, you’re in luck. Because whatever you’re looking for, there’s a precious stone out there for you. 

Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Ruby: Passion And Courage

Let’s start off this collection right with a fiery ruby. Famous for their deep red hue, rubies have long been associated with courage and promoting confidence in wearers. This variety of corundum ranges in shade from deep red to pink hues, known for symbolizing passion, energy, vitality.

Are you in search of an energy booster that will ignite the spark within? Look no further than rubies. They offer incredible clarity that can ignite passion inside of us all.

Turquoise: Protection And Healing

Turquoise, an eye-catching mineral ranging in colour from blue-green to greenish-yellow, has long been valued for its aesthetic properties. And it’s often associated with protection, healing, and emotional balance. Both of which it brings when worn as jewelry. Turquoise’s popularity in boho or tribal-inspired rings remains timeless as well.

Bringing boho style together with healing and protection, turquoise is an excellent gemstone to choose.

Sapphire: Wisdom And Truth

Sapphire, another variety of corundum, is widely revered for its deep blue colour. But, there are also rarer varieties including pink, yellow, and green hues. Sapphire’s have traditionally been linked to wisdom, truth, and spiritual enlightenment, making them popular choices in meditation practices and spiritual rituals alike. As well as engagement rings or meaningful jewellery because of their durability.

So if you’ve been looking for a gemstone to bring you clarity and insight, then the sapphire might be the perfect fit.

Aquamarine: Courage And Communication

Onto the underrated aquamarine. A member of the beryl family, ranges in hue from light blue to blue-green. Often used in engagement rings and other fine jewellery, it’s said that aquamarine promotes clear communication and self-expression. Aquamarine is also believed to have a calming effect on the mind and body. It’s no wonder it’s a popular choice for stress relief and relaxation.

Aquamarine can help soothe stress and rejuvenate, so don’t overlook its benefits for relaxation. 

Emerald: Balance And Harmony

Now let’s turn our focus onto the beautiful Emerald. A variety of beryl, it is known for its vibrant green colour which symbolises love, loyalty and fidelity. And it’s believed to bring hope and renewal. Emerald’s are said to help foster relationships by representing growth and abundance, promoting harmony between partners. Not to mention being highly sought after due to both spiritual properties as well as rarity and beauty.

Have you been seeking a precious stone that can bring you a sense of peace and balance? The emerald might be the right choice.

Amethyst: Clarity And Peace

Then we have the mesmerising amethyst. A variety of quartz that ranges in hue from deep purple to light lavender. It’s long been prized as decorative items and jewellery pieces due to its beauty and spiritual properties. Widely recognized as spiritual tools as well as healing agents, amethyst is widely associated with clarity of thought, intuition, awareness, and serenity. The perfect choice for anyone searching for inner peace.

Amethyst might just be a match made in heaven if you’re looking for a gemstone that can enhance your inner wisdom and insight.

Topaz: Creativity And Abundance

Next is Topaz. An extremely versatile mineral with various hues that’s often associated with joy, abundance, and positivity in life. The most popular, golden yellow-hued Topaz stones, have long been used as symbols of creativity and self-expression. Perfect for anyone hoping to attract positivity into their life. Historically used for communication, creativity, self-expression, or simply looking good.

To attract positivity and get you thinking more creatively, topaz is the mineral for you.

Pearls: Wisdom And Purity

Last, but certainly not least, the pearl. Now, technically not a gemstone, pearls are worth a mention because of how beautiful and unique they are. Pearls, formed inside the shells of certain mollusks, actually come in a range of colours, including white, pink, and black. But the most popular are the classic white or cream pearls. Often associated with wisdom, purity, and innocence, pearls uk are valued for their rarity and beauty. Making them a popular choice for bridal jewellery and other special occasions.

Pearls may not be as flashy as some other gemstones, but if you’re looking for an understated classic, they’re perfect. 


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they’re not the only gemstone out there. By exploring the meanings of alternative gemstones, you can find the perfect gemstone that speaks to your unique personality and style. Bringing a whole new level of significance to your jewellery collection.

Whether you’re drawn to the passion of the ruby, the wisdom of the sapphire, the harmony of the emerald, the intuition of the amethyst, or the self-expression of the topaz, there’s a gemstone out there for you. 

So next time you’re in the market for a new piece of jewellery, don’t be afraid to think outside the diamond box!

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Meideya Jewellery*

Long time readers of my site will know how much I love a good jewellery brand, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with many over the years in which I have been blogging.
Most recently, a brand called Meideya Jewellery came to my attention, and they were kind enough to send me a couple of their pieces (gifted) to consider featuring.

Before I get on to the goods, a little about the brand;

Meideya is a woman owned company who’s passion is selling sustainable, stylish jewellery at affordable prices. They have new products landing weekly meaning they keep bang up to date with current trends; you’ll find something to cater to all tastes- it doesn’t matter if you prefer dainty or chunky jewellery, bold or minimal…you’ll find it on Meideya.

The first piece I chose was the Love Wave ring which costs £38.75. I love the two tone look of this piece as I flit between yellow gold and silver on a regular basis- this is the perfect every day ring for me. It’s made of stainless steel plated with 18k gold and is part of the Waterproof jewelery collection. It’s a brilliant standalone piece, but also looks great when worn as part of a stack.

The second piece I selected was the Emerald Stone pendant, £39.59. I love how bold this is, with the vibrant green stone and 18k gold plated stainless steel chain (again making it water proof and tarnish proof). This is a great necklace for everyday wearing, or for a more layered approach with a plain gold chain or a choker. I’m really impressed with the quality of the chain; it’s withstood the toddler “grab and pull” test very well!

You can see more Meideya style over on their instagram too. Go check them out!

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How To Make Your Jewellery Choices More Meaningful*

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We all love wearing beautiful jewellery. But the feeling is so much more powerful when your purchases have a meaning behind them

There are many mistakes that could be made when buying jewellery. But ignoring the need for a meaningful connection is undoubtedly one of the worst. So, how can you be sure that your jewellery will provide the comfort you crave? Here’s all you need to know.

Look For Jewellery That Says Something About You

Millions of people wear jewellery that feels personal to them. There are several ways to achieve that personalised touch. Engravings are a great option when giving jewellery as a gift or buying an item to commemorate a special date in your life. It’s not the only choice, though.

An alternative solution is to buy jewellery that features your birthstone. It gives a subtle nod to who you are, even if you are not overly interested in zodiac signs. Lockets and jewellery pieces that feature a photo of a loved one will naturally give them more meaning too. Not least because the product will be tailored exclusively to you.

Have Jewellery Custom Made For You

Even when you find a beautiful ring or bracelet, it can lose a little meaning if it feels generic. The biggest jewellery brands do produce some truly wonderful designs. Still, their popularity can be their downfall. At least in terms of finding a favourite item that feels as though it was made just for you.

Designing a bespoke statement piece is more affordable and accessible than you might think. Experts like Jogia Diamonds will help you design a one-of-a-kind ring or pair of earrings. The knowledge that nobody has the same design adds to its meaning, the fact you played a part in the design process takes it even further still.

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Look In Different Outlets

Being open minded when buying jewellery can help you find unique styles and grab a bargain. It is especially noteworthy when looking at jewellery from charity stores or garage sales. The preowned aspect means that the necklace or watch has a history. And you will have the opportunity to write the next chapter.

In some cases, such as with luxury watches, there may even be documented proof of this history. When purchasing jewellery that is in need of a little TLC, your upcycling efforts can bring the product back to its former glory. Aside from being a cost-effective effort, it is sure to establish a stronger emotional bond with the item. 

Get Matching Jewellery

In many cases, you will want to choose jewellery that stands out from what the masses are wearing. However, it may be worth sharing your jewellery with a loved one. Specialists like MYKA can help you find matching friendship bracelets to share with a close pal or relative. It will make you think about them when you’re apart.

The emotional response that this brings is simply amazing. Everyone deserves to have at least one item that achieves this goal. When combined with some of the unique items like bespoke earrings, your relationship with jewellery will soar. And it will shine through when wearing those items in daily life.

Golden Touch*

Ad|Post features gifted products

Up until a year or two ago I was strictly silver/white gold jewellery only. Yellow gold seemed too grown up for me, and perhaps even a little boring.

Well, I am a grown up now (apparently) and I find myself more and more drawn to yellow gold pieces of jewellery. I’ve recently added some beautiful pieces to my collection, hence why I’ve once again bought myself out of blogging hibernation to show them off.

rings c/o Astley Clarke

Astley Clarke, a brand I have admired for years, recently let me pick from their collection of gold rings and it was like letting a kid loose in a candy shop! I literally spent hours browsing their collection (because I kept getting side tracked and looking at the rest of their stunning jewellery too) before settling on these two beauties. These are perfect for wearing as standalone pieces and for stacking and the Amazonite ring especially is perfect for brightening up any outfit; ideal given that very soon I will be back in work wear as my maternity leave draws to an end. I’ll share how I’m styling my rings over on Instagram once I’m back “in office”…where has the last ten months gone?

The other item I’ve recently acquired was a lucky giveaway win on Instagram. I started following Walking Primrose as soon as I caught a glimpse of their pieces. I’d actually already put this necklace on my Christmas list (yeah, already!) when I took a chance and entered a giveaway- something I never do these days! Anyway, I was gobsmacked to have won the necklace of my dreams, it’s even more stunning in real life, and the owner of the company really goes above and beyond when it comes to packaging and delivering her products- if you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen how it arrives.

I cannot stress enough how much I love Walking Primrose and the ethos behind the brand. Please do check out the website and read up on them.

So now my Christmas list is lacking in an item, but I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be another yellow gold piece…or two, or three!