18.01 outfit+giveaway

Hello! Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a good weekend?

The slightly warmer weather has given me the oppurtunity to wear/road test one of the pairs of tights sent to me by Wickedelic. I will be writing a review once I’ve worn the second pair as well, I just wanted to show off how awesome they are!



I had to kick off my week with an early (well, 10am which is early for me!) doctors appointment, and couldn’t resist a little bit of retail therapy to make it worthwhile. I had an urge to buy shoes, and was prepared to come home with little money,
I kind of wanted heels, but currently walk better in flats…so when I saw these babies for Β£3 I snapped them up



They originally cost Β£20 in New Look.

Heels can wait, hopefully by summer my legs will be more forgiving!

Now, giveaway!
Here is (some) of what the winner will get; I will be adding a couple more bits over the course of this week to make sure there is an element of suprise


So far there is a cute cupcake lip gloss, a pack of four face masks, and ELF shimmering facial whip in spotlight which I raved about in my beauty post.

There are no rules, as such, all you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post and include your favourite sweets/candy/chocolate (indulge my sweet tooth and nosy nature)
and a way I can contact you, either blog link, or e-mail address.

Giveaway is open to ALL readers, and will end on Monday 25th January at 1pm.
Good luck

136 comments for “18.01 outfit+giveaway

  1. hey gorgeous. I really like your dress. The tights are really awsome and look forward to yoru review.

    I’m at work but guess what?:) days off starting tomorrow. Oh and my favourite sweets: pick and mix. I LOVE any pick and mix sweets. I go crazy everytime we go to the cinema- my excuse to eat loads of them. Love fizzy coke bottle mmmm

    Dena xxx

  2. Anonymous

    wow! amazing giveaway!
    my favourite sweet is a chocolate muffin… oh my god!they are delicious,…
    above all i love chocolate!
    (i’m the spanish girl, u know)

  3. Amazing dress! Makes me think that summer might eventually get here! My favourite swwets have to be the pink foam shrimps and foam bananas πŸ˜€

  4. Aaah the dress is so pretty on you!
    And those shoes were such a bargain!

    Right, well, I love sweets and most types of confectionery but my all-time favourite is either Coconut Ice or Turkish Delight! So hard to decide!

    This is an exciting giveaway! Love it!

  5. I was just about to ask did you get a tattoo but it’s just the tights!
    I am a chocoholic, any type, any time!!


  6. Jo

    Love the outfit, cute dress and cool tights, am wearing something similar today. AMAZING bargain on the shoes. I just a package from New Look today and am waiting for my fantastic necklace from yourself :).

    Fave sweets love heart Haribo’s or sour sweets and if it’s choc then Galaxy, dammit am hungry now! πŸ™‚


  7. Killer tights, and I always love a good shoe bargain.

    I’m practically vegan so it’s tough to find sweet treats that I can work into my food lifestyle… But when I get cravings for something naughty, I’m a big fan of lavender or rose infused dark chocolate. Floral, a bit like Turkish Delight, but that bitterness of dark (vegan!) chocolate is just the best combination! My friend makes delicious lavender and coconut cupcakes too – delicious!


  8. Daisy Sweetie! I’m surprised to see you wearing floral dress today because I’m wearing one too!!! Will post mine later πŸ™‚ though I think yours more fun with that that deadly tights!!!

    Warm enough here in Dublin also so I went for a long walk, feels good!

    Favourite sweets will be FERRERO ROCHER!!! hmmmmmm

  9. Love that dress and the tights are amazingggggg!

    I would love to enter the give away-
    Fizzy strawberry laces are my favourite sweet- hard to choose though!!

  10. First of all: thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! about your post: ^^ Your thights are very original and they suit you very well, i like the floral pattern on you, it’s very feminine* About the sweets/candy – Hmm ** everything looks SO yummi on those pictures…i love: 1: dark chocolate (muffins….), 2: chocolate pralinΓ¨ (i consider those a second option, because as they are bombons i rather separate from the 1st option, wich include cakes and muffins kind of things), 3: gingerbread biscuits ^^ for the first time, this Christmas i’ve tried to cook them with my sweetheart, and it became more like a cook war scenario πŸ™‚ it’s really sticky to handle them, but in the end they became scrumptious and it was a funny experience, deffinetly to repeat*
    chocolate fondue with strawberries is also a very nice option to consider*
    At last, even if i don’t win the giveaway, it’s a wonderful initiative, and a fun way to connect with all your readers..
    Your blog was a nice finding indeed! Keep going* kiss

  11. Ooh love the dress and tights, as always! And what a great deal on the shoes.

    My favorite sweet would be cupcakes, obviously. Preferably chocolate based. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    Enjoy your day x

  12. Whoa, amazing tights! The design is so pretty, like artwork!

    Oh my fave sweets, does macarons count?? And I do love any kind of white chocolate:)


  13. Gorgeous tights and great giveaway!!

    I love cheesecake from Starbucks, jelly beans, peanut M&M’s, cupcakes and tons more!

  14. love a pretty floral xo

  15. Those tights are super cute! I hope you end up really liking them after testing them for a while.
    The flats you picked up are so pretty, and such a great find!

    Thanks so much for doing the giveaway, such cute stuff.

    Hmmm, I am a sugar addict so I love most sweet things. Though I think cupcakes are my absolute favorite.

  16. shoes for Β£3 what a bargain and your tights are adorable x

  17. I love the tights! And great giveaway, the cupcake lipgloss is amazing!
    My favourite sweets have got to be the blue & pink bubble gum bottles you get at pick & mix counters..mmm πŸ™‚

  18. Good going on the bargain shoes! The tights look cool as well.

    Well, I guess I’ll give the giveaway a shot. From the amount of biscuit and cake recipes I put up, I most definitely have a sweet tooth! But I do love those double chocolate oreos…ooooh those bad boys!


  19. I freaking LOVE those tights!! So fab. πŸ™‚
    And what a lovely giveaway. Just thinking about chocolate right now is making my stomach growl. Haha. My favorite candy includes chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered raisins, and chocolate covered peanuts. Okay, just about anything covered in chocolate is fine with me! LOL!

  20. Great outfit and awesome sales bargain shoes!!!

    Favourite sweets? Sour apple loops, fizzy cola bottles, chocolate limes and cocnut mushrooms…yum.

  21. Super lovely ballerinas!
    Happy new week.

  22. Cadbury Dairy Milk for me!

  23. Thanks dollface!

    Umm, chocolate face mask- yummy.

    PP x

  24. love those tights! candy: dark chocolate or sour gummies

  25. OMG i LOVE those tights!!!!

    I think my favorite sweety thing are smurfs (the less softy ones)!!! they look so lovely and taste so nice as well… (The sweets, not the actual mini ppl)
    I actually went to visit the Haribo factory and u could buy 2kg packets of watever kind was ur fav.! i managed to resist somehow tho…

  26. I love the flats!!! They are really cute πŸ™‚
    The tights are gorgeous!!!!

    -The Trendy Fahionista

  27. Semisweet chocolate chips pressed into a spoonful of crunchy penaut butter – and eaten straight off the spoon!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. super cute tights!

  29. Those shoes are so gorgeous and i can’t believe they were so cheap! I#m kind of in love with the tights too. I’d love to enter your giveaway, i love all sweets/chocolate but if i had to pick i would say jelly babies or a bag of pick n mix are my faves x

  30. first of all i loooove those tights!!
    and as for my favorite sweet. i have to go with CHEESECAKE. all of it.. any of it!! and i love twizzlers!


  31. I looooove those tights!!

  32. Fab giveaway!! I LOVE Cadbury’s everything, I’m an addict!!

  33. Wow– you got some great pieces on sale– and those tights are gorgeous! Very jealous, as I want a pair with more embroidery/special embellishments!

  34. Oh I love your tights!!! I’m sure this is no surprise to you, I always say that lol But it’s true!

    And aw, chocolate mask!! Love those. I usually buy 100% cocoa chocolate, melt it in the microwave and apply directly on the face… It has some sort of a gentle peeling effect and moisturizes without leaving the skin too oily. And it smells good πŸ™‚ I love chocolate both in and out lol

  35. What a pretty floral dress and those tights are super sweet. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them..

    Great find with the shoes!!

    I adore sweets… I love anything chocolately and I make a yummy dessert called “Sex in a Bowl” <-- hee hee!! mmm. Choco Heaven goodness!!
    Love & Aloha,


  36. Hiya!
    Bargain pumps, eh?
    Cute outfit too, the tights are really something!
    Panda xx
    Oh, and thanks for your sweet comment!

  37. I absolutely love the tights with the dress.. nice look

  38. what a gorgeous giveaway, darling! and love those tights and flats so much :))
    my favorite dessert is panna cotta with strawberries! yum :))

  39. Those tights are so pretty! ^_^

    My fave sweets? Hmm, that’s tough to narrow down. The hubby and I LOVE candy lol. I think my favorite is something simple though, like peach cobbler or chocolate covered strawberries. Oooo or souffles, because they’re so easy to make!

  40. Jen

    you look so lovely and those are some GORGEOUS tights they sent to you. you wear them so well πŸ™‚
    and that looks like such a delicious giveaway! i’m crossing my fingers. my favorite chocolate has got to be ferrero rochers (did i spell that right?) i can never have enough of them haha

  41. love your dress! my favorite sweet is caramel :o)

  42. Those tights are fantastic! And what a great deal on the cute shoes!

  43. cute tights!like the details.

    I also want to join your give away.

    My favorite sweet is dried mango especially if it from the Philippines. I always buy at Costco. My email addres is hld012010@gmail.com


  44. Love your whole outfit! Love the details on the tights. My favourite sweets are timtams, they are a australian chocolate biscuit… so so yummy.

  45. you look so pretty in that dress dear. your tights are so hot! love it.


    ps. for a sweet treat, i always love cadbury. oh, the richness. gotta go and have one!

  46. those tights are amazing, you lucky girl! i’m more of a fan of savoury foods but i’m a sucker for liquorice.

  47. LOOOOVE your tights!!! They look amazing on you. I am a fan!

    That’s such a great giveaway! Thanks so much for hosting it!

    My favorite chocolate is probably chocolate truffles. The ones that just melt in your mouth once you eat them! oooh, so good!


  48. love the “test” tights,they are so beautiful and go so well with your pretty dress:x

    aww my fav chocolate is milka caramel:)

  49. Jen

    Love the tights so much I could scream. WANT THEM!!

    How cute is that cupcake lip treat? Lovely, want that too.

    I could probably go on all day long about my favourite sweet stuff, but I think I’ll go for chocolate fudge cake. Classic, delicious, hideously unhealthy. All the things a good dessert should be! πŸ™‚


  50. Amy

    I am a HUGE fan of those tights on your! I love the surprise detail on the sides. Oh and your dress is absolutely beautiful- it is making me wish for Spring even more than I already do.

    My favorite candy is gummy bears- I could eat a whole pound in 1 sitting if I wanted too- not good, but so yummy! πŸ™‚

    Hope all went well at the doctor’s.

    Much love,



  51. I’d literally steal for tights like that, and I love them with the floral dress.

    My favorite sweet is Cadbury milk chocolate bars. Just plain. I eat three squares at a time. The bar lasts me a long time!


  52. Wonderful tights!!!

  53. Awww can’t believe they stoppped seling tim tams over there thats sucks. when I reach 100 followers I am going to do a giveaway and have tim tams in the prize!!

  54. Love the tights, it’s almost like a tattoo without the pain! How are they like fitting-wise? Some aren’t so stretchy when they have detailing and can be quite awkward. These look very comfy though.

    My favourite sweet has to be smarties. I’m seriously addicted, and have been known to eat a five-tube pack in a day. Terrible I know!

    Take care lovely girl


  55. I LOVE the tights and rhinestone shoes!

  56. I love ur tights

    I always rip mine so rarely buy nice ones :p

    I love haribo tangtastics :p


    yay for cupcakes I just baked some :3

  57. cute dress and i love snickers. πŸ™‚

  58. love love love the tights

    the crumpet girls

  59. Adorable!
    You always find such fabulous bargain~ that’s like the price of a cup of good coffee here…

  60. Pia

    your flats are such a steal!

  61. Your dress is so cute !

  62. That is such a clever dress and those tights are marvelous!

    Cheesecake is my favorite!!

    Hope you’ll check out my blog!

  63. Gorgeous dress! I love the shoes too πŸ™‚

  64. i do like those tights!

  65. Iva

    such cute tights!!

  66. Oh enter me!! I have a huge addiction to midget gems and m&m’s.

    I love that cute dress!!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. That skirt is one of my fav’s. I bought it for my graduation, which I accidental missed, but that’s another story. It’s possibly the most expensive item of clothing I have ever bought myself! But it’s so worth it coz its so pretty. The yellow center of each flower is all beaded!

  67. I have just set up my blog now – thanks for the nudge! I love those shoes, I have some very similar also from New Look.


    Leave me a comment!


  68. love the floral dress.

    i want to win those gorgeous goodies.

    pick me!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  69. That is some really cool tights! Me too, whenever i go for my retail therapy, i am totally prepared to come home with lesser money, but lots of shopping bags!

    Right now, i am kicking away heels and wearing more flats too!

  70. My favourite sweet is anything from a bakery from our home town on Long Island, called Flakowitz, which we swore was the best bakery in the world. The owners happened to retire and move to the same town my parents did in Palm Beach County, so it’s literally as close as it was growing up. Haven’t made it there yet but will be going tomorrow hopefully & my favourite pastry there is a cheese danish. But everything is brilliant.

    If pastries don’t count, then any chocolate especially by Rococo, esp. the old fashioned ones like violet. Or SAFFRON. Actually no, make that a salt caramel chocolate by Artisan. That was pretty amazing.

    Left you a long comment earlier about how much I love your dress & how I’m really into patterns now, and your cool Β£3 New Look shoes (where I got my replacement pair of hot pink jellies for about Β£6), but the internet here keeps cutting out, so I’d better send this before I lose it!

    Oh and for anyone who’s read this far.. I got the most wonderful necklace from Laura as a Christmas present to myself (supposedly from my husband). She wrapped it so sweetly & it’s my favourite necklace now, apart from my pearls. It’s so generous that you do this, Laura.

    Hope you’re well! xoxo

  71. a little retail therapy is always a fun way to start the week…great purchases!

  72. There are so many good things in this post. I like your dress and the tights. I adore the new shoes you bought and the price you bought them for, wow thats such a bargain and an excellent find. Great giveaway. My favourite chocolate is probably Cadbury dream but it is such a difficult choice!

  73. Cool tights! I eagerly await your review.

  74. Those tights are my fave!


  75. Very cool outfit! And I Love the ballet flats. As far as the giveaway goes… I’m going to have to say that I adore Sour Watermelon Gummies- so delish!

  76. Don’t miss the second part of my weekend on my blog.
    Have a nice day!

  77. Bee

    Gorgeous as ever! I love those tights!


  78. Bee


    My favourite sweeties are rhubarb and custards… the soft ones and I love red licorice with the white fondant in the middle. Mmmm <3


  79. Those tights are delightfully pretty! Parma violets are very yummy.. but they are a love or hate kind of sweet!

  80. I love your stockings

  81. I used to love anything with chocolate in it, but I’m cutting down, so this would be a perfect kit, so I can still enjoy the chocolate without actually eating it;)

    My favorite thing now would probably be muffins (blueberry or something chocolaty), since I love eating them and love baking them!

    The shoes are really cute and so cheap, great buy!

  82. my fave chocs at the mo are…. hmmmmmm. Crunchies! I think. Although if you were to ask me tomorrow, it may be something different!!

    Fab tights by the way. πŸ˜‰

    feel free to have a looksie @ my blog: http://www.clickforoptions.info

  83. Love your flats!!
    my favourite sweet is “mil hojas” cake, I can eat it without stop.
    thanks for yor comment!

  84. Eri

    Love the dress!

    Honey you are more popular than never.


  85. Love the tights, darling!

    Sweet giveaway, too!


  86. MJ

    Oh awesome, giveaway! My favourite chocolate is Crunchies because I can’t eat caramel…


  87. those are a super cute pair of tights and as always, I love how you mix the feminine with the edgy. you definitely have a clearly defined sense of style and i love it!

  88. Oh I adore your tights, great alternative to the all over lace tights.

  89. Anonymous

    do u have anorexia?

  90. I love those tights they are pretty amazing!! I also gotta say what a great deal on those shoes!! They are gorgeous πŸ™‚ xx

  91. Awesome give away! My favourite sweet are these gummy sour bones, their fruity and really good. I love anything chewy or gummy.

    I tagged your blog in a post, because its awesome πŸ™‚

  92. Love your shoes but more than them i LOVE choclate!!!

    Have a sweet day!


  93. fab tights, I’m gonna check out that link…

    gotta enter this, you have the shimmering whip I want to try!!!!

    My fave sweets… i have two either foam mushrooms or the giant strawberries!!!!! yummy yum yum

  94. my fave sweets: orange flavoured dark chocolate ‘Karuna’ (from lithuania). Oh dear GOD it’s so good!

  95. Pretty dress!


  96. OMG so many comments I wish my blog could be that famous =)
    Anyway, loving the tights!
    My favourite sweets are love hearts and anything with a lot of bad sugar in it!
    It’s an amazing idea to organize a giveaway πŸ™‚


  97. lovely dress and i like the pattern on the tights!

    my favourite sweets have just got to be the all time classic haribo πŸ˜‰


  98. Oooo the tights are gorgeous :).
    My favourite sweet thing is prob the chocolate cake my mum makes.

  99. Your tights are really cute! And those shoes are such a steal. Hmm. I’d have to say that I love Reese’s pieces and Kinder eggs. nom nom. πŸ™‚


  100. First of all, those tights are unbelievably cute!
    And excellent save on the shoes!
    I don’t know how you manage to pull off such good looks in every blog post! lol

    Congratulations on the 100th post! How exciting, I would feel a strong feeling of accomplishment. ^_^

    There are so many people who’ve entered I can’t see how I could ever win, but just for fun, my favorite candy are skittles, snickers, and I’ve been seeing those flavored kit kats everywhere on blogs that I’ve been dying to try! But they don’t have them in the US, so I’m forced to drool in front of my computer screen. lol

    fellow candy enthusiast sandra

  101. Pretty dress and i love your tights.

  102. Nice giveaway! great blog too…The dress really fits you and the shoes are great for my feet! LOL! Haha! I love Hershey’s kisses and Baby Ruth. Hope I win! Happy New Year to you!


  103. those tights are FABULOUS!

    and my favorite sweets? macarons.

  104. Love the tights! And my favorite sweets are candy-covered malted milk balls that come out during Easter. Well, and cupcakes. And flourless chocolate cake. And chocolate and coconut. And…


  105. your tights are phenomenal!!

  106. I can’t see the images love, but I am sure you look just gorgeous as always! PS. Added you to my blog roll XOXO

  107. What a cute idea for a giveaway! Love it.
    My favourite sweets? I’m not crazy about very sweet things, but I do love chocolates. Anything with dark chocolate and anything with hazelnut does it for me!


  108. Love the goodies! Anything with chocolate will do for me, or with sprinkled sugar!Yum I just remembered how much I love Smarties!

  109. favourite sweets:
    – sour skulls… the most amazing sour candy that you can only get in sweden. they will make your tongue sore after just a couple (there are seriously the most intense things ever)
    – frozen raspberries
    – after eights

    such a fun idea to do a give away!

  110. My favorite is definitely “Jaffa” cakes, they have orange jelly and are covered in chocolate. Yum!

  111. Kim

    Oo I love your dress πŸ™‚ Lovely giveaway too.

    My favourite sweet atm is Terry’s Chocolate Orange. I blame Xmas haha.

    You can email me at kimberleykemp@googlemail.com xx

  112. oooohhhh pick me as i need pampering and a little thrill in my life πŸ™‚ my fav choc are those caramel buttons that have come out. yum yum x

    For all things fashion:

  113. Hello lovely laura..I hope the appointments all went ok and I seriously LOVE the dress and tights..well done on the shoe bargain too, I managed to bag myself some super bargains too in my latest post πŸ™‚
    as for sweeties, it’s creme egg season already (!) have you noticed?! I love them, but have managed to resist thus far.. Have a lovely week xx
    dinoprincesschar@blogspot.com πŸ™‚

  114. love the tights! they’re very unique. And those flats – what a steal!

    Wear Necessities

  115. Cool tights!! You get sent such awesome things πŸ™‚

    Giveaway yay. My favourite sweet thing is mint choc chip ice cream… I could eat it winter spring summer or fall haha.


  116. oooh I love a good giveaway like this!!!

    my favorite sweetie is caramel…I could eat a whole bag of it and not tire of it — heehe, it’s my weakness.

    here’s hoping I win this awesome giveaway *fingers crossed* ^_^

    you can contact me at my blog or at my email: sandoproductions@gmail.com

    love those tights!!!


  117. J.

    Wow, thats so nice that you are having a give away, is it your first?

    As for sweets, I love macaroons and could literally eat them every day (but I dont, dont worry!)

  118. Wow I love New Look. Can’t believe they are only Β£3!

    And oooh what a lovely giveaway πŸ™‚
    I think I would have to say that Double Decker chocolate bars are my favourite πŸ˜‰


  119. Lovely dress…

    My fave chcocolate is anything with caramels. And I love Kraft caramel candy too.

  120. Ooh, the vine detailing on your tights is divine, Laura! Love!! πŸ™‚

  121. great shoe find. i LOVE flats, especially for work. and i want your tights!! so cute!!

  122. You know my sweet tooth. I wouldn’t get me started but I love gummies and anything sour. Milk chocolate is my weakness and and really anything. I don’t love dark chocolate but when I want sweets. I eat it all up!

    Love the dress and what a good deal on those shoes!

    check out my blog!

  123. ok im a bit late on this giveaway post, but have to enter because it looks amazing! my fave treat is carrot cake πŸ™‚

    xo hannah

  124. Meg

    I have a really bad sweet tooth! But my very favourite treat is cookies! But I’ll eat most anything sweet!

  125. hmmmmm this is a hard one to decide I really love all sweet things =)
    I think my favourite for today will be jelly snakes from the The Natural Confectionery πŸ™‚

  126. Hey Lovely, only just saw the link to your giveaway on your last post…oopsie. I’ve never done one of these before but I thought why not? Favourite sweet is probably the candy alphabet letters you can get from those pound shops although Asda has cashed in on it now so you can buy little bags from there too. They’re just so sugary sweet and fruity at the same time haha. Love the little cupcake make-up there. Have a good Saturday evening! xxx

  127. yay!!! my favorite candy of all time is definitely chocolate, simply can’t resist!

  128. fun! i’m a sucker for swedish fish and reeses.

  129. I love that you have a sweet tooth too! My favorites are my Nana’s Ice cream roll.. anything with poppyseeds, lemon bars and chocolate especially with nuts!


  130. my favorite chocolate :
    Lindt Truffles – hands down the best ever.
    favorite sweets – Icecream sandwiches from TraderJoes / Mochi Ice cream from sushi places. (oh fried ice cream too.. holy wow)

    ummm favorite candy – ANYTHING i love sweets. i just dont like sour stuff.. nah nah.
    oh and.. i like pie. buttermilk pie is bomb!

    ummm i am a sweettooth.. big time.
    my Naturopathic doctor told me i probably have a parasite that makes me enjoy sweets and crave sweets more than most people. and i told her i do NOT want to get rid of it.. hahaha

    blog link: http://cassington.blogspot.com/