A Good Old Bean.

Confession…I did not participate in any Royal Wedding Celebrations. Yes, I drooled over the dress, but that was about it. I think I was so over-saturated with the hype that I let the big day pass me by (and I admit now, I regret it).
I thought it unlikely that anything Royal Wedding related would catch my attention, but forgot the power of Twitter and my friends over at Bean Cellar.
You see,
they tweeted that they were munching on Royal Wedding themed jelly beans. I replied in disgust, that I had no jelly beans (I have a serious addiction) and seconds later I had an e-mail, and a couple of days later I have this.

Genius. Utter genius.

For those who don’t know, Bean Cellars are a website dedicated to all things jelly bean! Their quirky bottles of beans make the perfect present for all occasions and you can also buy by the flavour (right up to 4.5kg which is like, a weeks supply, right?)
The prices are fantastic, starting at £2.99 for a bottle of individual flavour beans.

Is there any better way to thank a friend?

Or say Happy Birthday?

My flavour of choice. I know, I’m in the minority here but OH MY SO GOOD!

Check out the shop for the full range of gifts. What’s your flavour?


P.S. Bean Cellars did not ask me to write this post. I’m doing it because I love them and I LOVE jelly beans.

21 comments for “A Good Old Bean.

  1. Yes, liquorice jelly beans all the way!

  2. JELLY BEANS! I love them, oh how I love them. Liquorice in first place, followed by watermelon. What flavour are the wedding ones?

  3. Ooh liquorice sound goood 😀 x

  4. now I need jelly beans…I think blueberry pie or lemon and lime are my favourites! x

  5. I haven’t had jelly beans in forever, definitely need to put an order in ASAP! Never mind ordering them as a gift for someone else, I would have them all for myself!

  6. Now I am craving jelly beans very badly.

  7. eeeeeeeeeeeurgh! Licorice flavour!!!

  8. Yummy! I haven’t had them in so long!

  9. liquorice flavour, thats wrong on so many levels! But the rest do look amazing!

  10. I love jelly beans! So yummy!

    I’m sorry you missed out on the royal wedding…

    I got up at 4 a.m. here to watch it! I thought it was beautiful, but I have to admit, you really didn’t miss much. I kind of wish I had slept instead and just caught up on everything on tv the next day! Lol.

  11. Oooo. This could be a good gift idea!

    X x

  12. I love Jelly Beans!


  13. aw this is such a cute idea! i love it!
    i would totally give one to my BF, he is a crazy jelly bean lover!

  14. Liquorice? BLEURGH!!

    I do adore a good jelly bean though. As with most sweets, the white ones tend to be the best. Although not if they’re coconut flavour – they make me gag.

  15. Oh my God… I’ve been on a diet but I think you’ve just undone all my hard work by luring me in with the Jelly Beans… I am 100% addicted and managed to push them out of my mind until now. Must… resist… x

  16. What a same you didnt get to watch the wedding! I was working at the time so saw snippets when i was in my patients rooms, but I also taped the whole thing 😀
    What an awesome idea those jelly beans are!


  17. i’m fussy with jelly beans, i will only eat the ones which have the flavours on the pack, have been caught out too many times by cinammon or watermelon flavours, both of which make me sick 🙁

  18. wow, I need to get epople to start sending me stuff 🙂

    My Mum loves jelly beans, I’m definitely showing her this!

  19. Liquorice?? No! Such a marmite flavour. x

  20. Yay,liquorice jelly beans! They’re my absolute favourite! My siblings think I’m crazy, but I get to eat all the ones they don’t want. Mwahaha.

  21. that of a wonderful locate : cannot wait to see that which you a couple of develop!