back at it

So, my first post-hospital outfit post. Dressing is tricky right now, I’m having to re-learn what fits and suits my new shape. I’m trying to look at is as a good thing, another challenge and the perfect excuse to go shopping.

The dress is from New Look, I bought it on Saturday for the grand sum of Β£6. The clogs are also new, purhcased on a ward trip, also Β£6 but from Primark this time.




Did everyone have a good weekend? What did you get up to? Mine involved a lot of un-packing and a lot of lazing on the sofa watching TV with my parents.
I don’t think it has sunk in that I am home just yet…but each day as it comes, right?

Who has exciting plans for this week? Inspire me! Mine so far consists of catching up with LFW and blogs.

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  1. its is nice to see that you are back!love your outfit and you look pretty!

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  2. Such great deals! And they suit you so well. You look great!
    It makes perfect sense that it still has to sink in and that you have to adjust. But before you know it you’ll feel right at home again.

    I’m waiting on a few things I ordered so I can make a completely new line for etsy. And also a few books and a game for my nintendo DS. So I’ll definitely be lazing on the sofa as well.

  3. omg! love love love your outfit! you look amazing!

  4. Β£6? That dress was a complete bargain. I love the pink tights also, such a lovely outfit x

  5. Kim

    Those clogs are amazing Laura! I think I may have to run to Primark at dinner! xxx

  6. Wonderful outfit; I loooooooooove the pink tights.

    Great look, all together.

    And great to see you looking so pretty!

    My Bathroom Is My Castle

  7. oh gosh!!! how i missed your bright tights! :)) Hihi! x Welcome back!

  8. Welcome back πŸ™‚ Love the clogs and the dress – very pretty x

  9. It’s so nice to see you blogging again! We’ve really missed you. I understand how hard it must be dressing for a new shape – I recently put on quite a bit of weight and it’s tough for me to conceal my ‘problem areas’! But like you said, it’s a challenge πŸ™‚

    β™₯ Leia

  10. Wooohoo the outfit posts have begun. The dress is soo pretty and bargainous and i’m in love with the pink tights.
    My weekend has mainly consisted of napping, reading and housework, the excitement never ends! x

  11. Such a lovely dress, darling Laura!


  12. So happy you are back! the outfit is lovely, I really like the colour of your tights.
    Weekend was way too quick, spent all Sunday on the comuter for my etsy store.
    Looking forward to you blogging more. xxx

  13. yay! it’s so super lovely to have you back, daisy πŸ™‚ yes, i’ve missed those bright tights of yours! clogs really suit you & that dress is so utterly pretty β™₯

  14. welcome home, doll!

    can i just say wow – you blow me away! really cute outfit. and you were worried you’ve lost your sense of style – no way!

    i wish i had exciting things to tell you, but this week is full of school assignments. when i get those done i hope to do some arts and crafts… that’s about it!

  15. You are looking fantastic..great outfit xx

  16. Hello hello ^^ So great to see your outfit posts again πŸ˜€
    You look very sweet, and the prices were really great! This week evolves a lot of work and appointments, but i’ll also make time to myself, maybe a dinner with close friends, or surprise my mom and take her to see a movie ^^

  17. Awwww, you’re back! You look so healthy and glowing and that dress is adorable.


  18. Wow Β£6 you have a great eye for bargain beautiful dresses, I love your clogs to (which is a phrase I never though I would say LoL). Have fun experimenting with your fashion, try everything once! xoxo

  19. glad to see you again! you look fabulous, darling!

  20. You’re looking so beautiful, my dear! Your skin looks radiant. Love the pop of pink colour with the pretty dress. xxx

  21. Oh you look absolutely lovely. I think dressing for a new shape is really difficult regardless of whether your weight has gone up or down – it takes a while to get used to things, doesn’t it?

  22. You look really good !! This outfit is lovely too and the clogs really look good with the outfit!

  23. Welcome home sweetness! You look flippin’ amazing πŸ˜€

    Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely posts!

    Katie xox

  24. You look SO beautiful!!!!!! Really, stunning. Glad to see you home and hope you’re feeling better. I’ve been following your blog for ages but don’t think I’ve commented before. But since you went away I started up blogging. What are your plans now? Rest? Studying again?

    Sofia xx

  25. Love so much tights and dress… Gorgeus *_* You look perfect! An hug

  26. You look beautiful :] x

  27. That’s a pretty and feminine dress with its lace yoke, puff sleeves and ruffle near the hem. i love the colour of those tights. Confidence in your own worth and growing older will make changes in your shape inevitable and provide even more good excuses to go shopping. It’s nice to see that you’re back home, and i pray you will continue to feel better.

  28. You look 100000x more beautiful. Really truly stunning. Just wanted to say that. And I can relate to finding it hard to dress a ‘new body’ – I’m having the same struggle but trying to view it as a challenge and a chance to reinvent myself πŸ™‚ Hang in there, you are doing amazingly.

  29. Ahh, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see this! For a grand total of 12 pounds, this is such a gorgeous look! I want those clogs:)


  30. I like your dress. I am glad you are back blogging again.

  31. Welcome home, doll! πŸ™‚
    Yay for clogs!! And bright tights. Is it chilly already?

    Hmm, this week, just some dinner and drinks with friends, but that’s really what gets me through work. Hope that’s inspirational enough for you.

    You look great, btw!


  32. Kim

    It’s so lovely to see you back!! Gorgeous outfit, I love it! xx

  33. I love love love this outfit .Love the pink tights and the clogs. YOU look adorable!

  34. How wonderful to see you back posting like this, you look lovely! Your clogs are beauties – if my poor old knees could take it I would get some πŸ™‚
    Kandi x

  35. Oh wow your back home and back blogging.Yay’s!!!!
    I have that dress…dude we have like the same of everything, it suits you very pretty indeed. And hey shopping trips can’t be no bad thing can it?haha!:)

    P.S…hope you get this comment as my comment thing hasn’t been working for two weeks now which sucks!Something about a server error?????WTF is that?


  36. Your brightly coloured tights have been missing from my life (well that sounds weird!).
    Really glad to see you back.

  37. Welcome back πŸ™‚
    I really like your dress, what a bargain.
    I spent the weekend studying and this week is going to be my first week out on audit as a trainee accountant. Already waiting for the weekend…

  38. i always see you in other blogs posting comments and i wanted to actually tell you that you look amazing and you remind me of bambi in the last photo
    just so gorgeous!

  39. you look fantastic, itΒ΄s great to have you back in the world of blogging!

    My weekend has been filled with schoolwork and work.

  40. Welcome back!
    Lovely outfit, love the bright tights πŸ™‚

  41. I love pink on you!! πŸ™‚

    I read your post about being restless and sleeping a lot. I do that sometimes too. You’re not alone.


  42. Hi gorgeous!
    Love the new purchys!
    You look amazing!


  43. Hello!

    OMgosh girl – you look so wonderful! I’m so SO so proud of you! It’s been a while since I was on your blog (I actually had to hunt for you in my old comments). I was last on right before you left for the hospital. I wanted to know how you were doing.

    You’re doing so well!!! I can’t begin to express how happy I am for you and for all the wonderful progress you have made. You’re beautiful as ever. I bet it is such a relief to be home and hanging out causally with your family.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and again I am sooooo happy for you. You have prevailed. πŸ™‚


  44. What a lovely dress – you should definitely look at it as a fun new challenge!

    I’m off to London Fashion Weekend on Saturday, for some major shopping! I’m gonig with my BFF, and our mum’s so it’s gonig to be an awesome mother daughter weekend!

  45. Anonymous

    well, it suppose to be in 3D, can I download and watch? will it show normally?

  46. IM so happy you are back! I owe you and email and a package. im so glad to see your bright sunny style and a smile on your face!

  47. Welcome back to the world of outfit posts – I have to say – you look utterly fantastic!

  48. Love that dress and those clogs! πŸ™‚

    I’m not sure whether my plans are exciting at the moment I’m too tired to tell! I’m going on a field trip to wales for 3days on wed it should at least be a good laugh even if we do get soaked every day πŸ™‚

    Welcome back! =)

  49. It’s amazing to have you back. You look great and I love that dress.

  50. yay… you’re back and you look absolutely stunning!!


  51. LA

    You’re back honey! I missed you!! How was going on?

    You look gorgeous! I really love your tights!


  52. You look good hun! Glad to have you back πŸ™‚

  53. so glad you are back- looking beautiful! I am so proud of you, darling Laura. <3

  54. lovely tights! glad to have you posting outfit photos again!

  55. Its so good to see you back and I am so very proud of you. You look amazing, I really mean that. I adore your dress and it looks perfect with your pink tights.

  56. Welcome back! It was so nice to hear from you.

    You look great! I hope you are feeling well.

    I love the dress.

  57. Yay, I missed your outfit posts! You look amazing, by the way, and I adore those tights!

    My upcoming weekend involves celebrating my birthday, most likely drinking too much and probably dealing with a hangover on Sunday, lol.

  58. I’m kinda jealous that you can already wear tights up there in the UK… Here in Greece we’re still in our summer wardrobes, give or take a scarf. Bummer!

    It’s really nice to have you back, we missed you!

  59. i absolutely love this dress, the collar is so pretty. & can i say how wonderful YOU look! really you look stunning & healthy.

  60. I think you should totally be a stylist because i love all of your outfits!!! i want your closet!

  61. welcome back my dear!!!

  62. I haven’t been here in forever. I missed you. Your dress is gorgeous.


  63. I missed your fabulous use of tights!

  64. gorgeous dress, and at six pounds mega bargain!
    i love the birght tights too, sometimes people look at me strange when i wear my bright tights but they make me happy so who cares!

  65. Great outfit!!! you look amazing…

  66. I LOVE this dress! It is so pretty and looks like it is very comfortable =)
    You rock colored tights in a way that no one else can.
    I’m so glad you are home! You look fantastic. Told you we would be here for you =)

  67. so glad to hear you’re well, back home and back to blogging gorgeous!

  68. The outfit looks beautiful on the new you!!!! πŸ™‚ You look radiant as ever. I want those tights.


  70. YOU. LOOK. ABSOLUTELY. BEAUTIFUL! I am blown away! So proud of you. You’re a freaking WARRIOR BABE! xx

  71. “Another challenge and the perfect excuse to go shopping” – what a great way to look at it! I do this sort of thinking a lot too πŸ™‚

  72. i love your floaty dresses ^^

  73. Gorgeous outfit, love the bright tights and clogs!

  74. Anonymous

    Love that dress. Your face looks stunning in the last pic there. So glad to see you looking happy and lovely. πŸ˜€

  75. Yay! I missed your posts! I’m so glad that you are home and you look fabulous! Your face is radiant in these photos!

    The dress is gorgeous and I especially love it paired with the clogs!