Better Things Ahead

Oh Spring, hurry up and properly arrive would you? I’m so over knit wear and stompy boots, I want pretty pastel dresses and strappy sandals. The dress I’m wearing in this post is the perfect example of how I want my Spring/Summer style to be, it’s from Missguided who have THE best selection of summer style that I’ve seen so far.

 Dress: c/o Missguided | Tights: Primark | Shoes: c/o Tamaris

As it isn’t yet bare leg weather (for me it needs to be a heatwave!) I teamed the dress with some shimmering palest pink tights as a change from the usual nude and then popped on these stunning sandals from Tamaris‘ new collection. Tamaris are a brand that have slowly crept on to my shoe radar and with their new S/S collection they have well and truly cemented their place, they have some really gorgeous shoes coming out- think beautiful flats as well as killer heels. I own a couple of pairs of shoes by the brand and always find them ultra comfortable and long lasting. I’m going to be wearing these sandals so much this Summer, once I’ve re-mastered walking in heels.

It was instant love when I saw this dress on the Missguided website, hidden among all their other killer new arrivals. I wish I was more of a bodycon girl as there are some sugary sweet pastel skirts I have my eye on as well as a huge array of playsuits and cropped tops. Sadly my confidence doesn’t allow for that- neither does my untoned figure but I know so many people who will rock the heck out of them.

It looks like I’m slowly ditching my Winter love of monochrome and moving towards all things colour, you just can’t help but feel cheerful when wearing something bright!


13 comments for “Better Things Ahead

  1. Cute outfit, love the pink dress! xxx

  2. This is such a gorgeous dress. Beautiful colour. I adore the print, I always wish there was more of this print around.

  3. Oh my GOSH Laura, you look amazing! That outfit is truly something special. I’m in love with the tights!!

    🙂 xx

  4. You look so pretty and I’m loving those shoes, I can’t wait for the warmer weather to come so I can start wearing all my pretty dresses again xoxo

  5. This dress looks super cute on you x

  6. Hooray for all things colour! Your dress from Missguided is a pretty one. Here’s to the coming Spring, more bright colour to wear and feeling cheerful!

  7. Super cute outfit and might I say those sandal are fabulous. Looking very spring like, roll on the warm weather.

    x x

  8. Awww, you look lovely Laura!

  9. Yes,Spring needs to hurry up! It might take a heatwave to get me out of my stompy boots, but I’d like to wear less layers. And dresses! You look awesome, yay for the tights

  10. Wow, that dress just screams for spring and flowers and picnics! So pretty! And that kitty sweater in the last post is just too cute 😉

  11. You rock that dress Laura, it’s really cute!

  12. This is so stunning on you; I love the colour and pretty print <3

    Missguided have an amazing array of clothes, I'm always spending my Saturday 'shop' over there 😉

    Sophie xo soinspo

  13. SJ

    This is so pretty – you look like a redhead Alice in Wonderland 🙂