black ‘n blue

Matalan dress, Primark tights, ASOS boots.

The cold weather means breaking out the over knee boots again, except they aren’t quite over knee on me and would probably look better if they weren’t so gape-y but whatever, I can layer long socks under them and no-one can tell!

How is it Friday already? Speediest week ever. Fact. We finally got paid yesterday, much to everyone’s relief but I’m not sure I see shopping on my weekend forecast; epic hibernation is more likely to occur. It’s been one of those weeks that has given me my sparkle back, a few good days at work; taking bloods, solving problems and generally feeling useful really helps.

How has your week been? Do you have exciting weekend plans? I’m just going to bide my time and see if anything last minute pops up!


31 comments for “black ‘n blue

  1. What a fabulous dress! I’m seeing what the temperatures are like before deciding on anything this weekend!!

    Emma xx

  2. Wow, you really have the longest legs in the world, or if you don’t, those boots make you look like you do. A win either way!

    Looking lovely as always, glad you’ve had a good week! 🙂

    Emily xx

  3. Lovely dress 🙂 Glad you’ve had a nice week, my weekend will be similar to yours, hibernating, too cold to be outside!!x

  4. The boots look great on you, the length is really flattering and I love, love your dress- the print is fab.
    I’m working all weekend 🙁 but I hope you have a good one, whatever you end up doing!

  5. Have you ever heard the song ‘Black and Blue’ by counting crows? It brings back some fairly heavy memories for me so I literally cannot listen to it without howling, but your post title reminded me!
    Gorgeous outfit as per usual. Keep warm and look after yourself 🙂

  6. Can I just mention how jealous I am of your legs again! You look amazing!

    I’m off to see le best friend tomorrow for a night out, so that should be fun!


  7. Looking fab! Enjoy your weekend:)

  8. Kat

    I love the dress+tights+boots combo! It looks so put together/stylish! I need to put more effort into my clothing.

  9. Love this! So envious how you can pull of those gorgeous boots!


  10. This is the sweetest outfit, love the colours too. Have a good weekend. I haven’t got many plans for the weekend except for going out with my sister on Saturday night.

  11. Gorgeous outfit, I love those boots! I was hoping to go shopping tomorrow but everyone keeps saying it’s going to snow so if that happens I see a weekend under the duvet with some dvds! x

  12. I love that dress and those tights really make the outfit xxx

  13. Love love that dress! Its definitely tights and big boots weather right now – I was just starting to think about putting all my big jumpers into storage soon too!

  14. Love your blue tights, and am about to go off and investigate ASOS shoe dept! x

  15. Oh wow, you look fantastic !

  16. Yay for being paid! 🙂

    You look fab, I love putting loads of socks underneath my boots – it’s like having a hidden wooly jumper over your legs!


  17. I’ve noticed the past couple of weeks going really fast, very odd! Loving the outfit, the blue really brings out the flowers in the dress x

  18. hope those boots keep you warm, they certainly look it!! tagged you in my blog on a survey thing. loads of love to you hope your doing okay. xx

  19. Vix

    That dress is stunning on you and the blue tights are the perfect colour.
    Glad you’ve had a good week. It’s far too cold to contemplate shopping, the thought of walking to the pub later’s making me shiver. x

  20. That’s a gorgeous dress, love how you’ve styled it with the tights. Can’t wait to get myself to Matalan! x

  21. I’m loving matalan at the moment!

    I’m *trying* to wear knee high boots today myself buy they’re slouchy and keep falling down so I look a bit like Dick Whittington (in my head).



  22. I love this look, the dress is gorgeous and those boots are totally fab! I’m working this weekend but then I have a friends b’day party on tuesday so I have something to look forward to 🙂 Have a good weekend xx

  23. I love this outfit Laura.
    Hmm no exciting plans for the weekend, i’ll be stuck inside if it snows as the pushchair hates snow! x

  24. Such a gorgeous dress.. you look amazing!

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  26. I always find busy weeks make me feel good 🙂 I just want to hibernate all weekend too! I have the opposite problem to you – even calf boots seem like knee high on me, boo to being short!

  27. love the dress with the blue tights. I’m thinking hibernation too, snow is on it’s way 🙁

  28. cat!!!!! x x x