I’m a bit of a social media addict- facebook, twitter, pintrest and instagram…you name it and I’m there.
Last week I was contacted about something so crazy awesome that I couldn’t turn down an offer to try it out…you see, Boomf can turn your instagram pictures in to edible, sweet and squashy treats…yep…MARSHMALLOWS!

For purpose of review (and my constant indecision) I let the brains behind Boomf choose which photos to convert. To be fair, it didn’t really matter which images they chose, put anything on a Marshmallow and I’m gonna be happy! As it happens they chose some of my favourite pictures- the ones of Mae and the black and white one of Ben and I! I wouldn’t usually have my selfies printed in edible form, there’s something quite wrong about eating your own face, but then I probably wouldn’t be ordering a photo of myself to eat myself!
With Christmas just around the corner these would make an amazing gift for the sweet toothed social media junkie in your life. Get them printed with pets, special moments or just random pictures and watch the bafflement on the recipients face!
The process of ordering couldn’t be simpler- log in to instagram, choose your nine images and go!
They cost £12 (inc free delivery) for 9 marshmallows- steep for sugar but great for a gift! I seriously love this idea…and I bet a few of you bloggy folk will too! It’s such an off the wall idea I seriously went “whaaaaat?” when the e-mail landed in my inbox, followed swiftly by “AWESOME!”
Thanks for these Boomf, now which to melt in a hot chocolate first?

12 comments for “Boomf

  1. This is a very interesting concept!

  2. Oh this is cute. And cheap too, I thought it would cost a lot more!

    Corinne x

  3. Ah what a brilliant idea! xx

  4. That is awesome! Social media marshmallows are clearly the future!

  5. oh my god. This might be a bad development for me….it looks addicting!


  6. Hehe, these are awesome, so unusual!

  7. Not to sound like my grandmother but ‘what will they think of next!?’

  8. Haha this is such a random (fun!) idea!
    Daniella x

  9. Whaaat! That’s so awesome hahaha I need to try this!


  10. This was SUCH a fab idea I have ordered for the kids head teacher who is leaving at the end of this term …. I’m putting pictures of the kids over the years – hope they come out well.

  11. This is so randomly awesome! Such a cool gift idea. x

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life