Brilliance from Boux

I think one of the signs you’re growing up (for girls at least) is when you stop shopping for novelty knickers and cheap and cheerful bras, favouring instead more mature, matching pieces even if no-one but yourself is going to see it;
Admit it ladies, nothing feels better than knowing that you’re wearing really nice underwear that actually belongs together under an otherwise boring outfit…it’s like carrying around a happy little secret all day long.

This year I’ve vowed to give my smalls an overhaul and my first stop shop is Boux Avenue, you can see above my picks of the new arrivals on the website- and having recently popped in to the Bath store I can assure you they are every bit as gorgeous in real life, too.

What I really love about Boux is that they cater for all sizes; I’ve mentioned this before after attending the opening of the Bristol store. There is nothing more frustrating than falling in love with lingerie only to find your size isn’t available, ever and being restricted to maybe one or two styles from a brand. Boux cleverly alter the cut and shape of a design depending on the size meaning everything is available to everyone no matter what size you are. They also cater for all budgets too and every so often have a mega sale where you can stock up for less.
Not limited to undies you can also fulfil your nightwear, lounge wear and gift giving/beauty needs. I’m not a fan of the traditional one piece but how can I resist the one I’ve shown above? Perfect for lazy days moping around the house. Add that in to the impeccably styled stores and fun and friendly staff (gorgeous changing rooms, free measuring service…I could go on) and you can see why I love the brand so much.
Coupled up girls, start dropping hints now…MEN start taking those hints and single ladies…well, who needs an excuse to buy pretty things?

Fancy a bargain? Shop the Boux Avenue half price bra sale NOW…but leave some for me. Please.


*sponsored post, but trust me, I really really do love Boux*

19 comments for “Brilliance from Boux

  1. Ooh I love the second set especially. I have told Mr Bertie he is treating me to some posh new underwear for valentines day so I may be sending this site his way… lol. He responded by saying what are you going to get ME? So I said I will get him some socks and buy him a beer lol, don’t ya just love being a girl? So much better than being a smelly boy :p

    I am thinking of treating myself to that all in one, makes a glamorous change from my fleecy onesie.

    Janine xx

  2. Gutted I missed the opening but I’ve been in quite a bit since so I’ll have to check out the sales soon : )

  3. I preferred La Senza – which has now gone to the dogs & Theo has created the same company in Boux… weird.

    Elspeth xx

  4. I haven’t bought any Boux yet, I did pop into the Bullring store in the sale but there wasn’t anything in my size left. BUt it is a website I’m planning to re-stock my underwear drawer from as I have nothing which really fits at the moment.

  5. AVY

    Always match, there’s no alternative.

    / Avy


  6. Oh what lovely lingerie! I love buying new underwear, especially when it’s the perfect fit. I don’t know of any other companies out there who alter their undies to fit each size – that’s so refreshing! It is very frustrating when you spot the most gorgeous underwear set only to realise I’d need to fill it with socks before the smallest size would begin to fit!! I’ve never heard of this brand, but will definitely go check it out and when times are less poor will probably invest and see if they live up to their good name πŸ™‚ xx p.s. that all in one is gorgeous!! What a change from the hideous onesies haha.

  7. I haven’t stopped wearing my Boux bras since I got them; so so comfy and beautiful. Unfortunately not every single style goes up to my size but there’s still much more choice than other lingerie shops x

  8. Totally see your viewpoints. I love having nice undies on (in case I am hit by a bus) & agree that it is a fun ‘secret’ to have all of our own, although one that blatantly a large selection of girls also have.

    Also being less ‘booby’ then many, it’s nice when you can find ones that are not just designed for the buxom.

    Have weekend my gorgeous. x

  9. I totally love the leopard pajama its gorgeous!!
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  10. Ooooo I love them all! I am useless though honestly I have bras in every size and I keep meaning to go and buy more that actually fit properly! I’m an underwear nightmare! These look so gorgeous though. I’ve never been in to boux I must give it a try and perhaps get some proper fitting bras!


  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog post! I am so desperate for some new sexy underwear (you know, just in case I meet someone this year) and La Senza is vile at the moment! I’ve managed to get a bra in my size & pants for a Β£11 (shame about the shipping costs though :()

    I love the second set you picked, really pretty!

    Amy x

  12. I love the second set! I really love nice underwear, but it is so expensive. I tend to by Tesco/Primark/Matalan.. maybe if I was in a relationship I might pay a lil more attention to it and be willing to fork out a little more!

    Corinne x

  13. I love Boux Avenue and I love how easy their sale is to browse.

    Their undies are so comfy yet so pretty. x

  14. I’ve never bought from Boux Avenue before, but I’ve eyed up a bralet I’d quite fancy so thinking of giving it a little go! x

    The Littles.

  15. I love the pink and black set, sexy yet girly and without being slutty! Huge fan of Boux avenue, especially now La Senza doesn’t go above a DD, which I think is a bit rubbish for a lingerie store πŸ™

  16. So beautiful! I love buying really lovely underwear – my favourite is Elle Macpherson, but this is super nice!

  17. I must go into that Boux Avenue in Cabot Circus I have not gotten around to it yet x

  18. YES to pretty matching underwear – it makes the day so much better! I love the second and third sets especially.
    I’m also trying to get rid of all my novelty pants and get some pretty matching sets πŸ™‚

    Jesss xo

  19. The lingerie at Boux Avenue is gorgeous!